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  1. From the e-mail when I signed up a few days ago: "You'll be pleased as punch to know that you are beta tester #: 7369"
  2. I never gave a rat's ass about scores and metacritics and all that jazz. If the game appeals to me, I'll play a demo or rent it. If it looks both appealing and people are telling me it's worth buying, I might just skip the demo/rent part (if I currently have the money to spend on games). Stevo preordered it for me almost 2 months ago and I'll get to try it in 3-4 days. I haven't really read about it, just enough to make me interested in seeing what's it gonna be this time. My only gripe is how you sadly can't pick right or left-handed motions before starting a game. I'm a righty but have many left-handed friends and I understand their frustration. As for graphics: this is a retarded subject to argue about. I recall WW making many Zelda fans squirm and whine at first, but they shut up a few months after release and actually loved the game. SS in 3 days, yay!
  3. How's Fizz btw? I haven't bought him since he doesn't look like my type of character much (I'm either not great with gankers or I just get fail teams. Or both). Still enjoying Vlad, Tryn and Shyvana. I haven't played Maokai since the buffs/nerfs patch.
  4. Nostalgic fans of the NES era, rejoice! For apparently 6 years now 3 dudes have been working on a game called Abobo's Big Adventure. I suggest watching both the trailer from the site and demo gameplay vids on Youtube. You can also give them your e-mail for beta testing. This is the bestest since SoR:Remake <3
  5. Cake? Cake!! Yay cake!!! Thanks guys :3 and yes, Stevo's gonna pamper me all night. On this, I need to go get pretty! Edit: nope haven't recieved anything yet. Apparently Stevo forgot to get the mail so it might be why...
  6. I don't wanna touch any of the new GTA, they're so off and serious vs what they used to be. Saints Row 3 comes out a day after my b-day, and just with the character creation out right now, I'm having fun, just with the Female 2 voice for example: (with audible russian accent) "When I was a kid, my dad made me fight with the dog for food". If the game is anything like the 2nd, it'll be perfect. I heard GTA 5 will have a golf simulator. What...
  7. I forgot if she's AD or AP, but building her partly like Akali, Yi or Tryn would surely work well. I've been trying Graves since he's free this week. I sometimes wish his E was like Cait: auto-tumbles in the cursor's direction instead of an arrow.
  8. Shadow Lairs just got released. Sounds like the Ubers in Diablo II. It just sucks that the only way to get a key outside of the AH is with lockboxes. Which means buying keys with real money. I'd have preferred if it were more skill than luck-related =/
  9. Will most proly get a sealed sword, I don't see myself do any games for krogma coins any time soon.
  10. I don't have a 3rd slot but almost always run with Stevo. Lately he's been using Vile Striker + Pulsar(4* shock).I've been using my bomb more often with arenas and small places with many monsters but it's not always useful. I don't have problems with my sword swinging slowly, unless people push attacking mobs on me (momentum between the 2nd swing and shield up is a pain sometimes). Currently using Khorovod + Master Blast bomb, but I also have Ascended Calibur, Strike Needle and Pulsar (3* non-elem, not crafted yet). I wear the Virulisk set and Heavy Plate shield, otherwise I still don't have the 4* recipes for my angelic set.
  11. You so silly Negima <3 Stevo and I are still playing about once a day, to get our equipment leveled and all. I'm still having some trouble using bombs and I can't decide whether I wanna stick to slow sword + gun (like pulsar or blaster) or slow + reg/fast sword.
  12. Will most probably go by bus to Montreal then take the train all the way to Baltimore again this year (about 175$ all-around for the train Mtl-Balt). This time though I'm not traveling by myself: finally convinced friends to see what MAGFest's all about I'll get to stay a good while after the whole thing too!
  13. Vilecat

    Dark Souls

    Bought it, didn't get to play very long since my parents were here for their vacation. Also I couldn't get online then since there was a software update and I really wanted to try the game. I find the unusual hack 'n slash controls to be more frustrating than the game itself. I almost always found myself dying because at some point I'd try to use the X and O instead of R1/2 and L1. Once I finally get used to the controls, I'll proly stop having problems with unwanted chaining actions too. Starting with the naked hobo was probably not the best idea either. I'm still enough of a masochist to start over once I'm not so sick anymore.
  14. Hm, going x2 or x3 Doran's blade sounds decent if I can't get that B.sword thing yeah. I was doing zerker greaves at least since I thought tanky boots was a bit silly unless in certain situations, and I'd prefer getting the tenacity from another item instead, IF I need it. I was rushing zeal blades first but I'll try that instead, sounds like a better option.
  15. That's why I love playing Maokai. at least 3 pts asap in E and you'll do enough damage to even kill the caster creeps even if you land your seedling on them (since it does dmg on landing then when exploding). Until now it's been the only hero I own that I've been able to hold a lane 2v1 with. Except against Riven. Riven is stupid OP x( Been playing Ashe a lot in bot games recently since I bought her, trying to figure out what items suit her and how to play her decently (what to max first, etc). And since I'm almost lv17 already, I made a smurf account >_>;
  16. Almost sure that it's Singed. Riven bundles are offered (almost 2k RP for the hero+ skins) too. As for Rise of Immortal, it's like a dumber version of LoL. Not sure what to think of the lobby thing (kind of ok I guess but you gotta pick your hero first THEN queue) but the rest would just need tweaking to be decent (melee pathing, graphic quality issues when resizing, etc). Although the shop in game is completely WTF.
  17. Female Gragas would be both terrifying and rofltastic. Do want. Shen is a flippin' ninja, that's the onlre reason why he isn't buffed from head to toe. Isn't it the same with Yi? Shaco and Wukong imo aren't considered human.
  18. Final Sacrifice, Pumaman and Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders are awesome. The latter would have traumatized me as a child with the friggin monkey. "Remember to believe in magic, or I'll kill you."
  19. Out of the 3 bundles that can be bought, which one should I consider getting? I don't have a favorite role or hero type really.
  20. TWEWY is one of the games where the stylus is well exploited. Another Squenix game with little recognition, but an interesting story and gameplay. And once you finished the game there's a New Game+ option with extra hidden challenges to unlock an extra boss/ending (if i recall).I also second Bowser's Inside Story. I has chortles! I did enjoy the first FFCC (Ring of fates) even if I got stuck once or twice during the last 2 dungeons. Pokemon is always a good timesink, and both Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and White/Black are enjoyable. Zelda Minish Cap is another good game for the list. I haven't played very long, but Avalon Code is an interesting RPG. Real-time fights just like Zelda or Secret of Mana, but you can "scan" people and enemies to make them stronger or weaker (and/or making your weapons stronger or weaker). It can be a bit hard at first with the whole scanning part. Also Phantasy Star 0 has been suggested to me countless times. I just haven't gotten around to start playing it yet, since I already got so many other games to finish.
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