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  1. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01434 - Yoshi's Story "O! Say Can Yoshi"

    Now this is one tune that definitly was in grave need of remixing ,the original on N64 was horrible as i remembered Nice job ,Bladiator
  2. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01432 - Commander Keen V "Slick Rippin Keen"

    Though i haven't played the game therefore never heard the original, i can tell Mazedude still shines with his usual high skills in bringing out the oldskool vibes in classic game tunes. Nice works as always. You're aMazeing, Dude
  3. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01431 - Doom "Jade Spawn"

    Great new collab by TO and bladiator ! Brooding dark piano remix. I liked it Also very relaxing. Well done guys !
  4. RimFrost the Tourianist

    All Time Hardest Boss

    True, but with the CTB at least you have the time to plan your moves right.
  5. RimFrost the Tourianist

    All Time Hardest Boss

    I agree. FFX-2 wasn't THAT bad (though the pop-star thing is still a bit ridiculous). That, and Trema reminds me of Nemesis in FFX. Both great boss battles. And IMO some of the few truly challenging bosses in recent RPGs. I wish they had bosses like that in games like real time action RPGs. I think it's just the return to the Active Time Battle system that makes boss battles harder ,compared to FFX.
  6. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01429 - Street Fighter Alpha 2 "Dan's Ice Cream Truck"

    High quality collaboration remix. So stylish and varied. The violin parts are definite highlights. Something to chillout to after a hard days work
  7. Very calm and relaxing. Loved the accustic guitar throughout. And best part is the "discovery" sound effect at the end. Brilliant work for a newcomer..Make more songs like this one in the future ,Tepid
  8. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR00105 - Lemmings (DOS) "DABOMB"

    I second that And that which must also be said is that Lemmings was my all-time favorite puzzle game back when i was a kid.
  9. Zircon delivers his stuff in high-class as usual. Tal mountain range is one of the nicer Zelda tunes i can think of a remix to be made from anyway. The synth samples are somewhat similar in style to those used in some of the F-Zero GX race tracks, which i really liked. As others mentioned ,it's a pity about the far too abrupt ending. But generally the song goes around in repeat all the time so perhaps won't matter much. Good job, zircon !
  10. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01425 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Aquatic Pressure"

    Exceptionally well-made remix of Hydrocity theme Congrats RTF.
  11. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01427 - EarthBound "Twoson Hits the Road"

    Whether or not one is to complain about the samples being used, this is a quite amazing arrangement anyhow. It's very clear sounding and pleasing to the ears. Although the ending needed to be expanded upon somewhat. Well done, DJP One of your finest work sofar.
  12. RimFrost the Tourianist

    All Time Hardest Boss

    You don't mean Trojan for the NES, do you? They were wimps!! I am not a hardcore gamer mind you Even though i am somewhat old-skool.
  13. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01423 - EarthBound "SnowBound"

    Finally another excellent bLiNd remix hits OCR Don't have much to comment about this one, other than ..GO AND LISTEN NOW !!
  14. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01422 - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker "Hyrule Wimbledon"

    Fiendishly well-made cuban track, but i didn't find too much referrence to Zelda music Anyways ,i loved it as it were
  15. RimFrost the Tourianist

    OCR01420 - Super Metroid "The Mother Is in Control"

    I second that. And it really starts kicking at 2:00 Amazing submission indeed ! Hope we get to hear many more remixes from this one.