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  1. I liked it a lot. Nice work...although there was a lot going on at all times...Zelda's Lullabye was snuck in there cleverly. Not much that hasn't already been said, actually...but, meh, it bears repeating. Nice direct post...congratz
  2. What he said... Seriously though, happy birthday. This community (clearly) wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for everything!
  3. The originality of this mix stems from the sheer multitude and variedness of its instrumentation, not of the amount of original material. Although, there is (as Pixie notes) some ten seconds of quality creativeness – which serves to bridge verses. Also, it increases in complexity as it progresses. Nice xylophones (?!) on the lead at 1:18. Back to its roots (guitar) for the ending. Good stuff indeed.
  4. Amazing arrangment...realistic Latin vowel sounds as well, which I'm sure was exceedingly difficult to achieve. I love that this piece just screams, "EPIC!!" My ears and I thank you for such a refreashing choral delight. choirnerds +1!!
  5. "Amazing!" "Astonishing!" "...not bad..." ROFL! I LOVE this remix! Especially the homage to Alleycat Blues in the first minute -- the transition to a swing-style was seemless. Also, the preceding 2 measures (just before the first "Cowabunga!") made me smile. Brilliant solo work, too...I usually prefur "live" to sampled gutiar, but in this case it sounds pefect. If only every OCRemix had this much energy... Well done!
  6. I know I'm pretty late to this thread, but major congratz Jill...you earned it.
  7. This is a tragedy in every sense of the word, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this terrible loss of life. The pain of a broken heart can be immense and therefore extremely influential in one’s decision-making process. Indeed, one’s very sanity may be at risk for an unstable individual, as we have unfortunately seen. However, as great a power as that lust for vengeance may be – that force which motivates one to ‘destroy that which has destroyed me’ – can never justify the taking of another human soul. Thirty-two souls is simply appalling. I am convinced that it is in controlling this aspect of our humanity, and the degree to which We as humans are willing to choose peace over violence — life over death – which will determine the course of world events (think Iran, Iraq, North Korea) and indeed humanity itself. The ultimate Goal I suppose might resemble something akin to what we see in the Star Trek franchise – free of disease, hunger, and (until 1994 due to sagging DS9 ratings) widespread warfare. *Ahem* When you consider the fact that this was clearly a premeditated act, with VT admin actively making the decision not to cancel classes after the loss of life…well, as I said, it’s a tragedy. Having said that, consider the following: This is exactly the type of fuel the mass media loves to utilize in an attempt to spin the story in a particular light (take it from a reporter who’s spent too many hours reading through crappy leads). The goal at the “top” (CNN, NBC, NY Times, etc.) is often to present the story in such a way that says, “Ok, this is good, and this is bad.” It really is that simple. They feign neutrality while subtly attempting to influence thought patterns. FOX News’ “Fair and Balanced” and “We Report. You Decide.” Ha. Not in this lifetime. Exhibit A: [quote name=''[\()/];259632']...I hate modern news media. They do EVERYTHING for the ratings. CNN did the same thing. They could have interviewed a cop at the scene or something' date=' but intead they choose to interview a obviously traumitized girl. She was obviously not ready to be interviewed. And for what reason? People like to see that. They like to say "Look at that poor girl and how she is crying too bad for her.[/quote'] The effect is often very subtle but very real. But why bother? Why not “just the facts, ma’m” as that dude on Dragnet always said? Obviously there’s a goal to influencing thought, and censorship is the first step in really skirting individual liberty. But it’s only the first step. The world stage is already set for some pretty crazy shit to go down, and increased censorship facilitates it all. This could be an event which fundamentally alters the way we perceive freedom in this country – much like 9/11 did for our “perception” of Arab terrorists and the resulting wars (See: Loose Change, 9.11 Mysteries). However, this sort of change can only occur if the media “embraces” this tragedy, and apparently, they are. Think London in V for Vendetta. I believe one of the three targets was a school, correct? Fear = Control. Once they've got you living in a culture of fear they've got you by the balls. (Thanks, Jack Thompson!) I’ve got a lot of theories floating around in my sick mind but I hope we’re not witnessing the end of freedom thanks to our pals Cheney, Wolfowitz, and “Scooter” Libby (how retarded a name is “Scooter” anyway?) Oh, and give the assist to Rupert Murdoch. NWO +1!!!1!eleven
  8. "Words are like bullets...!" Bullets kill people, right?
  9. Another awesome show this week. Jill (can I call you Jill? lol), I hope your auditions went well...and Zircon, I gotta say I love your WiP; I only wish I could contribute some sugguestions. hmmm...working on that one...it's totally awesome that you guys recorded the show together during a hurricane! Something tells me this one's going down in VGDJ lore... VGDJ ftw!
  10. The intro makes me think of that Gieco commercal where the Gecko does the robot.
  11. Thank you so much, David, for all the work and everything you've put into OCR over the last five years. Although I'm probably not that important around here, I've noetheless come to consider OCR my home-away-from-home of sorts. It's an amazing site with an equally amazing (though quarky) community, and I'm proud to call myself a part of it. As for the mix, I absolutly LOVE the overall groove, and the sax/gutiar gave me chills -- litterally. I found the piano section at 1'38 interesting...perhaps somewhat out-of-place given the overall feel of this remix. However, at 2'45 the piano comes back and flows perfectly. The smooth sax ending is the perfect ending to a near-perfect piece...one of your best. Here's to five more -- and then some.
  12. 2nd post...w00t! I LOVE the beat layered with the synth pads here, and the little dropout at 2'43 is just sweet. This remix flows together so well, it's hard to believe it's a colaberation...nice work, guys! 9.8/10
  13. Wow. The tone of this Remix seems to be indicitive of its reaction here on this msg board. Sort of an "underdog finally makes it" thing. I too am very happy for you, Blake. It's apparent that you worked long and hard to produce the best final product possible, and succeeded with flying colors...you should be proud. This is, quite possibly, the most emotive and emotional remix I've heard in a long time. It moved me, and I'm not just saying that. The oboe section at 2'03 almost made me cry...brilliant. I'm a sucker for good orchestral, but this is several noches above "good." This is truely great. I can't wait to hear more from you in the future. You have a new fan.
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