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  1. Its good to hear some new Pretzel Organ and synth. Brings back memories of Love Hurts. Keep up the great quality work. I expect you to deliver great again.
  2. Im just glad to finally see another final fantrasy v remix. The game had many great soundtracks, and its good to finally see their debuts as remixes.
  3. Okay, the lsat review was forgetting one major point. Yes music is about how it sounds, but also the story that it tells. Now, from my theory, this was indeed a fine arrangment. I was kept interested through out the entire piece. In some parts I was excited, and quickly reconized the super mario world bit which added a bit of humor. One thing about music, and more or less, Super Mario RPG was about humor. And it made perfect sense. Remeber the clasic Mario reference in the game when you were at Boosters Tower? Its like that, a bit of humor and fun. I like the mood of the piece, festive, happy, very well writen. Overall this is a great Orcehstral ReMix. People must note that syth strings can only go so far with ceartain insterments, and shouldn't judge on how they sounds. And we shouldn't also forget the magic in the music. Cover to Soul, Soul to mind. Keep up the good work Sir.
  4. Ivaldi from Gunvalkyrie.... jesus...
  5. I like who this piece started off as a piano concerto. It was simply amazing. You can really see what arrangers can do with music and exspecially piano arrangments. I like the well round of insterments, and the ethnic feel. All the samples were exellent and this overall remix was A+.
  6. Yes, this should be classified as an Actual Arrangement. I am very pleased to hear an Aeris theme that is wrothy to listen to. The Piano Prelude and mixture of the theme is very classy. And I enjoy how the arranger surprised me a few times. That is true musical emotion. Very well thought and placed. Exellent Job. (^ ^)
  7. I can here the flute and trumpet being not real. A real Orchestra uses lots of string, flute, clarinet in A, Clarinet in Bb and Oboe for melody. I DO however like the soundfonts being used. Wish there was some Contrabase, however this is written for a Philharmonic it has to use the insterments desinged for it... Trumpet, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet, Trombone... ect.... Snare drum sounds a bit.... ugh.. Not a lot of dynamic change... it think it would be cool to do some Fp's (Forete Piano) some pp (Pianoissimo) get quite them pop out some FFF (Forte Frotissiomo)! Persuccion should (must) have cressendos! 4:30 is bold, I like this part... a new theme I dont thnik has been used in a remix yet. The triplets... wow... um dont think those can be played on a clarinet like that. The brass has a resonating sound that isn't particaularly real... that kind of sound is for something big... not to be used all the time. It can sound quite disgusting. However overal arrangement, is specatular. Very well thought out and put. My compliments.
  8. You boss is rally impossible. They can be difficult or challanging, but it also depends on your skill at the game or type of games you are playing. I have a friend that coulndn't beat the last boss in Drakengard, he could get to the last 20 seconds then he would die. Well after a few trys i beat the game for him. And I know that this guy is really talaented so I know it wasn't the game. And lastly look for all the options in a game that you can use to your advantage. I bet there is something that you can do to glitch the game or squezze by that one last attack. Heh, make the hard ones easy. Like Emerald and Ruby from Final Fantasy VII, or Bahumet from VIII.
  9. I tried it but only had 48%... so I cancled...plus it ate my bandwith.
  10. this is a great song, i enjoeyd listening to this quality piece of music.
  11. Wow, thats very interesting... Perhaps I should Tune-In
  12. heh, RPG boss can be difficult but not impossibale. You need to be at the right levels. Like Atma weapon in FF3, piece of Cake no challage. Final Fantasy VII. Ruby and Emerald, not a problem. Took both those guys out easy. All you need to really know is how to play the game you are playing. If you can't beat a boss then you don't knbow how to really play the game. Bosses like that are made to test your skills at that game. Learn more then perhaps you can figure a way to kick the shit out of that bosses ass!
  13. Im am also a huge fan of final fantasy music... particular the orchestrated versions. But most of all you have to remember that people like differnt styles of music.
  14. Oh my god! You have hads this song for over a year! I have had this song for months and it is one of the best Orchestral arangemnts I have ever listened to. It is just mind boggling you couldn't have posted it sooner. However as a fan I am greatful you found it. This song is so rich and deep and I look for a lot of music similar to this one. And i hope other listeners also feel the same. Sincerley ~ Aistrop
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