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  1. Considering there's a "Last Starfighter" musical, this does not surprise me in the least. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing it.
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=25718004&page=0 something I'd have never dreamed of in my wildest dreams...but I thought the same thing when the original Kingdom Hearts was announced so who knows?
  3. I graduated from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with BA Music in fall 2001 (with a minor in philosophy). I intend to go after a masters in composition from UW-Madison in a year or two (and perhaps eventually a DMA). My primary instrument was trombone, and I also studied piano and vocal. (My guitar training came before college). I miss college
  4. Not to mention...Megadeth helped stop an invasion from Mars
  5. This must be stopped... I guess the T-800 Terminator needs an upgrade...
  6. Wernstrom! Happy B-day Coop Be secure in the fact you haven't made it to 30 yet That's when you start to notice you're coasting a bit.
  7. because its related: a similar discussion on a different forum...were I pulled my earlier quote from.
  8. I'm reminded of "conversation" I had with my trombone/jazz arranging instructor in college. I was trying to get him to listen to something from the OST for Vasteel (TG-16 CD) a lot of which is arranged in a manner similar to the 50's era jazz we were working on. The only difference was that it was done with synths. Not wild sounding synths mind you, but actually trying to go with appropriate sounds. Just that its sometimes easier and less expensive to use synths to put something together then to actually hire a combo. When I mentioned that the music used synths, he refused to even listen to it stating that it was not stylistically authentic, and that's "...not how we do things here."
  9. The shooter gods require a sacrifice for this event, Coop. What would be an appropriate one? I'm thinking of pulling out every Shmup I own (and I own a fair few. Particularly for the Genesis), and playing through them one-by-one till my eyes bleed, and my thumbs fall off.
  10. As I recall both Sega's Saturn and the N64 had pack-in games (or at least package versions, one core, the other with a game.) I know the Saturn originally came with Virtua Fighter and a game demo disc, then, later it came with 3 games: Vitua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop, and Daytona. Also, I believe the N64 came with Pokemon Stadium at one point. Don't recall if there were any other package deals for the N64. I am all for pack in games. Sometimes (like when a kid is saving up using his allowance monies or a part-time job or something) and he has just enough to get the system, but not any games, it was kinda nice to buy the system and have something to do until you've saved up money for a game. Sure, he could wait until he has enough to buy the system and a game, but sometimes impulse takes over.
  11. Yeah, the Best Buy in my area didn't have anything I wanted. Now that could be because I waited till 2pm...or it could be that my local Best Buy sucks. I am leaning towards believing the latter due to past experience.
  12. Phantasy Star Online, Dark Cloud, and Valkyrie Profile are the only three. All of the rest of the OSTs I own, I've played the games for (Dino Crisis is the only I own that I haven't finished the game for.) Unless you count the fact that One can rip most Sega CD, and TG-16 CD game soundtracks directly off the CD because they're redbook audio. Then I'd have to add a couple more games
  13. Agreed. I actually had more fun playing X-2, then X. Also, Cobra Command, Road Avenger, Time Gal, and Way of the Ninja for the Sega CD. I always get a kick out of those crappy FMV games.
  14. FF VI Advance is due out next month I believe. As for Chrono Trigger, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see it redone ala FF Advance style for GBA (if not DS)
  15. I'd like to echo this sentiment (I have relatives currently serving over in Iraq.) Welcome back, and thank you. I suddenly feel the urge to go listen to Iced Earth - Valley Forge.
  16. Sound's like it could be a fun project. I am often busy writing original music (and I prefer it to doing re-arrangements/remixes, though I do have a couple ideas for some things I intend to submit here down the road). I might be interested in doing something for this.
  17. Indeed there are. The middle school I went to, (In the US class level system of Kindergarten through 12th grade, it typically encompasses grades 6- Its marching band had 107 consectutive 1st place wins over a 20+ year period...having mainly to do with the awesome director. (middle school marching bands are relativly unusual unlike High school marching bands which are quite common) Still, truth be told...I HATED marching. In college I did everything in my power to avoid being in marching band (no way to really avoid it in Middle and High school) which amounted to not taking the "Marching band" class. I didn't need the credits, and the marvhing band had enough people to keep its ranks up, so noone needed to be drafted. Still, it was worth it for the experience, and the chance to be shuttled around the country for competitions...and I always get a kick out of Sousa's marches (a common fixture of school marching bands in the US)
  18. *raises hand* been playing for 22 years. Trombone was my primary instrument for my Music BA. nodspaw51 is basically correct...like string-players, trombone players need to be able to adjust intonation on the fly as they play. Also (though most younger 'bone players tend not to know this) but the "postions" are not set in stone from partial to partial. For example: an F3 is notated 4th line from the bottom on the base clef, and is played in "1st position" or more or less slide all the way in (bare with my explination 'bone players, I know you already know this first part ). F4 (the F an octave higher) the note third ledgered space above the base clef, and equvalent to the first space on the treble clef is also played in "1st position" technically, but physically the slide needs to let out a bit or the note intones sharp. Same for any note on that partial (E4, E-flat4, D4 if played in "4th position") To continue the example, G4(note 1 full step up). This next partial playes flat in the generic positions, so correct intonation needs to be moved more sharp then normal. This is also why one never attepts to play the A-flat (going up the scale) in 1st postion. It will intone flat. I seriously recommend anybody who seriously wants to continue playing trombone into college and beyond, sit down with a chromatic tuner and see where each note, from the very bottom of your range, to the very top, falls. You might be very surprised at the results. The trombone is also notable in that it is a B-flat instrument, but the music is written in C notation (concert pitch). When a trombonist sees a "C" in his music, he plays a "C" (or at least he better be ) In contrast, when a B-flat Trumpet player sees a "C", he's actually playing a B-flat. Finally, a point of pride for all trombonists. The trombone is one of the oldest of the modern symphonic instruments. The design has been in use for centuries, and hasn't deviated much (modern valve trumpets, for example, haven't been in use for much more then 160 years before that time brass players either used a series of small slides, learned lip-bends, or switched horns) Still, I do have a great deal of sympathy for Horn players, between the nature of the instrument, and the fact that they are playing as an alto brass voice on an instrument that actually has longer tubing then the trombone leads me to be doubly impressed when someone plays a Horn well.
  19. For me some of the hardest bosses: King Tsarkon in Sword of Vermillion...although admittedly I was under level, level 23 vs the level cap of 31. Optional boss in the desert in Final Fantasy X-2 in chapter 5. I will say no more for those who haven't played it this far yet, but again dificulty is attributable to me being lower level than I probably should have been. Most iterations of Death in the Castlevania games. I feel that the castlevania one version is the hardest, which makes me doubly proud that I managed to videotape myself defeating him without taking so much as a single hit. The three NES Ninja Gaiden games were all difficult in general, but I feel that the third was the most difficult, and had the most difficult boss of any of them...the second to last boss, I don't recall his name, but I think it was your evil twin powered up.
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