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  1. By taking off the small melodic part, Jivemaster removed half of the impact the original had IMO. Good thing he made enough of the other half to make up for it. Not the mix I am waiting for, but it IS excellent stuff.
  2. That's because in the Japanese version the timezone themes are remixes of each other.
  3. Keep it into your opinion... first you say it doesn't deserve any praise, but all the reasons you came up with are just a matter of opinion. This is a remix site, and although I like remixes that sound just like the original (Golden Axe "Golden Axe 2002", for example), I think "remixes" are by definition a new take on things.
  4. It's ZANY! I lurv this remix! 1/3 of my base are belong to Rabbit Joint!
  5. Yeah... it's "abran las orejas". It's funny... I always liked the original, and this ReMix is a interesting view on it.
  6. I liked the sound samples... but again it's just me. I just happen to like sound samples.
  7. I really like this. Amazing. it deserves... Three smileys, a Cool award and an arrow!
  8. I reaaly like this! I don't know exactly what the people were expecting of that mix, but it rocks nonetheless.
  9. Another one of my Big Time Favorites! It's... like, WUZZAH! Streets of Rage ReMixes doesn't get any better.
  10. This one makes me smile whenever I listen to it I'm playing this over and over already What's next: a boss music remix with that corny "WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM" quote from Evil-Zordon... err, I mean... what's the name of that guy?
  11. That's what I would like to say, x-cept that I did not listen to "Opening Distraught" yet
  12. Hehe, I played this song to my mother, and she said it sounded like a Christmas song... I guess she liked it
  13. Totally agreed. In matters of making me smile, this is one of the best, second only to djpretzel's "Altered Beast Resurrection by Breakbeat".
  14. Hidden Palace turned good? The Sonic game music I liked the least, turned into one of my favorite mixes? Not much of an accomplishment (not leebro's fault, but mine), but an accomplishment nonetheless
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