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  1. That's exactly what happened to me. I sent it in to Nintendo, and they sent me a brand new system within five days. Just be sure to keep the little thing that plugs into the GBA slot when you do.
  2. Once I get back to school (tomorrow, yes!) I am forcing my buddies to play Melee with me. I want to try out some of these tricks. Oh, and I main as Fox and Roy, occasionally as Marth, and rarely as Captain Falcon.
  3. Trauma Center is pretty great. I've been playing it all day.
  4. Nice find. This looks like it is going to be excellent.
  5. The game gets WAY better, trust me. Seriously. Each case tops the one before it.
  6. Luminous Arc looks fantastic. So much so that I actually registered on the Atlus forums and posted in the requests thread. I'm so happy I got my Lite back from Nintendo Customer Service. Now I can buy Trauma Center.
  7. Phoenix Wright new for $34.95. http://www.toysnjoys.com/ds_p.html Awesome. Thank you much.
  8. I've looked all over, both in my area and online. No luck. I figure ebay is my best bet.
  9. I'm contemplating buying a copy of Phoenix Wright off ebay. Do you guys think it merits my $50?
  10. I'm itching for a new DS game. I've pretty much narrowed it down to Metroid Prime: Hunters or Animal Crossing. They've both got advantages and drawbacks, but I can't really decide. Can somebody give me a couple good reasons to choose one over the other?
  11. I heard they were, but there was no mention of a time frame. Then again, I may be wrong and it's nothing but wishful thinking.
  12. Bigfoot, where did you buy those game cases? I want them.
  13. I want to wish you luck, Arek, and to everybody else involved in the project as well. I've wanted some more Kirby since I finished Canvas Curse. This will do nicely.
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