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  1. Final Fantasy VII 'Red XIII Redux' DAMN! Really guitar heavy mix here. I really like this mix. It's got that heroic sound to it that I enjoy in music. Really great tune, albeit short.
  2. Xenogears 'Soft Winds Cry' I'm not a fan of Xenogears or it's music, so it mightn't come as a surprise that I'm not really super fond of this remix. I personally don't care for slower tunes, I'm into the faster upbeat stuff, but this is a very nice mix. Is the original in this case an in-town theme? It sounds like it. Good sounding, but personally boring.
  3. NiGHTS into dreams... 'Soft Museum Jam' Wow, I must say this wasn't even in my list, but upon listening to it I now realize that this is actually a high quality, good tune. Of course in the world of OCR, "Good" and "McVaffe" are practically synonyms. Fun little mix of some Nights theme or another, never played the game so I can't say.
  4. Final Fantasy 'Duque Battle' Nothing super original as far as melody going on here. Good guitar playage, a good solid remix. Techno fans need not inquire.
  5. Journey to Silius 'Going Home' Fast and fun techno(?). Really fond of this remix. I believe it was on my first ever burned OC ReMix CC. One of my favorites from mellogear. Recomended.
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 'Particle Brain' Gotta love that bass filled mini-intro, and I can barely keep myself from flailing along to the rest of the mix as well. After the intro, the mix turns into a great bass heavy mix of just outright fun and velocity, and what I like about this mix is just that. There are a lot of different things going on here in this mix, wonderful, cool, jump-around-happy-be-happy things. As I've said before, (and I'm sure I'll say many more times) I haven't heard the original so I don't have room to compare it to anything, but I have a feeling the Genesis version was definitely nowhere near the great piece of tunage this mix is.
  7. Super Mario World 'The Dark Reaches of SMW' Must say, I absolutely loved this song ever since the first time I heard it. What I used to think was only a remix of the Ghost House's theme from Super Mario World, turns out to actually be a remix of Bowser's Castle (among other themes that I really can't name offhand). Great use of different instruments going on, and several wonderful uses of in-game samples make this a definitely CD worthy song in my personal opinion.
  8. Zelda II 'Hyrule Housing Inc.' Nice mix here from Fatal Error, I personally liked it better than his Metal Gear mix, there's a much more laid back, calm, and cool sound here. Not one of my favorites, and doesn't make my playlist, but it's a nice little tune nonetheless. Can't vouch for originality as I've not heard the original tune.
  9. Okay, right off the bat I can tell it's FruityLoops, the drum samples are default. But as soon as the melody comes in, it lessens the obviousness of that. It's a fun little tune, and it smells of default FruityLoop samples, but it's not a bad mix overall. I give it a Yes.
  10. I don't like the organ samples used. They just sound bad to me. Like.. not full enough. The ending just stops too, that's kind of a downer. All in all this mix was a little disappointing to me. :\ I also like organs, and I also like this theme, but this just didn't cut it for me. Nope.
  11. Yipes! Voice sample. Hmm, I think I heard this one in #OCRemix previously. And I'm pretty sure I liked it a lot... *continues listening* Ah yes, I've definitely heard this one before, and I liked it a bunch. This is a post as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Well this a fun little mix, lots of cool effects and stuff going on here. I likes it! A mighty Yes, from an even mightier Rob. (Maybe not that mighty.)
  13. Quick Post: This is a Geocities URL so there's a chance that the file will be unavailable fairly soon. You should all be able to grab it here:
  14. *snickers* Wow, I should have edited just a moment sooner I suppose shouldn't have I?
  15. This is over the 6mb limit eh?. Of course it's also 320kbps. If the bitrate is lowered I'd say that it could be posted.. only problem is that I don't really like it myself. I'm gonna have to choose a No on this one, it just didn't grab me the way some of the other stuff here has... (Edit) Wait, I've changed my mind. I didn't vote right away, and I left this song on loop. It kinda grew on me after the 3rd time through. I like the beat that hits at :22, there's something about it that's just making me happy now. I don't know why. So anyways, ignore the comment above about "No" cus it's now a Yes. (Although we have to do something about the bitrate.)
  16. I've heard this before, it's an amazing song and I absolutely love it. 5/5 for me. Definite yes.
  17. Basically complete agreement with orky. Not a whole lot to say except that it's really good, OC quality for sure by my books.
  18. I knew I heard clicks. I only wonder if it's something on my end, or the end of his host, or what's going on exactly. I basically wonder if there are clicks in his version sitting on his hard drive.
  19. Whoa, interesting sounds. Birds of some sort? Ahh, nice happy strings. Can't say there's a whole lot to this mix, but for some reason I like it. Yes from me.
  20. Panning. Cool. ... Okay, get to the music... there we go. I don't like that sample playing right off the bat, the buzzy one. Once the mix really gets going, piano, more drums, etc. it kinda blends into the background but it's still there, it's really starting to get on my nerves. Oh! It's just gone away. Hmm, this part is sounding better. Although it seems like it's missing something. Maybe I'm just trying to find something new and interesting, as I've heard another two high quality Spark Man mixes before already. Oh dear, I've just gotten into the 3:00 mark, and I'm really not liking the usage of that electric sample. The piano is also starting to annoy me. Right at 4:15 I really liked it, but it's gone back again right around 4:30. Okay, now that it's over I just have to say that it seems like a well done mix all around, but something that I can't particularly place my finger on made me dislike the mix all around. Maybe it's because I've heard other Spark Man arrangements, and this was not up to par. Maybe there was too much going on? Above I said it was missing something, I'm thinking now in retrospect that maybe it had too much. I'm not totally completely sure. But it couldn't keep my interest, I had to fight the urge to just load up the next song. Sorry, but No.
  21. Nice arrangement here from Avien. Not too much to comment about because, although it's a high quality tune and all, I'm not too keen on a slow mellow sound right now. Good song though.
  22. Hmm, there's something off about the notes played by the guitar at the beginning. Just sound strange. But I love it when it kicks into the faster stuff. The strings or whatever around the 4 minute mark are strange, and I don't really like them, but they don't hold the mix back. Sounds like a Yes to me.
  23. Agh! Another mix that I forgot to do my actual vote for.
  24. Guitar-y goodness. But uhm, 320kbps?? Wtf? Anyways, it does sound pretty good. Like, the actual playing and music itself. But as Joe said, it has horrible recording quality. ARG, I'm so torn... okay, I'm gonna have to say Yes. BUT, we need to contact this good Sir and see if he can't get us a better recording, am I right?
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