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  1. Gave Books for my Mom, Dad, and niece (tailored to their interests) $25 steakhouse gift card to older brother and sister-in-law $15 dollar Borders card to other older brother $15 cash to other niece Stuffed polar bear for young nephew Contributed $10 for Resistance 2 for other nephew Set of Christmas drinking glasses for sister-in-law Recieved Bamboo tablet Valkyria Chronicles Chrono Trigger DS Several books A couple nice shirts A bunch of gift cards A bottle of vodka and apple martini mix (from my Mom, no less) All in all, it was a pretty damn good Christmas. I doubly appreciate it because until the day before Christmas Eve we had been without electricity for two weeks, due to a freak ice storm that knocked over trees, power lines, and telephone poles all over town.
  2. Stay far away from Ace Combat X. Compared to the console entries, it just feels like a cheap knockoff.
  3. This is the only game I am going to need for MONTHS. Awesome.
  4. Arc the Lad Collection - I figured, hey, I pretty much like every tactics game I've ever played, this was the first one on PS1, and I get all three in the series! How can I go wrong? Oh, yeah, the developers forgot to program in any FUN. Eternal Sonata - Previews and reviews made it out be the first great 360 JRPG, but apparently they were using a special scale that applies only to retarded six year olds. While pretty and nice to listen to, the repetitive, unchallenging battle system and lack of any coherent story made it a chore to play through.
  5. Another Soundscape, consider returning Eternal Sonata (assuming you still can). While the game is quite pretty and has a nice soundtrack, that's all it has going for it. The battle system gets extremely repetitive and lacks any sort of challenge, the game is linear to a fault, and the plot degenerates into a hopeless mess that is downright insulting in its lack of quality.
  6. The entire piss scene was hilarious. Also: "You're supposed to hit her!" "Damn right I'm gonna hit that!"
  7. Holy shit, there's a tournament in Worcester. I live fucking 15 minutes away from it. DESTINY.
  8. Baleshadow

    Sony PS3

    Well, it seems my PS3 just died. Turning it on yields no picture, no startup sound, and trying to turn it off via the button on the front does nothing, only producing a series of three beeps. Weird, as it worked perfectly fine on Friday. Luckily, I still have two weeks on the manufacturer's warranty. And if Sony customer service gives me the runaround (as I suspect they might) I still have a full product replacement plan at Best Buy. Bah.
  9. Interestingly, Zero Suit Samus does speak during her taunts.
  10. I picked up No More Heroes yesterday. So far I've done the first two ranking missions. I hope the game gets better, because right now I'm not enjoying it very much at all.
  11. Are you trying to be funny, or are you just an insensitive asshat? I'm having difficulty deciding. Rest in peace, Heath.
  12. Baleshadow


    I was worried that the were going to screw up Trinity Soul in some manner, but it definitely has that Persona vibe. Also, when they said it was "related" to Persona 3, I assumed they just meant "inspired by." I was pleasantly surprised when they reference the events in the game (also by the music cameos). About the only thing I don't like about it is that the Personas are translucent. For some reason that bugs the hell out of me.
  13. I'm liking the show quite a bit so far. The alternate timeline notion appeals to me, because Terminator 3 just seemed to be lacking compared to the first two. I hope someone gets hit by a vehicle in every episode.
  14. I almost turned it off after the retarded intro, but I'm glad I kept watching. It was decent.
  15. This is somewhat encouraging. Here's to hoping it can be incorporated into Brawl.
  16. It would have been neat if the racers were selected randomly from those characters not in the current Brawl. Anyway, I'm in favor of this stage.
  17. In the screenshot of Fox you get a really good look at his gun. It looks pretty badass.
  18. Quoted for emphasis. There is such a thing as taking a hobby too far.
  19. Ike's taunt is pretty badass.
  20. I'm sure Nintendo could figure something out, like putting it on the WiiWare channel, maybe.
  21. Putting all this effort and focus on Lucas makes me more hopeful for a Mother 3 release on VC.
  22. I want a version of Comrades from The Sacred Stones as one of the Fire Emblem music choices. That is probably one of my favorite FE songs.
  23. I'm not disputing that. I'm talking about going to do a punch or a kick, and then they instantly shoryuken the outstretched limb. I wasn't referring to anything specific in the video, just my own experiences on XBLA.
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