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  1. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZccEbPvzPEc phew, i was worried EDIT - ALSO, there are whispers that Jigglypuff is returning not as a playable, but as one of the pokémon you can summon from a pokéball. anyone have any information on this?
  2. Yeah! That old Sakurai's no match for the king!
  3. i can't think of a possible scenario when i would actually NEED to handstand
  4. he can handstand when he needs to!
  5. yeah, i always thought they were saying "be careful" too. i love the way they've arranged it there, but i'm still disappointed they didn't actually say anything
  6. i'm with Antipode; i've tried iTunes and hate it. i spent days (weeks, maybe) reorganizing my .mp3 collection with MusicBrainz and tag software and the like. it just seems like iTunes is more for people who don't care about that stuff, which is fine. i use Winamp and custom keyboard controls, like hitting the number pad buttons that i never use to open up the library, open a URL, etc. the thing that really turned me off about iTunes is that whenever i used it, if i tried to sort it by album or search or do ANYTHING, even with a small library, there was about a second of lag. maybe i was just working with a few bad computers but i hated it. on the flipside, has anyone ever tried Foobar? i couldn't get into it. i know it's so customizeable, but i just got annoyed how it would go track 1, track 10, track 11 and THEN track 2, or how various artists had their own section instead of going into the album i wanted them to.
  7. i really don't think that's such a bad thing. SSX 3 was my favorite in the series. yeah, Tricky was great, but the third just felt so slick, so smooth...the top-to-bottom races were phenomenal, especially the half-hour one from the top of the third mountain all the way to the bottom. On Tour was just horrible in that you couldn't play as the characters from the game...in most games, that's fine, but not for one that prides itself in the personalities of its original characters. i'd want to play as moby jones over an avatar any day. i really think the series needs to go back to the way it was with SSX 3. i agree it shouldn't be TOO similar, just don't do what failed for On Tour.
  8. i'm really surprised they haven't put "La Grange" in yet. i'm crossing my fingers for this one
  9. everytime i listen to "the view" by modest mouse, i always think it'd be perfect. they NEED a track in there. it'd prolly be float on or ocean breathes salty, but i can't listen to the view without imagining it. it'd be hard, too
  10. anyone else a little underwhelmed by WarioWare? i think it's good and all, but i really wish you didn't have to pass around the remote and just let everyone have their own. i also wish there was more content. the multiplayer games in the GCN version were incredibly innovative (especially the doctor one), this one doesn't have any of that. honestly, my friend and i put it in for about an hour and a half, then switched to the new dragonball game (which is actually really really really good)
  11. you know, for the past few days i've been writing for a little site called erickandemily (of which i am neither so what if it's a plug shut up shut up) and playing a ton of the Wii games since i can't find one at the time. none of the games out right now really give me enough of a reason to buy them, is the problem. Rayman has pretty good multiplayer, but a horrific single-player mode. Elebits is the complete opposite in that the single-player has a ton of meat to it, but the multiplayer just isn't there (i really, really wanted a co-op story mode) when i get a wii, i'm probably going to get madden, which i played and loved, or trauma center, which i haven't touched. i haven't read up a whole lot on it, how high does it stand in the line-up?
  12. i use every character. i love using bowser though. link's got the cheap up+b edgeguard move i like N64 smash a lot better, so i'm not a fan of the wavedashing or anything. just roll or take the hit. i'd enter more tournaments if it wasn't all about WD'ing.
  13. yeah, i'm surprised no-one else has commented on the blatant chrono trigger tribute at the end of the song. anyway, this is incredible.
  14. eh, not my thing i guess. i don't think i should've read that "mockingbird" was the base for it, because for some reason, that threw off my entire opinion of the remix. i started noticing every little detail that sounded exactly like eminem and it grated on me until i thought you were just a talentless hack ripping on em. which i know you aren't. the beat is good, but doesn't...really impress me, if that makes any sense. i recognize the tune and i like how it's been done, but i guess that i'm just expecting more bells and whistles rather than the original song slowed and given a windchime. again i'm sure some people will love it (as evidenced by this thread), it's just not my deal, personally. thanks anyway, DCT.
  15. just adding my half-cent, since i don't really have the requirements to add a full one. i'm really liking the remix. speaking as a breakbeat enthusiast, the drumline is superb. everything gives me a "bloated-but-broken" feel, if that means anything. it feels inspired, considering you had to jump all over balloons in the level. the only thing i would change now would be the xylophone. i don't know if it fits the mood entirely and i'm almost certain you could probably find something just a little more in-place. what that would be, i have no clue. that's just my half-cent.
  16. Lovin' this. Almost got an epic Big Beat feel to it, something akin to Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers, although decidedly different. This song is excellent. 9 / 10.
  17. The rapping reminds me of "Insomnia", as someone said above. I don't know if it fits in, but I don't mind it. The voice is massively awesome, though. There's so much emotion at the last verse, and he doesn't remind me of any other singer...that's good, because so many voices have been trademarked nowadays. Great job, a 9 outta 10.
  18. Maybe this is just me, but I actually lost my breath in the first 30 seconds of this song--truly beautiful. If only it were longer.
  19. This thing rocks. It may be a little loud, but I only get a headache after about six listens in a row. But it should say something when you play a song six times in a row, anyway. Gotta love that tune.
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