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  1. I think this song is pretty hip. The ethnic instrument choices really stand out. I like the strong orchestral interlude. The hand percussion sounds pretty cool, too. The marching snare is a nice addition.
  2. The pads are nice. I don't see why the piano couldn't have been quantized. Had there been no delay effect, the lack of quantization would have not mattered, but as it stands, it just detracts from an otherwise nice mix. The flute section is sweet, and the hollow body guitar is nice, except for the fact that sounds out of tune on parts, but it could be me. The breakdown at the end is really refreshing. The electric guitar was a total and welcomed surprise.
  3. Very clean sounding mix. Very Squaresoft-ish. I love it when remixers change a tune around but keep it sounding as if it could have come straight from the original composer. The 1:30+ section really grabs your attention. And we could not give enough praise to the slap bass, which I must say sounds just like a real Warwick bass to me. I've been fooled, I can't tell if it is fake or real!
  4. Man, this is how a remix should be done. The pads are just so effective. And the ocassional space between the bass guitar riff works so well. Man, when that song comes in, I can just see Shaft around the corner. Very talented remixer, great sequencing, good mixing, pretty good sounds, overall one of my favorite SoM remixes. It definitely sounds like it could have been on an authentic Squaresoft remix of SoM. Love the acoustic guitar.
  5. I am biased towards this because I play in a few jazz bands and love the style; I love the new chord progressions. Interesting take on the song. The samples could have been better, but the remixer did all the hard work and a positive review is warranted. If someone took his midi file and updated the sounds a bit or better yet, made them live, this would REALLY stand out, but as it is, it is a nice rearrangement of the SoM theme.
  6. Awesome tune, awesome remix. The drums are really cool, as are the SFX. Definitely a nice take on the original chord progression. The remixed sounds sound like they could have come straight from a Bionic Commando update. One of my top 10 favorite NES games, Capcom was surely on top then.
  7. Quality work, as expected from the webmaster. I found the flute to be the most exciting part of the tune. Somehow the synth-guitar didn't sound annoying, and was actually very cool! I really liked the intro, the drum break around 1:40, and the guitar at the end. Pretzel is the Motif master.
  8. The beginning sounds like "Yanni does Ryu." Very cool, and very fun for the ears. I'm not used to hearing several takes of a live piano at once, so my mind seems to accept that it is one person performing one take, and this just adds to the effect. The 2:25ish breakdown was really touching. The schizophrenic ending was pretty cool too. Quality material, and a great recording of your piano.
  9. It is amazing that this remix captures the essence of Earthbound so well. It sounds like it would have come off of the "Mother 3" soundtrack, if the game existed. I love the grit of this track and the bass, reminds me of "Alan Parsons Project" song called "Lucifer." The 2:20+ SFX programming is VERY, VERY sweet. It is not easy to do what he has done. The 3:10 distorted solo is THICK. The breakbeat drum break, even though it is like 1 measure, adds a lot. The choir, perfect. This guy not only knows what he is doing, he can control his results. I love a quality mix, and this is top notch. No tricks, no bullshit, just quality mixing, filtering, and programming. I must confess that the breakdown took me by surprise, but it definitely keeps things interesting.
  10. The bass is awesome. Love when the cheese organ comes in surprisingly. Yes, I noticed a "Smooth Criminal" similarity somewhere, too. I love the clab, sounds like it is talking. The delayed synth-whistle interlude is sweet. The snare drum is solid. I like the 2:30 Billie Jean drums / clav solo breakdown and... yes.. Pretzel "gives the bass player some!"
  11. Much has already been said. This is an excellent remix, bar none. Cool new take on the chord progression, effective, non-annoying samples; awesome sub-melody around 2:10, expansion of the main melody. Takes an easily cliched genre and inserts new life. As has been mentioned, the "rings" noise sample is above and beyond the call of duty. Kudos. 10/10
  12. Very mellow, nice mix. You can tell the remixer is very talented and has stretched the tools he has to work with to their limits. Sounds like a career in J-Pop is what he needs! Quality material, but probably too much for those who can't appreciate a good sequence job (the cheesines of the song along with the simulated instruments might rub some the wrong way). Overall, excellent job indeed.
  13. Very cool, very melodic, nice strings work. Don't we all wish we had an orchestra to call to come over to record a song or two? Very moody work, I imagine someone rapping over it heheh! A great mix, lots of great sounds. I love the effective brass. The song just keeps getting better as it wraps up. Excellent job!!!!
  14. AE is one of the most talented remixers on OC Remix. We're all entitled to our opinions, but I engineer professionally, and his MIXES continue to amaze me, and this song eludes any valid criticism. This tune, like all of his others, is remarkable in every way.
  15. This is quite bizarre. This reminds me of the way the world looks and sounds after staying up for about 48 hours straight. SO many ideas thrown about that I can't even "review" the song, so to speak. Definitely keeps your attention all the way through, which is a good thing.
  16. Decent remix. The part where the melody comes in is nice, and so is the buildup thereafter. I wasn't really too thrilled with it until about 2:15- this short section was really good, but the drums should have stayed in for a little while. The momentum just drops out when the drums keep disappearing. The sound choices are good. I just felt like the drum breaks and what not sounded kind of arbitrary and predictable. Remixer gets the award for coolest name though.
  17. Excellent tune. Quality material. The Secret of Mana'ish piano is spellbinding, coupled with the live vocals. I am the first to not like the synth-guitarish sound, but that is just a personal bias, it works fine in the song. One day a remix with a live electric guitar could possibly put this in another league, which would be a difficult feat considering how nice it already is. I don't think my personal bias should affect my review of the tune, and it is definitely a 10/10 mix. Kudos!
  18. AE is an elite OC Remixer. He puts effort into the work, unlike many of us. It takes time, probably like 40 hours, to make a remix like this. To pay so much attention to detail requires knowledge and ambition. So far, my favorite remixer. On par with any commercial electronic release of yesterday or today. The guy can mix. I have had the pleasure of listening to this song on a surround sound Genelec system, and this song is like ear heroin. The 2:20 interlude, what can I say. It's beautiful. This guy is going to inspire me to do some more quality work. If you want to make an OC Remix, this should be your template. Hell, if you want to make electronic music that MEANS something, this should be your template.
  19. Very nice arrangement. Very nice sound choices (I don't really like the sound used for the hits, though, but they are only heard in the beginning, around :45). Very nice pads around 1:10+. Nice, tasteful solo around 1:30. Love the 1:50 drums and the 2:10+ counterpoint solo. Love the "bubbly" melody sound at 2:30. The rest of the song is fantastic. Very moody. The ending is VERY nice. Top quality remix with enough old school credit to make one feel fuzzy inside.
  20. The opening is nice. The drum programming is nice. I have a personal bias over using bobo midi electric basses and guitars in the era of "Reason" and VSTi's. I like it around 2:25. Still a nice tune, though I can't say that enough of it was modified from the midi rip.
  21. This remix is ok. It seems the remixer did the best with the tools he had available. The drum beat is rather uninspiring; the bass is nice around 1:10, but other than that, sounds like a midi rip with some marginally better instrument choices than the original.
  22. Wow... this is really incredible. Really, really great mix. Incredible drum programming. Nice phase/modulation effects. The breakdown around 1:50 as well as the nice pads (mixed kind of low) that associate the main melody with a major key were very effective. If anything, I thought the 3:20 effects showed AE's skill, but took away from the songs momentum, but I know he must have had a reason to put it there, and I respect his artistic integrity.
  23. I liked this remix. The mix is nice and the arrangement doesn't get boring. Always a difficult feat when the source material is so short. Some reviewers were harsher on the song, but in my opinion, if the mix is good, it shows that the remixer had an idea of what he wanted and chose to keep it that way.
  24. I love this remix. The string sound is beautiful and convincing, and he definitely gave it a unique spin. The sample used blows my mind. This is a very haunting song. I can tell he is very talented from listening to the subtle changes made to the chords and progression.
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