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  1. Chrono Cross 'Time Scars' I love the Time’s Scar tune from Chrono Cross. And FFmDj’s rendition here is well done. Nothing special though really, it’s trance or techno or some such thing, I’m never sure when it comes to this genre (I really need to learn my genres don’t I?) It’s well done techno, like all of the stuff I've heard from FFmDj, almost professional sounding. Not much else to say really. 3/5
  2. Mega Man X3 'X-Buster MK-17' Right off the bat, I don’t like the sample used, it’s a little too high/sharp for me. But when the bass/beat kicks in it’s a lot better. At first a fast paced remix of (I believe) the intro stage to Mega Man X, and then going into a theme I’m not too sure about, this mix isn't one of the best ones out there, but I don’t think it’s that bad really. I didn't care for the area around 2:10, the constant sample used there and beyond really started to annoy me on it’s 100th loop or so. In fact, without the bass and drums, I believe a lot of the samples used here annoy me. The really heavy bass areas near the end weren't good either though. Maybe it’s the overall louder volume of the tune (which increases even more at about 3:05) but I can’t say I was overly fond of this mix. 2/5
  3. Secret of Mana 'Ice Crystal Fields Forever' Wow! I love the crunchy snow sound at the beginning. As much as snow pisses me off, it’s still pretty cool. This mix reminds me of winter here actually. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the long drawn out strings along with the tinkling chimes(?) give it a cool feeling. The wolf howl at ~2:40 was definitely a nice effect, perfect.
  4. Sonic Adventure 'Theme of Chao (Party Started)' Starting off a little weird, this mix goes into a definite dance-y style. It almost makes a lazy ass like myself get up and dance, almost. Heavy bass, constant claps and happy leads give this mix a sense of completion and pride, as if this were the ending theme of the game (is it? I've never played a Sonic game). So what are you waiting for? Grab this tune, turn the sound up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. While you’re doing that, I’ll sit back and laugh. 3/5
  5. Chrono Trigger 'Time Circuits High Voltage' Another Time Circuits mix. We’re definitely not in for lack of mixes of the “Zeal Theme” but this one is especially good. Always with well done music, Dale North definitely does not fail to impress me yet again. I love the warbly effect that welcomes us into the mix here. The “Ahh” voice sample definitely gives a heavenly feel. The background fade-in-fade-out strings used throughout this mix are really cool sounding, and the windy effect gives me a feeling of flying through the air, not unlike the island of Zeal itself. All in all, this is a top quality mix of “The Zeal Theme.” 4/5
  6. Super Castlevania IV 'Castle Trance' I love the lone percussion at the beginning of this tune. It’s joined quickly by a more thumping kick drum I believe, and a strange sort of whistle sound. Then the full background kicks in. It does a little whistle-y repetition for a while, and at about 1:20 the real melody kicks in. The little harpsichord(?) almost-solo at ~1:35 made me smile. Strings and a sort of wind-chime sound bring the song back to normal shortly after. I like the main lead sample at this point. At ~2:40 the song changes to a very techno-y style for a little bit. Overall I liked this mix, not exactly memorable, but I enjoyed listening to it. 3/5
  7. Chrono Trigger 'No Time' This mix of Time Circuits starts off with some lonely sounding piano, but is joined quickly by background percussion and backing piano, which is soon joined by guitar. The guitar playing is sort of twangy, almost plucky sounding. I especially liked the bit that starts about 10 seconds before the end of the song. This mix is in a more laid back style than most of the “Zeal Theme” mixes here at OC I think. Really well done tune overall, impressive playing, which is to be expected from jaxx really. 3/5
  8. Silent Hill 'White Claudia' Mr. Praslowicz has given us a mix that starts off creepy, but quickly goes into a hard guitar thrashing tune. There’s a lot of little stuff going on under the massive guitar sound here, like the sort of “tinkly” sound heard in the creepy intro can be heard again at ~1:05. There’s some heavy crash cymbals and stuff that goes on in this mix, making it sound sort of chaotic, but at the same time, it’s really not. Certainly not one of my favourites, maybe it can be yours. 3/5
  9. Obliterator 'Gun and Bass' I can’t say I personally like this mix. But it’s got some cool eerie strings that give it a creepy sort of atmosphere. The left panned warbly sounds near the end help add to that feeling. The drums don’t really hold that creepiness up well though. Oh well, I was never a fan of mutagene’s style, sorry to say. 2/5
  10. Xenogears '7 Years Broken' Wheeeeee! Mr. Lloyd sings! Again… although this was the first time I’d heard him sing. Personally, I enjoy this mix. There’s quite a different take than the original in this mix. The background is much different, and the way he has of singing is better, in my opinion, than the original. I really enjoyed this track the first time I heard it, and the second, third, fourth, and all the times afterwards. I thought that whatever effect he used on his voice during the chorus was used well. The echo, which can be heard well in the quieter part at ~2:40, was also timed perfectly I felt. This is one of my favourite tunes on OC. 5/5
  11. Super Metroid 'Norfair Deathmarch' I think the title for this mix is perfect. With that title, listening to the tune I can just imagine a huge group of monsters/soldiers marching off to war. Nothing remarkable or notable about the mix otherwise. Altogether a good mix though. 3/5
  12. Quartet 'Summer Trance' The way this starts out reminds me of the intro music to some show I watched when I was little, but I can’t remember what it was… Anyways, this mix is in a quick paced dance style tune. The percussion is good, and the main lead and melody are also pretty cool. It’s a fun tune, and if I were more energetic I might feel like getting up and dancing. Fun! 3/5
  13. Mega Man 2 'Crash and Burn' Tremolo strings kinda bug me for some reason. An okay tune here, I was never overly fond of Crash Man’s theme, yeah, yeah I know, blasphemy and all that, but I just don’t see what’s so cool about it. Anyways, nothing super new and exciting happening here, seems like some basic techno tunage. I like the heavy bass and the drum work is okay, although at points it sounds almost like default FL instruments, maybe that’s just me. 3/5
  14. Revenge of Shinobi 'Da Factory Funk' Don’t like the way this one starts out at first. But after listening for a while you get used to it and it gets pretty good. Sort of repetitive towards the end though. Glad it’s a shorter tune, any longer would just get boring. 3/5
  15. Axelay 'City Lights' I’m liking the bass only intro. The percussion that kicks in shortly afterwards is good too. Actually, this mix is doing something I love: Bringing in each element one at a time. Once it’s in full swing, this is a calm, mellow tune, like something you’d hear playing in the background of a scene in a movie. You know like, in that scene, where the guy is like, having something to drink, and then he does stuff, you know? Yeah you know. I knew you did. Anyways, good mix here. Nothing jaw-dropping, or eye-ball popping on my part, but good nonetheless. 3/5
  16. Chrono Trigger 'Magus (Decay of Hope)' Now, as you may know, I’m not particularly fond of CotMM’s chosen style, and that’s no exception here, I’ll be honest. But the noise/static seems to be at a minimum so it’s not that bad here. Around 3:00 it begins a fade into the area of the mix that I most enjoy, less static and noise (it actually fully rears it’s head at ~4:20). I don’t care for the strange background sound at first, but by 5:00 it’s into my most liked area. By 5:30 the tune is on it’s way out. Not something I’m fond of, and isn't normally in my playlist, but a well done tune all the same. 2/5
  17. Mega Man 2 'Soap and Water' AE has mad skillz ;D. I may jest, but he does indeed have great skill when it comes to music. Especially in this genre (Electronica? Techno?). I’m not overly fond of this particular mix, but the amount of layers and different things going on here is definitely impressive. I refer you to my favourite area (~3:00) if you doubt me. Altogether an exceptional mix, just like the rest of AE’s work. Although I’d prefer a faster tune, and I expected it from AE with mixes like Wind Shear and Flash Fire, this mix is still great. 3/5
  18. Final Fantasy X 'Ballad of the Sea' I’ll say it here. Kaijin does good stuff. This sounds like a tune that, instead of being remixed, has come directly of an OSV CD. Regardless that I’m not crazy about it, it’s a very well done song. I enjoyed the guitar that came in around the middle (~1:40), easily my favourite area of the mix. 3/5
  19. Stormlord 'Eleven Tears' This mix comes up a lot in my playlist rotation and I often skip it. But that doesn't mean that I don’t like it. It’s actually quite good. Happy, dance-y tune. When the second melody comes in around the middle (~2:50) it sounds really cool, but it quickly goes away in favour of a trumpet (of which I am not a fan of personally). At ~4:10 there is a solo of some sort of bass instrument, I believe, that I really enjoyed. Altogether, this is a good solid mix, nothing jaw-dropping, but enjoyable nonetheless. 3/5
  20. M.U.S.H.A. 'For the Love of 2D' Interesting intro to this tune. The rest of the tune is better than the intro in my opinion. Although not one of my personal favourites, it’s still a well done tune. The middle of the mix (~2:00) is probably my favourite area, that and the ending. 3/5
  21. Kid Icarus 'Funky Dungeon' Wow, I can instantly say that I love the way this starts out. I love the eerie feeling represented here. The sample used for the lead kind of bothers me, sounds like it doesn't belong with the rest of the tune, but it’s not bad. The tune changes to a more upbeat version (maybe this is an entirely different theme from the game?) around 2:15. And then there’s another change around 3:25, it goes back to the previous, slower style. Good mix. 3/5
  22. Parasite Eve 'Primal Eyes (Tapeworm)' Can’t say I’m a fan of this mix, it just doesn't strike my fancy. The overall tune is good, but I’m not a fan of the “plinking” instrument, it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the mix. 2/5
  23. Final Fantasy 7 'Oppressed Swamp Dub' I like the underlying tune of the whole thing, and the sound effects, while loud, definitely add environment to the tune. The strange (I couldn't understand them) vocals weren't needed, in my opinion. Not a fan of the overdriven/distorted guitar(?) near the end though. 3/5
  24. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Gerudo Interlude' Wow, a song by djpretzel that doesn’t suck. Only kidding Master, I mean Mister Pretzel. I always loved the Gerudo theme, and this is a well done rendition. Although slower and more laid back than I personally would like, it’s a really authentic sounding tune. Favourite part: The quiet ending. I love quiet simple stuff. 4/5
  25. Mega Man 3 'X Intro' I really liked the acoustic intro on this track, but then it gets into some okay electric guitar. One of the better Project X tunes in my opinion. Only gripe is the ending, but that’s intentional and because it goes into another song. 3/5
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