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  1. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuu
  2. Fine, don't make soulful music. My point still stands though.
  3. Vilekitty, apparently Vilecat was already used. I'm about to hit 12 finally. Stevo is IWasTheCastle BTW: have you guys ever made a channel for OCR peeps?
  4. Ouch for her left leg. And with that glove + bracer, she-Gauntlet? BTW game anyone? HoN and LoL are so empty of people
  5. Yeah we're playing once every 3 days on average. All 3star equip and gathering our 4star recipes and whatnot. We can proly craft 1-2 star equip for some people, or run through tier1 to 7 with more peeps since we like the easymoney and heat. It scales with the amount of tiers you're travelling through it seems, more than per tier: on average we get more money and heat at the end of a run from lv1 to the manor than manor to the first crossroad
  6. That doesn't really make sense. Many people may like a game while others can't stand it. No matter what, somewhere, someone won't enjoy X and there's an infinite list of possible reasons. Remixing to please the majority is kind of being like an attention whore. ----- I'd say people shouldn't refuse to remix X or Y game because it's popular. Trying to focus on hidden gems once in a while instead is a good idea though. In terms of popular games not getting much recognition, the Pokemon serie is a good example, as is the side-serie FF games (FFT, FFCC, etc.) and Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamer (vs CT). While I personnally am saddened when I heard this, not remixing certain games because you never played them (no emotional attachement) can be a valid answer to me. It just might not make you feel involved as much in your remix and that just ends up being more frustrating than enjoyable.
  7. After Stevo getting frustrated when playing HoN, I accepted to teach him how to play DoTa-style games with LoL. He's ben doing ok, he just needs to play more. And eventually play someone else than Soraka. Been having fun as Akali and Karma, although the latter is enjoyable only if you have a decent nuker or carry to follow around for ganks during a good portion of the game. I'm a bit disapppointed in Vlad, as he seems to require quite the farming to be truly effective (without getting shat on), unlike some other heroes
  8. Wow, aren't you the biggest a-hole by just thinking this. And it's not like you're white as snow either.
  9. How hard is it to get it? THE PROBLEM IS MAKING THIS PUBLIC IN THE FIRST PLACE! GTFO this thread and take it to a private channel, that's how civilized people do it. Otherwise you get a bunch of random people chiming in when it's not their business. Moar DKC3 now pl0x
  10. Stevo says: Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqah1rucyRg Cover: Both are fucking awesome, but I'm much more a fan of the cover.
  11. I'm pleasantly surprised this thread has been revived. Level 99 and I have been trying to find more obscure/NSN game soundtracks since I last posted in here. The most recent we found was a Capcom game for the NES called Mighty Final Fight. Some songs sound very Megaman-ish, and it starts with one very kickass .Wolfchild for the Genesis is now one of our favorite game soundtracks. The Wolfship with its nicely programmed whammy bar for the guitar made it an instant favorite. The soundtrack of the different ports are nowhere as good than the Genesis version. Wonderboy II and III for the Sega Master System had very catchy songs. Terminator for the Genesis had some very nice tracks, namely Holocaust. There's also a Sega CD version of this game, but I haven't gotten around to listening to the soundtrack. T2: The Arcade Game for Genesis had better music imo than the SNES version. Speaking of arcade games, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs had a sweet arcade-only game made by Capcom with a lot of energetic music. , and are just a few of the songs from the OST.Back to the Genesis, Mega Bomberman had a few good songs, namely and .Last game for this post: Baten Kaitos. This game has some of the best and worst things you could find in a game. Fortunately the music (by Motoi Sakuraba) is part of the former category, with songs like , (Guilty Gear-esque), and .Enjoy!
  12. I can't say what exactly but this mix is missing something.
  13. Except for the harp reverbing all over the place, this is good.
  14. OMG Deia, your sig at some point was in sync with the song. It's hypnotizing OoO
  15. I still love this song, it always makes me smile
  16. I always liked the bass of this song, makes my head bob each time. Lead synth is nice too. Drums are a bit dry though, they could use some WD-40.
  17. Why thank you darling! Someone has to do all the job here, no? <3
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