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  1. I can't understand how these people can pull off shoryukens instantly, unless they practice for hours on end.
  2. He'll probably explain himself in the next few days, since there seem to be a lot of game mode updates recently.
  3. Your avatar reminds me that there needs to be a Meteos assist trophy.
  4. There are worse playable additions than Krystal. Like, as has already been mentioned, Slippy. A staff user would be neat, but I think I would prefer a female Fire Emblem character. And Midna had better be in this game in some way. Best Legend of Zelda character in any of the games, by far.
  5. I just shat my pants from the sheer awesomeness of this idea.
  6. Yeah, it's blue and yellow, as opposed to blue and red/brown. I am so looking forward to PictoChat. I hope they have the Everybody Votes channel music on there too.
  7. Consider this bought. I'm getting flashbacks to the first time I played Chrono Trigger.
  8. I watched the movie all the time when I was a kid, read the book later, and saw the movie again recently. I really liked both, especially the book. Never saw the TV series, though. I have to say that even after all this time, the movie was still freaky and violent as hell, and not just a distorted childhood memory.
  9. I'm glad the individual character entrances at the beginning of a match are back.
  10. Paper Mario - NO A controversial decision, probably, but everything in Paper Mario is trumped by its sequel, which I would consider a must-have. The writing, graphics, battle system, and sound are all decent, but none are memorable. Thousand Year Door takes everything here and improves upon it markedly, rendering owning this game redundant.
  11. I like the Japanese site-only Kirby song. Very Katamari-ish.
  12. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn I love this game. In an era of awesome PC RPGs, this one stands out from the rest. As a D&D RPG, in has actual role-playing unlike the majority of current "RPGs". The decisions you make have actual consequences, like which NPCs you'll be able to recruit into your party. Start acting like a dick with your goodie-two-shoes party halfway through the game and your party members will ditch you. In some cases, they'll even try to kill you. If you decide to woo one of the female members of your party, you can inspire catfights. The character interaction is phenom
  13. I bet the world map is going to be huge. Since you don't need to run through the story mode with every single character like in past games (because you pick up different characters through multiple paths) they don't really need to limit the length that much. This is going to be so epic.
  14. I'm glad to see Snake's punch-punch-kick combo again. Classic. He looks like he'll be a blast to play. I am curious as to how those conversations get implemented during a fight.
  15. I am stuck at the end of August while my PS2 is unavailable. Sweet game, though. It exudes style and can be really hilarious at times.
  16. I don't know why, but I was remembering some of the made-up custom games my cousins and I would play in the original Smash. One involved playing on Sector Z, with beam sword being the only item and set to spawn very low. We would fight normally until a beam sword spawned, and then the goal was to hold on to it until an Arwing showed up and ride it off the screen (thus securing the alien technology from falling into the wrong hands), while everyone else prevented that from happening. Doing so would net the player 3 (or perhaps 5) points, which we would manually add to the point totals after the
  17. You should be cheering for Volke. > just kidding i like soren too
  18. I'm just glad Lyn is in at all. This gives me hope for Hector. Assist trophy, playable character, whatever. I want an axe-user in the game.
  19. My excitement just went up two or three notches. It was pretty high to begin with, but now I think I'm in actual danger of having a stroke. This is awesome.
  20. On a related note, the soundtrack comes out in mid-September.
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