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  1. So, new friend code for me! Stevo is now using the regular 3DS for Pokemon Y and mainly, Virtual Console games that came with the Ambassador certificate thingy. My new one: 2423-3212-6224
  2. I noticed that, in pretty much every route/region, there are rare encounters, and also pokemons harder to catch. Some may only need to be lowered to critical hp, some may need to be put to sleep or paralyzed, and you may even require to use a stronger pokeball on top of the status effect. For example, Absol is available on Route 8 outside the cave, but shows probably once every 8-10 minutes. I had to bring it to very low, put it to sleep and then use a great ball. I couldn't go without either the status or ball, she'd just pop right out of it. Same with Doduo on route 7. I really like this change
  3. So, anyone has, or knows someone with Pokemon Y that'd love a Mega Charizard X? I'd prefer getting Mega Charizard Y
  4. Yup! Stevo bought me Pokemon X. Just beaten the first gym too I picked the water type, as usual, and named him Shinobi <3 I could've sworn I shared my friend code before, but if not: 0559-6824-9255. Drop by and say hi!
  5. My schedule is on both my stream page and FB fan page for anyone wondering. I also have all the videos from the previous plays uploaded, for anyone wanting to watch teh terribelz.
  6. There is lingerie/sexy underwear for men. You just don't see stores in malls carrying only that stuff with swim suits and pajamas though. "What would people say if a man walked in one of those!" I never said lingerie is for men. I just said that a majority of men end up enjoying the product. There are some men that will buy such things for their partner to wear, or will go shopping with them for such items. I'm pretty sure there are same-gender couples enjoying lingerie and sexy underwear, but since the % of same-sex couples isn't nearly as high as the one for opposite-sex couples, they're a minority. We're not "flipping out", we just have a very different view on this than you.
  7. Basically what Annie Felis said. Big companies have a great opportunity to have an impact on society, because they reach a ton of people. IGN could have done the same, they could have shoved these stereotypes and clichés aside to show how they care about their readers more. But they didn't. They stuck to the same mentality that plagues a big part of the videogame community as a whole. We're getting rather off-topic now, though.
  8. Derrit, I didn't post any site. And it does matter, because this isn't just part 1 of a bigger campaign, it's the whole thing. They say it's a site for men and their banners are filled with awful stereotypes that hurt both genders. They could've done it easily without the gender biais. But the way they did it, it's basically like more or less subtly putting on a "no girls" sign up. Lingerie isn't something only women buy, even if it's for them to wear (which falls into something else about sexism in society, but that'd be for the PPR thread). It's also pieces of clothing they'll buy with their mate in mind, which is, in the majority of cases, male. That's how I find your suggestion offensive. It's also just falling for the same trap IGN did with that page. Why make such publicity when it could alienate part of it AND the demographic you're purposefully rejecting?
  9. 75%? I'd like to see where that number came from. Also gotta love your logic of women ads = lingerie. Really? It's just another case of "No Girls Allowed Club" circlejerking with that page. I personally don't like going to IGN because I find their reviews biaised. Not the place for me to see if a game is worth it or not.
  10. The article sounds like it's just a shitty excuse because their game is gonna be crap. Many of the article's comments are very depressing (sexist and borderline chauvinist for some).
  11. My my, someone's irritable tonight. "Evil sexist men"? c'mon... Tensei is right, this has nothing to do with the content of the video nor sexism in videogames. Stop derailing please. You can totally send her a message and ask for the info yourself.
  12. Malaki, along with these videos, she also writes and/or is features in magazines and gives conferences at conventions and such. This upcoming serie of videos is just one of the many tools she has been using to push the information out. It's not one of those things where someone makes this one video and then hopes it'll magically go viral.
  13. Stevo and I are married, despite Stevo's beard glamorous approach.
  14. The more, the better! As if MLK had been the first black person to voice his concern about the injustice black people faced in that time's society...
  15. Don't worry Ash, it's just Strader trying to troll by stirring shyte up. It doesn't bring anything new or relevant to the discussion. While this isn't a protagonist, but that chick that helps Gordon Freeman is a good example.
  16. What do you mean, could have been a launching point? This is part 1 of a 2-part video in a serie of 12. She mentions that it's the first part in her video. I have no idea why anyone would think that's all she could've found to say about the subject, or on sexism in videogames. The way she addresses the issue, I thought it was safe to assume that her target audience is primarily people living in our western culture/society. Edit: We were referring to underaged female characters that are depicted sexually in the same manner than fully grown women. It's not because they're fictional that it makes it ok. And Japan is much more overtly discriminatory in general when you look at their works of fiction than North America.
  17. Yeah, hence the ridiculous outfit mention. Doesn't help that a good amount of them are aged between 14 to 19. Dat loli. ... Ewuhuhuhuhuhu *shudders*
  18. Recette by herself could be questionable. She's a bit of a ditz and requires a lot of help from Tear at the beginning. She does end up becoming a good shopkeeper though and I did like the character development. Arche, from Fortune Summoners (same indie devs) would be, imho, a stronger example. Prier from La Pucelle Tactics(or many of NIS and Atlus female characters) are generally well-developped (good amount of depth to them), but most of the time their outfits are ridiculous.
  19. Guys, don't derail the thread please. It has already been split, the latent/learned sexism topic included, in here. Stick to videogames and Sarkeesian's video/upcoming serie, please? Edit: Terra's character can be seen as a bit problematic because of the beginning, although it isn't THE goal of Locke to save her. She does end up having to rely on him to finally be in control of herself again. Although in that case, it could have been anyone saving her. You can't quite claim any sort of objectification since it happened in the prologue/beginning of the game, and she's part of a good chunk of the player's experience with the game. Personally, it's a bit of a stretch to claim so.
  20. Many examples (and until recently, Lara Croft) are still portrayed in a way that only flatters them for the men to enjoy. Barely covered legs and boobs big enough to show the cleavage (dat boob crack) from the partly zipped coat or whatever they're wearing. I concede that we can't just wrap every female character in a dozen layers, but as of now even the strongest (mentally or physically) and deepest characters are too often subjected to this. The protagonist from Perfect Dark maybe since she has a reason to/function for wearing that skin-tight suit (spy/infiltration). I wanted to say Cypher/Sypha Belnades (one of the playable characters from Castlevania 3), but her costume in Castlevania Judgement is... urgh. Edit: Actually, funny thing is Commander Shepard is unintentionally a good example. The gender option where you could have either male or female Shepard was added later, and the devs, either out of laziness or lack of time, didn't change any of the cameras in-game. Shepard isn't presented differently based on the gender, unlike other characters in the serie.
  21. You have to first talk about the subject to be able to come up with a solution; however, you eventually need to come up with potential solutions with said conversation. I agree that presenting a solution before you even explain the problem is backwards. Continuously giving your PoV without offering alternatives isn't constructive though. Edit: we can safely assume that part 2 of Sarkeesian's video on DiD will bring such thing to the table as part of the conclusion, if not being treated beforehand, while she gives examples of how to avoid/go beyond the trope.
  22. The game is awfully sexist, as Peach's powers/skills in this game end up being a pitiful caricature of a woman PMSing (how one apparently goes from crying because the butter's too soft to yelling and throwing shit in a matter of seconds). It is degrading because it paints Peach as barely able to control her emotions and overwhelming anything around her with them... I'd develop more but I apparently really have to go out for a while. I'll come back to this.
  23. Super Princess Peach? You're joking right? That game's even worse than just having a DiD trope. SMRPG is, yes, about as much on the same page a TTYD, you have to save her first though, even though she can apparently kick quite some ass once she's in your party. She's still relegated to the support role if you look at her spells and ends up with a frying pan as one of her weapons (granted it's hilarious when you crit with it, but still).
  24. Or they could've done it just like in Gemini Jet Force, or like the more commonly known Sonic Adventures serie, where different characters take their own path to work towards a common goal. I'm not sure why it took Nintendo so long, but I'm glad they finally broke from the trope in Paper Mario TTYD. For those who don't remember or never played, while she's once again kidnapped, she actively tries to help Mario on his journey and attempts escaping by herself. She unfortunately falls into the trope in the end when she becomes possessed and has to rely on Mario to be saved. That was sadly just a single instance, they haven't shown much imagination since
  25. Bump! Totally worth a listen if any of you haven't yet, guys :3 Love ya ph4t beatz, Suzu!
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