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  1. Yep you did! If you can't think of any examples, just look at Japan's games. They're full of effeminate male characters. That might be one of the reasons why I don't play JRPGs as much anymore. :B Man, this thread as gone far from discussing videogames...
  2. Actually, I do all the friggin' time. It irks me even more as a graphic designer, because I can see all the subtle and less subtle ways some of these ads use to appeal to their clients. This would fall into an entirely different aspect of how women are portrayed in our society and how she's raised from the very start to aspire to this "feminine ideal" to any extent. I don't think there's a single woman in North America that hasn't been conditioned at all to fall into the mold. Same exact thing with men. But let's keep this can of worms for PPR, yes? For men, there are plenty of examples. Many will be found in games where you require to use your brain and not just mindlessly slach your way through (puzzles, platformers, etc.). As for real life, I've met my share over the years. What's the point???
  3. That's an example of what the male power fantasy is. Basically it's a (rather exaggerated, most of the times) vision or version of what the average male player would like to be, what he'd be able to do in his ideal world, etc. It doesn't explicitly means that if you play as Dante from DMC that you'd like to become a demon or believe you're one. This blog post explains it in much better terms than I can manage, mainly the part "But men are all super-buff, [...]" I like their bingo card.(although it refers to a larger group of nerds instead of just gamers). While some of them sound quite silly, there are quite a few that I've heard before on other forums, when people were asking devs to create new characters, skins or armor sets.
  4. I used to think everyone had a minimum of common sense. Boy was I wrong... Also, when you work on such a big topic (all the different tropes affecting female vg characters), you gotta start with your weakest argument. At least, that's how it was taught to me. For whoever said many women find Bayonetta a good female character, I'm ready to bet it's because there's pratically no other female options in the genre. The only other ones I can think of are that chick from DMC2 (urgh) or Nightshade from the PS2 (similar objectification of the character sexually than Bayonetta). As for the twitter post saying that a woman came up with the idea, there's a possibility that it's been unconsciously for her to be accepted by her peers/coworkers (probably a majority of males). The post basically says the equivalent of "I'm not racist, I got black friends". A woman may have come up with the biggest boob size for Powergirl, but that doesn't make it any less degrading. It's a known by many from the comic community that the artists kept one upping each other on who would be able to give her the biggest boobs before someone told 'em to quit it. Also, <3 you Mono! EDIT: Actually, people have.
  5. Here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVgjdeX9ejs
  6. That's EXACTLY my problem though. She's able to escape Ganon for 7 friggin' years, and all of a sudden she goes "Ohai I'm Zelda btw" which ends up getting her captured. She has the intelligence (and Impa's) to stay safe for this long. Why the hell did the Nintendo team who worked on this decided to make her get captured. It's frustrating as all f**ks. And before any of you try to justify why, I just have to say this: they could've easily changed the story so she wouldn't have been caught yet could've been there to help you during the final battle.
  7. She can't just mention every single DiD instances of videogames though, there's a limit. I believe the ones she mentionned are some of the most well-known for the majority of gamers. Almost every gamer known at least what the story of those 2 series boils down to. Yes Zelda isn't as much of a culprit, like Anita said, but she still suffers from it greatly. OoT and WW are perfect examples. As soon as she revealed herself to the hero, she was basically back to the old "derp derp I can't do shit need help pl0x" bullshit formula. As a woman, while I can still enjoy games for their gameplay and/or complexity, I'm seriously tired of those clichés that appeal to men first and foremost. Girls playing game back in the 80's and 90's (and even today, for some series/companies) was just an unexpected bonus. I kept playing because I enjoyed the gameplay, like many people, but I can't tell you how many times I got exasperated at the ending or at the shallow story/plot. Constant cockblock to my fun, I hated and still hate it. For those who're complaining that she's been mainly mentioning/"accusing" Nintendo series: they did do a good job with the Pokemon serie in terms of gender neutrality, albeit unintentionally at first. BTW, if I recall, Pac-Man wasn't aimed at women, it was Ms.Pac-Man. They simply slapped a big ribbon on the original sprite and thought along the line of "well that oughta get girls who go to laundromats play our game!"
  8. Why thank you! Also happy bday to those 2 n00bs, I guess.
  9. Bah, ever noticed how the majority of RPers Horde side are all friggin' Blood Elves? How boring is that? Why stick to the pretty barbie character all the time? I'm still not gonna play the xpac before the end of the year (wedding dress and immigration fees > WoW) but it's been looking more interesting overall than before, like Gecko said. I'm also a bit concerned about the social aspect of the game, as it's harder for new people to make new friends in general, before getting close to end-game (even then). It also makes it harder for RP servers, where you really have to find a guild or have friends to RP with, instead of something more spontaneous. Also, if they could finally update the old race models (troll and tauren pl0x)!
  10. I think it's the blue they used. And I felt like he had a familiar face, but I couldn't put my finger on it. More updates recently on the gameplay and combat system. Seems like it's gonna be free roaming but turn-based in fights. The latter doesn't seem quite clear if it'll be like the FF serie, grid-based like Might & Magic or something grid-less like Grandia, Legend of Legaia or Shadow Hearts. I was kind of expecting a non turn-based system, I have to admit. That's why I mentionned Baldur's Gate in my first post (or I guess Dragon Age would work too and probably be a better example anyway, oops >_>; ... )
  11. Loot Drop added more in the lore/backstory of the game in an update, as I previously mentionned. They regrouped it all in this post and added the first concept art of game 1's protagonist along with a few paragraphs on what the Shaker company is. Rawr!
  12. Oh my, Disgaea. I think I have almost 150H accumulated only for the first game. The humor and writing were pretty good and refreshing from your average JRPG. I think I finished the game twice, then started the cave of Trials and stopped after a while, I got bored of grinding for the next map (Laharl is in the lv400's if I recall). Disgaea 2 was also enjoyable, but I didn't spend as much time. I really enjoyed the Dark Sun challenge a lot more than Cave of Trials or the Item world (hated the latter). Then there's FFT, the Fire Emblem games on GBA, Suikoden Tactics and more recently Pokemon Conquest, ... I'm fine with grinding when there's something to distract you from it (that's how I ended up with 8 lv 80 characters in WoW during LK and over 20 at lv60+ during Cata). But enough StratRPGs, I wanna go back to regular RPG, something that doesn't have to be a roguelike for me to get all the promising stuff from this kickstarter. Speaking of, apparently they updated the info with some sort of prologue("Setting and Story") to their game. Sci-fi turn medieval type of twist it seems. Edit: also there's a setup/prologue for the possible 2nd game, if they hit the mark. Just saw it as I scrolled down.
  13. Oh yes, the old Might and Magic games. Totally forgot about those. I'd love to see a more recent version/incarnation of games like these, and thought many would be interested in at least following the developpement on this one. Inquisitor looks interesting, but I'm not gonna spend any money on games before next year after getting Pokemon Conquest, Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. I could swear I've seen it on Steam Greenlight btw.
  14. Where can I apply for this University? ... What do you mean, it doesn't exist...?
  15. I'm talking D&D/pen and paper old school, darlin' <3
  16. It's a pleasantly good album. WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO DAMN LONG TO BRING IT UP DAMMIT?!! Seriously, go make more.
  17. Oh, whoa, haven't posted in ages! Sup ladies Tom Hall and Brenda Brathwaite have started today a kickstarter to bring us RPG lovers a old school type of game, complete with stats, character alignements and actions that affect your story. It's simply called Old School RPG and is worth at least skimming through. I don't know about you guys, but I'd love me some more Baldur's Gate-esque games around. Or Dragon Age, although you couldn't really create your party from scratch, only your main character. With the possiblity of even getting a 2nd game if they gather enough money and a pen and paper option for whoever pays $60 and up, this is a very sweet deal. Loot Drop (the developping team) has already announced that this will be a DRM-free game too. Whatcha think, sounds interesting? I'm planning on backing 'em up. I can't see how they could go wrong with this. I wish I could become a NPC or a place I don't really have that kind of money though.
  18. Vilecat

    Diablo III

    Ghey And yes, once you're in Act2, those friggin mosquito/wasps are a pain to bullet dodge. Also, it really feels like you're fighting hordes of demons instead of "kill 3-5, run around for almost a minute, kill 4-5, etc.". Although at times I've been guilty of running head first with my barbarian into a group without caring and ending up dead because there were also champions in there. Getting up to 14 mobs killed in a single blow or 50ish mobs killed in one fight is totally worth it, and truly satisfying. Gotta say, the difficulty ramps up nicely. As for the streamlining "problem", it's simply that they offer more quests per act vs D2. In D2, some of the acts ended up with half their quests being optional and more or less irrelevent to the main story (Jade bird for example). There are a lot of sidequests if you decide to explore. I'm still on Normal, so I can't say for the main quests if you have to do them all again or if you can skip certain ones (like how you could with the Horadric Cube) and such. Tensei got it right with the skills and all, they did a good job at it. I think between lv10-15 is where you start unlocking enough options to make that character your own. And yes while there'll ofc be certain builds that are stronger than others, the way the skills work lets all builds be viable and quite close to said optimal builds in efficiency. BTW my battletag is Vilecat#1870 if anyone wants to add me
  19. Vilecat

    Diablo III

    At least the problems they encountered during the stress test weekend didn't happen again. Or whenever a new patch would be launched during Lich King on WoW. You'd be spending 2-3 days without being able to play for sure, then til the week after before it was somewhat decent. At best. The fact that the servers have been stabilized a bit less than 24h after launch is quite something, considering the amount of people playing right now. Edit: I REALLY hope I didn't speak too fast.
  20. Didn't he said that 6-7 years ago though? And why do you have to be a party pooper?
  21. They are, and it makes me wish I could play the game on/with Dolphin. The game already looks and feels great (took a break as I just stepped in the first temple/dungeon/whatchamacallit) and I also do like the changes to the controls they made. Most notably the spinslash: no need to shake the wiimote like a maniac to maybe have it happen on the first try. The shield raise/bump is nice too. Whole thing does feel linear (with the usual collectible items/hearts to sidetrack you) but the story has a nice flow up to now. The music adds to the ambiance very well too, I love it. Took about 5 mins to really get used to the flying controls sensitivity(I blame it on playing so much HotD:Overkill), but it's pretty nifty. Seems like it's one of the rare games where the motion control isn't fidgety. My wrist hurts though right now
  22. Will be able to tell you either tonight or tomorrow. Sleep schedule is rather messed up today, brain's on zombie mode still. Arrow might have started playing since he got home yesterday.
  23. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/legacy-skin-project-begins-november-25th They're retiring some of the oldest skins for better ones apparently. Also Vlad animation revamp inc with new skin (already in the shop). Seems like they're gonna make the blob of blood less retarded, judging by the video
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