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  1. Heh, guess I missed it. I'll keep that in mind though, and thank you very much for your help.
  2. I pity the people who are taking this mix to seriously, they're missing a really fun piece of music...I guess you could say whether or not it's perfect depends on your definition of perfect. Also, where can I find the instrumental version? Been looking around for it, but no luck...A link would be appreciated. XP
  3. this is an incredible piece of work, must have listened to it a half hour straight
  4. this song makes me dance....everytime i listen to it....i hate dancing....but i love this song
  5. the last boss from shinobi...
  6. this song should be the new definition of epic, its just all around incredible
  7. this is my favorite remix on the site by far, its just so incredibly beautifull i can hardly stand it, probably one of my favorite songs of all time
  8. its pretty good, catchy tune, but i dont think its all that special, i think its really well done just not for me
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