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  1. The drum solo is okay, but where this piece really shines is the combination of trance with the original NES Prelude chiptune. It's definitely worth a slot on the playlist.
  2. The Flash video of this song is actually what led me to OC Remix in the first place. It's crazy and plays by its own rules. Definitely worth a listen.
  3. PriZm has managed to capture the creepiness of every fourth stage in the NES game in a great electric guitar and percussion beat, and when the song hits 2:47, it really kicks into overdrive. Get this now. You won't regret it.
  4. Maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of electric guitar, but for whatever reason, I really, really like this one. Stop reading this and download this remix. It's that excellent.
  5. In Super Mario RPG, beating Culex WITHOUT the benefit of the Lazy Shell (either the armor OR the weapon) is something that I cannot do, even to this day. Otherwise, I slap both shells on Mario and laugh at Culex's pathetic attempts to kill me while the rest of my team dies.
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