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  1. im sorry.. I must be a "loner" on this one.. But if you ask me .. This remix is terrible.. its off key. That guy's violin either needs some serious tuning or just plain dragged out and shot. Of course me being a Big fan of the Kraid Music.. this has put me down .. alot. I can't even stress what i just said enough nor go into details.. Basically.. This remix is lame. Violin needs help.
  2. Streets of rage 2, always has and WILL Be forever, my favorite SEGA Genesis game, and i don't think that i'm alone with this one.. This one to me almost seems like a dream, the kind that you don't ever want to end, but you enjoy it so much that it ends so suddenly that you are just like "nooo" Basically 'Avien' the remix rocks, It stays True Throughout the whole thing, brings me back to the era of Streets of rage 2 which to me is a memoir because the first day i beat that game, was the day one of my brother's were born.. So Anyway.. yea this remix rocks..
  3. You can never have enough of those, Gerudo Songs man.. - - Never
  4. Mommy.. I'm scaried.. - - And if that reMix isn't scary enough for you, stare at the menards guy for overly-long periods of time..
  5. Strange, i dunno why.. maybe its the way the piano is being played, this ReMiX reminds me of "The Entertainer.."
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