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  1. I was looking forward to this, until I played the demo. Killed any desire I might have had to get it. Eternal Sonata, on the other hand, I want NOW.
  2. Isaac would be epic. Earth-themed moves sounds pretty nifty to me. Also, it could raise interest for a future Wii-bound Golden Sun.
  3. This game is great. Although now that I have the camera I tend to get shot a lot more.
  4. Do you realize how much of a conceited ass you are being?
  5. Snake will probably fit into Subspace Emissary easily. He is, after all, a character that comes from a more-or-less sci-fi setting, and we've got plenty of those in Samus, Fox, and Falcon (who I think is almost certainly returning). He won't be out of place at all.
  6. The Ancient Minister kinda reminded me of someone, but it took a while for me to realize just who he resembled. Now, I'm not saying the Minister is Fawful (or that I even THINK he is Fawful), I'm just commenting on a slight resemblance. But damn it, now I want Fawful in the game somehow. He was awesome. I HAVE FURY
  7. We don't know how long the scrolling will last. It could stay there for a few seconds, or it could just be a relatively quick back and forth movement. There's no way to tell the extent of the effect from screenshots.
  8. I just played the Bioshock demo today. I was going to wait a month and simply get it for my birthday, but now I want it as soon as humanly possible. It's going to be amazing.
  9. Unless in the next couple months Nintendo somehow decides to release a localized Mother 3 on the Virtual Console. I'm not holding my breath in the slightest, but that would be pretty amazing. Either way, I'm excited about the inclusion of the Franklin Badge. A memorable item with an interesting gameplay effect is quite welcome.
  10. I didn't much care for that update. Crappy arrangement notwithstanding, the sound quality was far too low. I really hope these aren't the finished versions.
  11. Maybe for Ike's final smash he'll change into his Lord class for a bit, or for just long enough to deliver the attack.
  12. Character development? In a Nintendo game? Huh. Regardless, I am looking forward to this.
  13. It is awesome that Ike is confirmed. Here's hoping for Hector!
  14. That Zelda song is excellent. Not so much for general listening, but when I visualize a battle going on, it really fits. Most of these songs feel like works in progress, though. I dunno, the sound quality just doesn't seem high enough. I can't remember where I read this, or even if I actually did, but wasn't the majority of the soundtrack supposed to be orchestrated?
  15. The Star Fox stage is definitely foreshadowing a new entry to the series. Nice.
  16. This is an excellent idea. I want these back.
  17. I find this highly amusing. Definitely a break for Microsoft, not that they really need one at the moment, with all the great games coming out.
  18. If you like shooters at all, get Soldier Blade.
  19. Baleshadow

    Sony PS3

    Playstation Home looks okay, but I am far more intrigued by LittleBigPlanet.
  20. Baleshadow

    Sony PS3

    I'm curious, has anybody had success in wirelessly connecting their PS3 to the internet using Nintendo's Wi-fi dongle? We recently got a PS3 in my apartment, and we're trying to get it to do so. It senses the access point, but I can't seem to find the SSID for it anywhere. If this could be done, it would prevent me from having to run 50 feet of ethernet cable to a working jack. And it would be rather amusing.
  21. Damn it, I was just at Best Buy yesterday. Oh, well. Guess I'll try and make another trip.
  22. Wow. This is probably my favorite fantasy series, so this comes as a great surprise. As always with book to movie/TV series conversions, I'm only going to be cautiously optimistic until I see something for myself.
  23. I use the Steel Samurai theme from Phoenix Wright. Doo doo DOO doo doo DOO DOO DOO DOO
  24. This is a bad idea, in my opinion. Complicated character art does not really lend itself well to tattoos.
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