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  1. Nah i've started using that as well, and it definitely is more convenient since you don't have to worry about downloading anything. Though on the subject on Brawl...it's all about metaknight O.o well not really but i usually use him.
  2. event #50 in smash bros. melee, the two hands. realize though that there's a difference between playing a boss when you're 6 instead of like 18, they get easier. i could be wrong though.
  3. this always reminds me of the music group chicago...love me tomorrow has got to be their best song
  4. The only character i'm looking forward to using on this game is Metaknight! plus the new combo moves will give the game a much broader aspect and will make it more playable. Other then that i'm glad that Nobuo Uematsu is doing the score because the music at the beginning is tight!
  5. 3,765 i would have more but i've had viruses which has made me start over on several occasions
  6. kingdom hearts I & II Star Ocean Til the End of Time
  7. does anyone have the list of the main game titles on the covers for nintendo power from #2 up until #67?
  8. what was the link for the site that has all the remixes that disappeared from ehre, i know there's overlooked remix, but what was the other one?
  9. wow i remember beating this game on virtualnes.com a month ago, it's so kick ass and the gameplay is exactly like river city ransom....
  10. anything from that one area in star ocean 2nd story, i believe the cave of trials
  11. shouldn't this belong to Super Mario World..the beginning of this sounds just like it...maybe i'm wrong..
  12. Is this close to done yet...the whole project? If so whats the %?
  13. dis dis!! very simple and to the point. and it is in espanol!
  14. It's gotta pirates of the caribbean tone to it...aaaarrrrgggghhhhh nice job matey
  15. BAH!! Too confusing Just try "Memories of Chrono"...even though it's copyrighted, we're not selliing it.
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