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  1. real good article. i was always one of the melee lurkers--a great player but never had the time, energy or drive to learn all of the necessary AT's to play it competitively. i was just content to play with a group of friends. with brawl, though, it's different. i'm much, much better at brawl than i ever was at melee and it's not due to the lack of AT's, it's due to the slower fighting engine. i perform consistently better under slower conditions. hell, i typically play rhythm games without any speed mods. i'm going to my first big tournament tomorrow in columbia. i'm also putting together a combo video with multiple characters (my best dedede, with diddy, mario, jiggly, lucas, etc.).
  2. yoshi's pretty great. much better than he was in melee, anyway, but not as good as 64. i'm going to a few tourneys in the MD area--the last one is critical hit 3, with apparently a HUGE turnout. jam, global, you guys gonna be there? ;D
  3. how much for jak and daxter or the metal gear DVD?
  4. i absolutely loved the first b-k and only liked the second. i've actually beaten all of banjo-kazooie in one night before, got all of the jiggies the second day. i hate this new direction. for most games, sure, it begins to get stale around the third game. but banjo-kazooie was a platformer that had something...different. there was a certain charm to it that was different than mario or jak or ratchet or even conker. platform games survive based on their physics and their presentation--it's probably my favorite genre and i hate to see it dying out like this. i'm disappointed because while most games really need an innovation around this time, banjo-kazooie didn't really NEED that. the classic platforming would've been enough for its fans so long as we got to see boggy and jamjars and gobi again. this looks like a completely different game, i'd wish they'd just work on it separately rather than shove banjo and kazooie into it. then again, with rare's descent into mediocrity, maybe this is the best thing for the series. :/
  5. good link with good ideas, but fuck if i don't hate people that put linkin park in their videos. also, the AWEXOME COOL EFFECTS were really, really annoying as was the bad english
  6. hahah, fair enough--like i said, i don't know the exact market value for each game and while i know they're valued, i don't know at how much. i'll probably up it eventually, but for right now i'm gonna enjoy ED and some other stuff i got from goozex, but i'll contact you later on if you're still up for selling them
  7. you know, i've never played the fifth one. i loved the first three but the series kinda trailed off for me after that--if the fifth really does come highly recommended, i'll take all three off your hands for ten bucks?
  8. typically i'm wary about websites like these, but i really love goozex. basically, pretty much every game you can think of has a point value. these points are derived from real cash moneys, and every 100 points equals five dollars. you put your games up on the site and people will "buy" them with points, then you send out the game to them. once they give you positive feedback and have received the game, you get those points credited to your account. best of all, people request as according to the condition, so you're alright even if you don't have the whole box and manual. i'm certainly not putting up anything i want to keep, but i have a ton of old mediocre PS2 games that i'll never play again. on top of that, it seems like a lot of the games are cheaper than you can get them retail, which is always a good thing. i just received silent hill 2 for trading out viewtiful joe (boring). i'm currently sending out metroid prime (ULTRA boring) and an old wrestling game for five bucks each. anyway CHECK IT OUT. and just so you know, yes this is my referral code and i will be getting some points for it, but you can do the same ;D CLICK ON MEEEEE
  9. actually, how much for mega man 1 and 2? i'm currently rebuilding an NES collection and would love both of them, but i'd let you decide on the price--i'm not exactly knowledgeable, i've been out of it for so long also, thanks for sending ED...i played it a TON when it came out and still love it to pieces
  10. ten bucks for eternal darkness? ;D
  11. i'll admit that melee videos are indeed awesome to watch and it took a great amount of skill that has now been forsaken, but i doubt brawl won't have the same level of play. it won't be as fast, sure, but it'll still be just as intense. let people feel it out.
  12. i actually like brawl more--a LOT more. i liked melee, but i've never been a fan of extremely fast-paced fighting games...i hated mvc2 too, for instance. i'm an extremely deliberate player and it's why i was so good at n64 smash. i ruined with ness. melee was a step back for me, but i still liked it, i just couldn't get into the pacing of it. used jiggs in that. brawl is like a mix of the two, taking the slow and floaty engine from 64 that i liked so well while still keeping the relative ease of movement brought in with melee. brawl feels like a cultivation in everything i like about smash. this isn't to say that melee didn't have any strategy to it, it certainly did, it was just a different kind--one that i wasn't so good at adapting to. i still beat most people in my immediate group of friends, but i could never play on a higher level like i can with brawl.
  13. oh, mine does too--she uses pit and metaknight, and the first thing i said to her when using pit: "d-pad is taunt, and your up one is your best. use it a lot. you will win every match." i've got her on a healthy diet of uptaunt and sideb and she is currently the most annoying person in our small smash group. i've made a monster.
  14. man, this sucks i used to consider lucas my main, but after winning a local tourney with dedede and realizing i don't think i've ever been beaten with him, i guess i'll have to stick with him. sucks, though. lucas is one of my favorites to play and since i'm trying to play this junk competitively, to take out my second is a shot through the heart, especially after jigglypuff was nerfed so badly. oh well, still have dedede and, um... guess i'll have to work on my mario and wario game. i don't want the burden of micromanagement with diddy's nanners or olimar's pikmin edit - and bigfoot, i think the issue is more that this is incredibly easy to do and is a free 80-100% each time it happens. on top of that, you can grab-grab-grab into a free smash attack too, with no way out of it. ice climbers could wobble and they have their footstool infinites now, but they're still very hard to do and only they can do it. i think 32 of the 39 characters can do it in brawl.
  15. yeah, i know what you mean. second and third place were two metaknights, and i only beat the guy in the final because he kept getting hit by my upb. i wish i could say it was a big tourney, but it was around 25-30 people, each putting in up to three characters. i put in three, but lucas and jiggs got knocked out somewhere in the fourth round of five. the guys were real good so i couldn't get off a kill move (my biggest two matches were a kirby and meta, respectively) and had to rely on constant backthrows and an occasional dthrow to dash, since it's real hard to chaingrab a good metaknight. i'd dthrow, he'd roll away and i'd catch him in one of dedede's trips that i love so well. the last match went on forever because he caught onto me, so i just had to continually rack up damage. a meta to get to 212% against a dedede is rare indeed, but i just couldn't put him away without leaving myself vulnerable. in the end, i shorthopped, he missed his fsmash and i hit him with a bair to end it
  16. so, we had the tournament i won with dedede $245, y'all ;D
  17. hey, i'm up there! http://www.backloggery.com/main.php?user=coney not that i post here too much or anything, but if i win the contest, damnit, i wanna be RECOGNIZED.
  18. so, uh, would anyone be interested in joining a tournament? me and a relatively small group of friends are holding a tourney on april 26th. if you live in or around anne arundel county in MD, gimme a PM and i'll let you know what's going on. most of us are pretty good...not pro or anything, but certainly good. basic stats are 4 stock, 5 dollars an entry (a character) with a max of three entries. winner takes 80%, 2nd place gets 10%, the two thirds get 5% each. we'd sure love to have you ;D
  19. i live in anne arundel county; i play with about seven or eight other pretty good people. we'll be setting up a tourney very shortly if you're interested...five dollars an entry, maximum of three entries (three characters, basically).
  20. oh my God is lucas ever wonderful i think he has absolutely everything i want in a character; long reach, insane smashes, a strong A-A-A combo, useful special moves, EVERYTHING. i use really floaty characters usually, my strengths are in my air combat, and that is ALL LUCAS IS. i'm dabbling in diddy, dedede, snake and some others but seriously lucas is outrageously good.
  21. the songs i can't get out of my head so far are those of the first galaxy, honeyhive, and the other orchestral one (in the fourth observatory)...don't wanna spoil anything :=
  22. i'm sorta done with guitar hero. i got to psychobilly freakout in the second one and tapped out. also, they took out eddie knox, and he was my absolute favorite character.
  23. the principle from derrickcomedy's sketch "jerry" i plan to have a wet spot on my pants the whole night
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