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  1. Funky Kong? I like Funky and all but that's a poor choice for a second DK representive. Maybe a trophy but not a character. Diddy needs to be the second in line for DK characters as playability goes.
  2. You know how in anime how certain characters have specific theme songs for when they do something heroic or something to that effect? Well basically, what I'm saying is, if there was a Chrono Trigger anime (and I mean an official one. Not some obscure OVA thing or something to that effect) then this is what we'd hear everytime Frog had a big fight scene. Please make more of these for other characters' themes. It's good. Really, really, good.
  3. Hey as long as you can pull it off in a voice similiar to Robin Beanland's booming opera accent and not make the track sound like a dance mix, I'm good with whatever you do. If you need another "joke" boss, well the only one I can think of off the top of my head right now is a guy from Mother 3/Earthbound 2 and most likely, not everyone's gone to the lengths of importing it like I have so I don't want to deal out spoilers or anything like that.
  4. Is it just me? Does this track sound like something you'd hear in a Miyazaki film? Because that's the kind of vibe I'm getting here. Very beautifully done, even if I had trouble trying to pick out where Zelda's Theme came into play in the song. 9/10
  5. Is it just me or does the first half of this tune almost seem like it would make a good theme song for your standard anime villain? Definately loving it though.
  6. I LOVE THIS TRACK! MUST....MAKE....MUSIC VIDEO....WITH IT. This mix just doesn't do any wrong here.
  7. A Magus Remix that I actually like? What manner of sorcery be this? Seriously, I am not a fan of the other Magus tracks on the site. Especially since I can barely tell that his theme. This hit the mood of the track right on for something that's death metal. 9.5/10 loses a few points because the guitar solos were too frequent. Surely there's more to heavy metal than the 80s style rock guitar.
  8. Yay! A Jib Jig mix at last! While it doesn't exactly portray the word piratical like I pictured it to, it certaintly captured the theme of DKC2 which was basically pirates. Oh and it gets points for that nice piece of Bayou Boogie at the beginning. You should do another Jib Jig mix if Kong In Koncert 2 is decided to become reality. 10/10.
  9. That first answer up there was actually the answer to my question. I'm not gloating or anything similar like that, I'm just pointing it out for the hell of it. Oh BTW, if Kong in Koncert 2 ever becomes a reality, I'd like for someone to drop me a PM. I'd like to give out some suggestions for the tracks. Sure, I'm sure everyone can do some nice creative work on their own but some of those tracks (EX: Jib Jib, Stickerbush Symphony) need to be handled with care. I don't want the track that fits the very theme of the game (I'm talking about Jib Jig) to end up being a techno or trance mix. (Normal
  10. Whoah. This is a good song. I just might use this in a Rockman.EXE Music Video. Although it pales in comparison to Little Mac's Confession, it's good enough to get burned to a CD. 6.8/10
  11. Whoah this is a sweet mix. Reminds me of the orchestral work HAL used in SSBM! Combine that with the fact that this is my favorite Metroid song and you've got a dead ringer! This is the kind of work I wish to see implemented in a DKC2 Jib Jig remix. (Violins and other brass and wood wind instraments but with wind blowing effects and flapping pirate flag noises.) You've earned yourself a 10/10 Select Start. EDIT: I don't see why people find this song so bad. The violin doesn't sound out of tune to me. Where's the love? Maybe it's just my speakers.
  12. Holy Crap! This sounds like something you'd hear as a TV Show Theme Song or something. I LOVE IT! Way to improve my favorite song from X1! 9/10.
  13. This is what a forest remix of the Haunted woods stage would sound like on a 3-D DK adventure game. That is if RARE was doing it. (Which is unlikely since they're Microsoft's property now.) Nintendo could learn a thing or two about music if they tried listening to the DKC franchise's music enough. Anyways, I dunno why Protrocity constantly makes remixes of the DKCs but he could be good enough to do music for a game company some day at the rate he's going. 10/10.
  14. Jose the Bronx Rican just took my favorite theme songs from both SA1 and SA2 and really remixed them in an enjoyable flava. (I can't believe I just said that word.) Anyways, moving on, I don't listen to much rap and it was a bit hard to get the jist of the lyrics so I hope someone gets those up and running soon. Overall 9/10.
  15. When I first heard this remix, it was at Starmen.net when they played it on PSI Radio. And it was that very same remix that lead me to this site. I'd be stupid NOT to download it. It get's a whopping 10/10! EDIT: Oh an for the record, if you have problems viewing the lyrics here, you always find them at Game Over's website: www.nintendometal.com
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