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  1. I HATE every 13 yr old Paladin who waits until I'm deep in a fight with an ogre, then attacks, I turn to him and get him to 1/10 life no problem, full shield heal, and kills me. Yeah yeah, everyone whines about pvp, but come on. Unbeatable. At least let me be able to shield bash interrupt pw:s.
  2. Very cool beginning, with the hammered chords and bass beat. Overall a quality piece; well done!
  3. NICE It's been awhile since I've listened to your stuff dhsu, and this is a perfect reminder of excellent talent. The title r0x0rs, by the way:)
  4. Nicely put together piece. It's a chill beat but it keeps flowing very well. Keep up the good work and hope to see more!
  5. Beautiful! Great! The harpsicord is a genius addition. And such a good name too, Vampire Hunter Dan...
  6. Very well done. The instruments are varied and they all compliment each other nicely. A good beat throughout keeps it moving. Great work, hope to hear more!
  7. Great chill piece. The stuttered voices work perfectly with a consistent bassline, and nice synths in the background (alternating with the voices) create a very nice vibe. Great work, hope to see more!
  8. Very quality piece here. As people have said, it may not impress at first but really grows on you after several listens. The final minute or so is great, very emotional and a great tie up for the piece as a whole.
  9. great transitions from orchestral to techno. can hardly tell it's happening, and it works very well.
  10. sweet bass, mixed with a low hip-hop drum beat...good chill piece from a very lesser known game.
  11. awesome piece right here. mellow and chill, leaves you wanting more. the combination of the piano, then the drums, then the guitar coming in work perfectly. seamless.
  12. one of my favorites. this track is amazing, and i can't get enough.
  13. the voice part in the key change/transition at 3:15 is awesome. very well done.
  14. as if there aren't enough praising comments on this piece... beautiful work.
  15. the more listens the better this one gets. at first i thought it was so so, and now i'm really liking it. quite a good job at making a simple, yet addictive mix.
  16. very cool...the choir voices mixed with the celtic sound is really sweet. creates a good sort of haunting mood.
  17. this is a piece that just creates such an awesome mood...just like 'ruined world (eternal derelict)' for ct did for me. awesome awesome stuff. much better than the original, in my opinion.
  18. awesome...great feel, i love all the orchestral instruments, and perfect title! keep up the good work
  19. awesome! sweet job on this one, it's definitely a crazy-sound-symphony. 1:53 is the best part with the delayed entrances. props!
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