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  1. I've been playing too much world of warcraft. This song is great when i think of adventuring across the land and all that medieval jazz. But i agree this is "background" music. at points it looses in power and can bore me. But still, amazing work on this one. Technique is great. I appreciate the work and effort taken.
  2. Wow.. THis song is really amazing. The electro rock and the first section of vocals is just great. I love it at 1:25. Then comes the awesome rap. It sounds like that group "faithless" and their song "Insomnia". The way the rap moves in and just wow.. thank god that agents haven't found you yet. because then this stuff wouldn't be free =D
  3. This song really reminds me of John Williams' music. Just the way transitions are obvious, yet decieving as recurring themes keep popping their heads up. This song is verry good. I love the use of backup percussion as a lead perc. instrument. Play this to you're music teacher. 3:58-4:18 is my favorite part.
  4. Just to keep everyone on their toes, i SSed some pics for ya'll. Now about this movie, is it gonna be animated? 3d? or just flashing screens while the music plays in the background? cause i'm good at taking screens.... i'm REALLY good at it... wish i could remix.. but no.. just screens.. http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/600ad.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/bumpintomarle.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/fair.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/fair2.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/lavos.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/melchoir1.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/zombor.JPG http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~blk02001/pics/chronopics/wakeup.JPG in the Zombor pic i cut out Marle cause she isn't there in your script. I was thinking of putting a bunch of Screens together in photoshop, make a whole map of each era. its easy with the Epoch.
  5. good chill music. reminds me of riding on a bus. or a helocopter ride over some snow covered mountains... although i've never been on a helocopter. Not something you can fall asleep to, and not something you bring to the Gym. Very soft, very nice. 2:43 <-- LOVE THIS PIANO solo. This song would be perfect for the credits of PS 2. Scroll the credits, play this song. Ya dig?
  6. Good mix. made me want to visit your site. and can i just say "Duck billed platypus?"
  7. I have to agree with Prot, this one certainly didn't strike me as the quality i come to expect from OCR acceptances. I found it very repetative and boring. The instruments could be tweaked to make them clearer. I like the lounge-music idea but it needs a song with more substance to it. I can appreciate that it must have been hard for the artist to tangent the theme with almost totally original stuff, but it doesn't work for me. NO
  8. hehe, remember when djpretzel remixed the lunar theme with lyrics? hehe i think this one beats djp by a hair. (if that hair is about 18 feet long.)
  9. amazing.. you should really get a record label for this. although then it wont be free on OCR. great work. This is more original than a remix. yet the theme is obviously there. creative use of lyrics yet it holds true to the rock theme. well done. drums rock too.
  10. Wow, this is really kickin'. This holds a spot on my OCR cds as well as my Drum'n'Bass cds. incredable job using the same theme in such different fashions. Mix it to the second theme of that song
  11. i can't get this song out of my head. ARGH d@mn you MV, you and your darned talent!
  12. Upon first listen, i really didn't hear any obvious SF theme in it. But maybe I'll have to play the game again. Most of the mixes that show up on here i download if i've played the game, and most of the mixes i can hear the themes without the game BGMs. This one is a puzzle for me. Apart from that, it sounds incredable! I'm reminded of the boss sequence in Panzer Dragoon : Orta for some reason. Must be the chorus and the dark ominous drums near the end. Great transitions even tho they only last a few seconds. This song should come with a film. EDIT: The reason i couldn't hear the theme is because you only hear it in SF a single time (assuming you play the last battle once). So I guess it just didn't stick with me as the song i will remember from this game. But yeah. still awesome.
  13. I LOVE this one. Its great how you can hear the sax soloing what sounded like zelda's lullaby while the guitars in the back played the temple theme. Nesk is a great group. These guys should seriously think about a CD label and some open gigs. Don't even tell people its video game music because that would turn off the old jazz crowd, just play it and see how they like it.
  14. wonderful song. I really didn't even recognize the themes used, but i'm not the biggest FF7 player (although i did beat CT twice). But that's for the judges to decide. However i got an image in my head. blurry. until i got to 4:50. Then it hit me. AGE OF KINGS! Anyone remember this game? This song reminds me a lot of Japan's theme. It must have something to do with the instruments used. Amazing song, the posted mixes just keep getting better and better. Actually I'm reminded of two other things when i hear this song. SHOGUN the game and SHOGUN the tv miniseries. even the two aren't related (cept by name) they have very similar soundtracks, and this reminds me of them.
  15. highly enjoyable. Its not a song that i will compare other songs to, its unique. But not in the unique way that we tell ugly people they are unique. i'm talking unique in the Hellen Keller type of unique. The kind where even though she could never hear this great song, she would still find beauty in reading (in braille) our responses to it. Chock one more CT mix into the playlist.
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