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  1. hey check out this bitchs remod i found http://www.check out this bitchs remod.cakearmy.org
  2. A vote for Oddllama is a vote for justice.
  3. I don't know, man. Suck his dick AND smell his balls? I'm not saying he could stump AD, but I certainly wouldn't want to get into a debate with this guy. He's obviously pretty good at formulating sound arguments.
  4. Ah, so THAT'S why Link always tries so hard to save her.
  5. I adore this remix. Can't say as I've heard the original, so no comments on how it relates (not that I really ever make them when I review anyway...), but I absolutely love this. I CAN say this: Even if I had no idea this remix was even loosely inspired by the Wolfen crew or Star Fox in general, I would have instantly, definitely, absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been reminded of the Wolfen dogfights in StarFox Assault upon hearing it. It has an identical feel. It's superb. Excellent. Wonderful. I only write reviews for remixes I really appreciate, and I give this one a 10/10, hands down.
  6. I can't believe I haven't thrown in my two-cents worth on this song yet... If I have and I just missed it, whatever. This is freakin amazing. Maybe it's personal taste, but this song just rubs me in all the right ways. This ties Stray Donkey Strut for my favorite DJP mix. The guy is freakin incredible. I love the way the instruments mesh and how the individual parts play off of each other. It's all genius. 10/10
  7. Very enjoyable. You wouldn't want to listen to it if you had a headache because it has a lot of slightly harsher sound schemes, but it's definitely an excellent remix. I especially like the piano samples at the end. Very good.
  8. Gad, man. You blow me away. All I can say is that this freaking rocks. You are one magical musician, my friend. I guarantee you 9 and a half out of 10 people who listen to that will not hear a single mistake. Even if they're trying to pick them out. It's excellently done, man. Excellent.
  9. Very few songs really blow me away when I first listen to them. Since I'm writing this review, obviously this song is one of them. This song is excellent. It maintains a feeling of emotional drive throughout the song, while not departing wildly from good structure or the basic spirit of the original piece. Most excellent.
  10. ... ...Absolutely amazing! This song rocks. If I could play piano like that, I'd never leave that piano bench. Not even to eat. I'd probably die very quickly (not to mention in my own biological waste), but I'd die on a piano bench, so I think I'd be worthy of mention. Basically, awesome work. Thumbs up all the way.
  11. hehe, beating sephiroth is hard, but far from impossible. Personally, this was the most rewarding thing i've ever done in a video game. It took me around 15-20 goes, but when i finally did it, i was so overcome with joy that i ran and hugged my little brother (who had been cheeering me on) and proceeded to run out of the house and roll around in the grass laughing. It makes me smile evan thinking about it. Sephoroth maybe hard, but try beating camp on extreme in Metal Gear Solid 2. That my friend takes dedication and co-ordination. btw, i think kingdom hearts is fantastic, flame me if you must, but you're not changing my mind Agreed. It only took me about 10 tries though. it would have taken me less, but I didn't know where to get curaga. ...I beat Sephiroth on the first try, with level 43 Sora, 42 Donald and 44 Goofy. You newbs. Get out of my sight.
  12. This song pwnz. End of story. No, but really. 9.5/10, because I can't understand a small fraction of the lyrics. Otherwise 10/10.
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