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  1. I liked the greenday-ish action! As soon as i heard that i had to grin because that was the first thing that came to mind. Excellent Mix.
  2. I like it, but with the the dark edge to it, it makes me think of a battle from "Shadow Links" point of view. I like it, its very different.
  3. THANK YOU!!! I was hoping this tune would be remixed. Thank you thank you thank you! -bows- and it sounds even better!
  4. lol! I love it. It may have some odd lyrics and all that but I like it, grows on ya. Like that part "I'll be surprised if anyone listens to this...right here we go!"
  5. Very Cool Mix. I give props where they are due. I heard this tune, or at least a shortend version on Flash Flash Revolution, glad to get ahold of this one, its to cool to pass up.
  6. This is a PURE mix, I love it and my fav metroid tune is in it and remixed. One of my fav versions of the song, I love this whole mix. More more more!
  7. I love how they snuck in some songs from SotN, seeing how I love the music from the game and that you really dont see to much it anyplace, and there it is blanketed nice and snug in the song, and It sounds darned good to boot. More more more!
  8. I can't belive I just found this! Me being a huge Sephiroth fanatic ( the nick name Omega Sephiroth says it all ) and his theme song, I look for remixes everywhere...and i just found this one... It is great! It has earned itself a nice lil place on my playlists ^.^
  9. Listend to it this tune for the first time with headphones and the volume maxed up.. owchies... Well...it is insane...which is why I love it! Its great, sure at times a few events in the song are loud and crack but hey, its all good. Mwuahaha... Time to use my secret weapon!
  10. I don't think i've laughed that hard in a while. Very cool mix, odd to say the least, but still very cool.
  11. This remix...its just so great. I heard a lot of remixes here on Overclocked, but this one made me make an account just to post on it. Hats off to the creatour of this Mix.
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