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  1. Oh I'm just glad you're okay! I am not 100% sure of what is going on but I hope you make a fast recovery and things get back to normal. I know you say that it's not worth knowing etc. etc... But those of us that knew, we were very worried and we DO care a lot!

  2. Just want to say that you are in my thoughts!

  3. Thanks :) I got another on the way actually, well, for me to at least put on YouTube.

  4. You're welcome, it was kind of a rage rant, but hopefully I imparted some info. :)

  5. You're welcome, keep making music!

  6. who is anyone anymore? who ARE we??

  7. Okay, I'm ON TO YOU. I know your secret. Just ask "CHz".

  8. You have the best name, never change it. EVER.

  9. Haha, thanks for letting me know! And yeah, like I said, take your time and perfect the hell out of it. No worries :J

  10. Giga Bowser, in regards to your questions you posed to Protricity about DKC2 SMB: He didn't have much time, and he wasn't working on music at the time when people say he was asked. Much later, he did "join" the project, and would have made a song when it seemed like someone wasn't going to finish theirs, but that other person ended up finishing so it didn't happen.

    I think he's moved past DKC source material, at least for the time being. If you want to hear more Protricity music, check out Super Dodge Ball: Around the World when it comes out, the MMX Project, and The Badass Project, all of which will have his songs featured. :J

    Oh yeah, and the Dragon Quest Project that I am running, he will have at least one song claimed there by the time it's finished *_*

  11. RIP :( - You were the bomb

  12. Why hello thar my freaund!

  13. U R SO RONG, that song was great from the start *_*

    also hi :J

  14. he's so right, also robobro!

  15. Burn out already jeez

  16. note to self: I am a banana

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