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  1. maybe i used the wrong word--but basically, you can make the pikmin do an upsmash even if they're ten feet away from you. meaning that if you have a purple about four feet to the right of olly, where mario just happens to be, you'll theoretically be able to upsmash him from all the way over there. the weakness to this is that from what i've seen, they have to hit the pikmin first, and the command has to be entered IMMEDIATELY after they hit the pikmin. that's why i said they're brewing it up...could you imagine? olly his three pikmin. olly throws a pikmin, it doesn't stick and as it's walking back to him, he whistles twice and then usmashes and OH GOD WHERE DID I GO and i've never played olly vs. weegee (not a good one, anyway) so i'll take your word for it but doesn't his nair go through, like, 90% of ALL attacks? i played with him for about a month, that thing is nuts.
  2. i have a prediction: by the end of brawl's lifespan (i.e. 7+ years at the very, very most) olly will be the best character in the game someone will come out with a perfect olly, a perfect camper with incredible spacing, and will bestow his knowledge unto us i'm picking up olimar now and seriously, he's really, really good. atomsk is my favorite olimar player (though as a DDD main, his penguin really's not all that good from what i've seen) and he can do some amazing stuff already. people are currently attempting to figure out how to "desync" the pikmin, effectively making them dangerous at any distance. his only weakness, his recovery, isn't TOO big of a hurdle with proper DI and smart recovery. seriously i'm scared of him (i also think mario will make it to at least mid tier)
  3. eh, still the best PT i've ever seen. nice handling of ivysaur, at any rate also, for someone who's such a prominent figure like Ankoku, i somehow imagined he'd be better. huh.
  4. b-sticking is the act of changing your c-stick to do special moves, basically making it a *ta-da* b-stick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEW9MdImbgc i didn't actually watch this, but i assume it shows some of the cool things he can do. there are two great things in this game: suiciding a tether character with DDD's giant divebomb spike, and doing an outrageously pointless zap jump. EDIT - i edit a lot! i should also probably mention lucas gets the most benefit out of this. in fact, he might get the only practical benefit of any character? WB'ed PK fires are a great GREAT spacing tool.
  5. i didn't use nair as lucas a lot when i played him as a main, but it's essential when i play him now as my second/third...one thing i'm working on incorporating is full-hopped dairs, they basically suck someone up for the entire four hits and if you DI back, you can get away without being hurt. it's real nice. also if you can and if you don't use the c-stick, try out b-sticking...it's really neat i like how you twig'd her items back at her, i do the same thing to my buddy. learn what he does with his items (most ZSS' i talk to have a set plan with them) and beat him up for it. anyway yeah, ZSS' dsmashes heal him, so just rush him with both those moves and see if it works. usually ZSS' tend to either stun gun or dsmash when you get close, and surprise surprise, BOTH HEAL HIM
  6. hahahah, i love being lucas against ZSS what i typically do is bumrush her with shorthopped nairs and PSI magnets. my friend plays a dsmash-heavy ZSS (in fact, he's the one that won the tournament mentioned earlier) and i typically just jump right into his dsmashes with the magnet; they heal me and knock him away. switch up the nair and magnet and he'll have no idea which one is coming next, making it difficult to punish you keep in mind this will never, ever work at the pro level, but it's good for pissing off the ZSS for a few rounds! EDIT - i would agree to play him, but i'm not throwing a match that's worth 10 bucks. i like the idea of not taking the match seriously, i might just do that
  7. yeah honestly, i've got a three year anniversary/birthday/christmas to worry about, fuck a huge MM and i know that if i lose (which i very well could, like i said, he ISN'T BAD), i'd never ever hear the end of it. it's just weird because everyone else in our group is really level-headed about this sort of thing (except for one who is all 'oh man, i'm so tired, i didn't sleep last night lolol' every single time he loses) , i have no idea where this aggression is coming from? the first time we ever played, i was still a lucas main and he played IC's. i told him he had a really good IC game, he said i was a good lucas and we were fine. then everything got messed up at that first tourney?
  8. guys, i have a problem there's someone in my immediate smash crew who take the game entirely too seriously. he's good, in fact, really good--he came in seventh at a recent tourney in ohio, pretty big with about 60+ people. anyway, a few months ago we had a small tourney which i co-organized and happen to win, and he drew a fuss about how it was rigged. suffice to say, it wasn't, we even played three times and i beat him 2/3. we had another tourney this saturday and we played three matches--his MK vs my DDD on brinstar, his diddy vs. DDD on smashville, and diddy vs. DDD on FD. i won the first match, and he said his controller was busted and making him glide when he didn't want to, even though it belonged to the guy that ended up winning the tourney. whatever, controller johns. i won the second by being a very, very gay DDD. i was trying to be aggressive and was walking right into 50%+ combos from him with the naners, so i switched my game up and camped the moving platform. he had no clue what to do, so i won again. he complains that there should've been a time limit at the tourney, well guess what, there wasn't. no johns. i won the third, too. diddy vs. DDD is a nightmare matchup on FD, but i just played super defensive and gimped him once or twice and beat him in a really close match, came down to a tipped bair as he just flew into my range. point is, he's taken it very badly. he apparently hates me as a person now, whines about us making lighthearted fun of his usage of MK, says he's a much better player than i am simply because he goes to real tourneys (even though i've won 5/6 matches that we've had and he's never, ever beaten my main), he even went home and CRIED after this tourney. he's constantly bugging me for money matches of ridiculous importance, things like $10 and $20 on one match, like he's got something huge to prove. i don't think he's a bad player, but he's got these deep-rooted insecurities that will not be calmed until he beats me just once. all of my encounters with him are incredibly uncomfortable because he doesn't tell ME any of this, only our mutual buddies anyway, i have never ever known this shit actually happens. this is so cartoonish and i am sorry to say that i have no clue how to deal with it.
  9. i think what's so bizarre is that most of our "group" grew up on the N64 smash and were all extremely good at it. when melee came out we played it for hours on end but never really reached that top shelf, which is probably why we're so happy with brawl. the short answer is that we never got spoiled. i'd contend (in an extremely offensive and gross generalization) that brawl's major supporters are people just like us. that's not to say that we're huge sakurai fanboys; i don't think i know a person on this earth that actually enjoys the inclusion of tripping. but the flexibility of these small locally-grown tourneys really lends itself well to the imbalance of brawl. we can just decide to ban metaknight on a whim and know people would still come, because they're not doing so for the money--they're doing it for the friendly atmosphere and the fun of it.
  10. hey guys! remember me! the scrubby dedede that got all upset that IC's ruined him anyway i've gotten over it since, obviously. simply put, i had no experience in the matchup and i guess i also had some preconceived notions of honor, whatever. it was my first tourney and i made some dumb decisions, got all upset and got better after directly apologizing to the IC's player i was such a jerk to. in any case, i'm no longer going to standard tourneys. they're just not my thing. instead, a friend and i are running small, extremely centralized tournaments that attempt to bridge the gap between casual and competitive. there's always been a group of about 15 - 20 smash players in our area of varying skill levels, all looking for competition but for some reason or another turned off by the tourney scene. we don't go by standard rules and have an extremely low entry fee (five dollars for our most recent ones, compared to the $30 for each tourney around here) and bizarre stipulations (next month we're considering a tourney wherein everyone submits one created stage, we compile them all and random all matches). this month's tourney involves a team setup wherein three people are grouped at random, matches are conducted in a "round" format with special advantages called "gimmes"...things like forcing everyone to go random, switching out characters, players, etc. these formats change every month, with a standard HUGE tourney every six months approaches the competition more traditionally. pro players can come if they play by our rules, the biggest of which being no infinites. right now we're holding off on inviting some of the better players in our area simply so we can cultivate this tiny community of equally skilled players...eventually it'll be more open and hopefully we can expand. my point isn't to advertise these tourneys, per se. i also don't mean to say that the entire smash community should focus on making the tourneys more like this, because they shouldn't. there's a way brawl can be fun and inclusive while still being viable in a competitive atmosphere...it definitely won't work for everyone, but it's certainly working for us. there's a big turnout each tourney and it feels more like a big get-together than an actual balls-out tournament. money matches are a big deal, as is betting on matches. i should say though, i wasn't around for the melee scene so i'm not entirely sure how impossibly fantastic it was.
  11. i do it because it's tons and tons easier to lug a little wii around than an SNES or, even worse, an entire computer, and i imagine i'm not the only one this little thing is a lifesaver at parties and on vacation
  12. oh shit, my girlfriend is playing this RIGHT NOW ALSO, she averages two levels beaten a day (!!) anyway, you'll get to the disney stuff soon enough, just collect the shit for your raft first. only thing about you finally getting to disney is, SPOILERS the first level is alice in wonderland.
  13. i never completed the genesis version, so i didn't know it was missing levels...the dungeon level and the one with the camel are the only two i can remember that weren't in the other, but that was only in the first few minutes of the game. if i'd kept on, i'm sure i would've spotted a lot more. the SNES version is really short, yeah, but i actually really liked that about it. i can't attest to the slower pace of gameplay, but i find that i like slower gameplay overall. either way, it just seemed like the SNES version had more polish and visual pizazz. petty as it is, i also remember hating having something on all four corners of the HUD too.
  14. i hear this a lot, and i'm always surprised. the SNES version of aladdin was always my absolute favorite and i just couldn't get into the genesis version at all. a lot of people say that one is better than the other, but most don't articulate exactly why. what is it about that version that makes it so much better?
  15. seriously, why the hell is everyone so hostile about what did or didn't or should or shouldn't have happened in the damn movie i guess they're just victims of the batmania
  16. -- just settle down there, champ.
  17. i saw the movie twice and didn't see any such visual cue. i already admitted that i should've pieced it together before, so chill out sourpuss.
  18. i don't see how it's implausible that batman would choose to save dent over dawes, knowing that the future of gotham mattered more than his relationship with her. he said he was going to dawes, who's to say that he didn't change his destination halfway? a bit out there, yeah. i also never saw the first movie and didn't know how close he was to dawes or how close he was, or how committed he would be to saving her. that, and gordon showing up at the other place really should've tipped me off. i'm just dumb
  19. i've had a bit of practice against them, namely g&w. the group i play with includes a really, really good game and watch and while it's taken some time to get used to his timing (seriously, his dair has almost no lag), i've got him down pretty well. my biggest problem match right now is probably with wolf...my friend has a reflector>fsmash combo that almost always hits. since the knockback and stun time are set, he'll usually get it off.
  20. i used lucas at the start at a local tournament. went undefeated with him for a while, then got beat at a tourney. it was a pay-per-character-entry tourney though and my secondary at the time was dedede, he won it for me. been playing him ever since. just won another small local tourney and got $60. i also just recently got over my fear of ice climbers--inhale is very, very good. EDIT - also, what possibility would a team of dedede and r.o.b. have? they're both of our respected mains and i'm great with air combat and he's great with the ground. both take a very, very long time to kill and there are some great setups we've created. i ask because while we haven't lost a match yet, we haven't faced anyone terribly good either.
  21. yeah, you're probably right. honestly, i think it's a mix of multiple things. i guess i phrased myself wrong, what i meant was in a pure match of 1v1 without infinites on his or my part, i doubt i would've lost--i believe i was the better "pure" player, for whatever that's worth, but it's not a "pure" environment in any sense of the word, the game wouldn't have the depth or community it does if it were "pure" in that sense. it really was a lack of exposure to ic's (chaingrabbing ones, at that) and an inability to adapt my style, i guess. i'd ftilt to keep him away, throw waddles, bair, dsmash, inhale (terrible, terrible idea), everything to keep him at bay...and i'd just mess up one single time and lose a stock for it. more than anything, i suppose i have to realize that the ice climbers are the ultimate punishment character. about shield grabbing, i really couldn't grab them back--every time i would, nana would knock me off. i would somehow continually hit nana, i even scored a gordo and it barely brushed by popo and knocked her out. i managed to separate the two often and killed nana a few times, the bottom line is it's just aggravating that against the ice climbers one mistake leads to a 60 - 80% punishment. add to the fact that him and i played that 2v1 earlier (shiku's fox and lobos' toon link v. my dedede) and i beat him. i understand it's the nature of the game, i'm just not comfortable with spending upwards of $20 in that situation. i guess i'm approaching this in the same way someone would approach mario strikers. i don't know if anyone has played that, but i'm extremely competitive in that game and while some of the tricks are just downright nasty and simple, they're not entirely game-breaking. there certainly are ways around it if you know how...all in all, i guess i didn't know how. the difference, though, is that in strikers it'll put you back one or two points...but not an entire stock, match or set. unless someone spams it, obviously, which is what he did. because i didn't know how to stop him. and it really was my first "real" tourney, so i didn't make the realization that some characters would've been good in that situation. namely, an ice climbers ditto. correct me if i'm wrong, but i'd think my nana would prevent his popo from hornswoggling me. mike, i live in severn...we'd talked about playing a few games before, i really wish you could've made it to the tourney we had before. we get together regularly if you'd like to join
  22. it is cliche, dude. it's incredibly difficult to prepare a proper offense when i'm forced to stay away from my opponent at all times. it means i can't play as dedede because my grab game is fucked (nana can knock me off) and that's fine, it's an advantage of the character. i SHOULD be punished for trying to grab the ice climbers. however, i find it difficult to believe i should lose a stock for being within grabbing range of my opponent. i understand that it won't be banned until it's proven to break tourneys. fine. i'm just not going to singles tourneys anymore, is all. i know i was better than the other player, we had played doubles and i beat both him and his partner in a truly gut-wrenching 2v1 situation. that's probably the most irritating thing and probably my main gripe--i will readily lose to an ike or an olimar that outplays me. i can't stand losing to ice climbers that turn one mistake into an immediate loss of stock. it's just frustrating that i'm missing the boat on a competitive community, is all. i'm certainly not risking big money on whether or not my opponent can grab me. but i'm against all infinites in brawl, so what do i know.
  23. i picked a few different people so he wouldn't do it to me, that wasn't the problem. in fact, i beat him in the round that he did the grab, i just switched it around so i wouldn't be left open to it. i made some bad choices and that was it. i'm sure it's not too difficult to get out of with most people, but d3 on d3 makes it kinda tough. like i said, my problem wasn't with the dedede match, it was the ic's. it's maddening that just one grab can lead to CERTAIN DOOM. and i live in MD too, so i won't be going to any NY shindigs.
  24. it's easy to get out of an infinite with dedede against dedede off a ledge? it's a chaingrab that leads to the edge, and on the edge you can literally just repeatedly grab--there's not much one can do beyond that. also, this tourney had chu dat, husband, azen, some really good people...i lost to kaiser first due to some terrible character choices and shiku second just because he was ice climbers who the hell goes to this web2zone thing anyway? you presumptuous jerk?
  25. well, i went to this tournament. i'm really depressed. in doubles, my partner and i came in 9th out of 32. not bad. in singles, i got destroyed, first by a dedede ditto that would infinite me off the edge--chain to the edge, then infinite off. not much i could've done after he got me once. i got him in it once, but he did it more. i tried countering with a few people but got overzealous and lost...okay, fine. losers bracket for me. second series i faced an infinite chaining ice climbers. i literally couldn't do anything--this guy would grab me once, chain me across the stage, then spike me with nana. i'm so disenfranchised with the game now--melee had a few characters that had genuine advantages, but i thought brawl was more balanced than that. maybe i was just fooling myself, but i'm generally saddened that my real, technical skill doesn't matter when matched with someone that can fuck me up with a simple chain of commands
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