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  1. Icewind Dale 'Easthaven's Club' Don't let the very beginning of the mix scare you off, it gets better almost right away. Not the greatest that I've heard from Orkybash, but not as bad as other stuff that I've heard. Basic techno here, nothing especially unique or great.
  2. Ninja Gaiden 'Devil's Mask' One of the cooler Ninja Gaiden tunes I've heard, I believe this song made it onto one of my OCR CDs. Very cool pizzicato string(?) intro, which goes into some techno-ey dancey goodness. Nothing especially unique about the mix. Nice overall though.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Bluest Sky' Hmm, this mix doesn't sound very exciting right off the bat, and it pretty much stays that way. This mix has a definite mellow mood to it, which is not something I expected from a Sonic track. Maybe that's what Kaijin was trying to do here, contrast the normally fast upbeat Sonic music with a slow mellow interpretation of the theme. Or maybe the original is also slow, I don't know. Not a bad tune, only suggested if you are looking for something slower though.
  4. Secret of Mana 'Fear of the Flava' Heeeeeell yeah. Now this is a great mix. This would probably be my favorite Secret of Mana remix on the site. *Checks the other mixes* Yeah I think it is. What I especially liked about this tune was that McVaffe remixed more than just that intro theme we all know and love, but he also remixed Did You See The Sea (The witch's castle [What was her name? Elinee?]). Another thing I liked about this mix was the excellent drum work. This is a definite suggestion. Grab it while you can! (Don't worry, it's not going anywhere..)
  5. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Mysterious Groove' I believe this mix is what would be classified as funky. Did you know that funky actually means bad smell? Well this mix is anything but a bad smell really. Although I'm not overly fond of it, it is well done and sounds pretty good. Well used samples. The "Wacka-chicka" sound (as us hip music types like to call it) gives it that funky feeling. Check it out, it's pretty cool. And if you don't like it, that's what the Recycle Bin is for.
  6. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom 'Tomato Juice' Not much to this mix really. Seems kinda empty to me really. There should be more instruments and such going on.
  7. Radical Dreamers 'The Furthest Promise' Tinkly piano intro, really nice, followed by what we've all come to expect from Ailsean, some great electric guitar. Not much to say except that this mix is definitely one of the betters in the Radical Dreamers flood. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  8. Radical Dreamers 'Hip Dreamer' Hip hop. *sigh* I don't like hip hop. This mix is overall pretty darned cool, even for a style that I don't like. Don't care for the sample used in the melody around the middle. After that it's also pretty good, nothing I'm ecstatic about though. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  9. Radical Dreamers 'Northern Promise' Mmmm, tasty orchestral goodness here from the great Dale North. Everything here is done great. I especially liked the quiet trumpets used at around 1:14. And I'm not a big fan of trumpets. The music box ending is quite nice also. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  10. Radical Dreamers 'Rêve d'ordinateur' Hmm, not overly fond of this mix, just not digging the style overall. I don't even know what style this is... Samples from The Matrix, (I'm not fond of movie samples in music). Altogether I consider it an interesting mix, lots of weird/strange samples and stuff going on, the overlying melody that's there is mostly normal and still quite good in my opinion. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  11. Radical Dreamers 'Grainy' Hmm, sort of eerie intro. String filled and then.. what's that? Did someone turn the radio to a bad station? Well this mix holds true to the name "Grainy." A sort of spooky, eerie quality in the first half, the mix reminds of the kind of tunes you hear in games when you and your party are exploring some ancient civilizations ruins or some such thing. Drums and such kick in around the middle, and it really loses the eerie quality it had. I'm not too fond of this part actually, I suppose this is the part of the mix that really holds true to it's name, the samples all have a sort of staticy sound to them, I'm not overly fond of this, but it was mutagene's desired effect I'm sure, so I won't harp on it. Anyways, that's all. I spoke too much on this mix anyways. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  12. Radical Dreamers 'No Promises Punk' "One, two, three, four!" You hear this at the beginning just before it kicks into, what neato-keen people like me like to call, high gear. If you're fond of the fast paced punk music of today, and there's a chance you are (you can't all be strictly techno lovers), then you'll love this mix. I know I did. Highly recommended. Tell 'em Rob Saunders sent ya. (What am I talking about? Who knows) Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  13. Radical Dreamers 'Older Promises' Funny, on my computer this is called 'A Closer Promise,' anyways.. EXCELLENT MIX! I absolutely loved this mix. It was on my 3rd OCR CD that I burned, and I constantly listened to it over and over again. Once it was finished, I would almost always press Prev to listen to it another 2 or 3 times. Highly suggested. Note: Some people say stuff about bad recording, clipping, I dunno what they're talking about, they're all insane. Kidding. You can tell it could have used better recording, but an awesome tune regardless! Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  14. Radical Dreamers 'Industrial Promise' I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm not a fan of industrial. BUT, there are parts to this mix that I liked. Specifically the deep bass and twangy strings of the main melody. A short mix, but preferably so. If it were a lot longer I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Check it out, along with the rest of the Far Promise flood of Apr 21st. Collect the whole set!
  15. Wizards & Warriors 'DJ Jake' YES! I absolutely loved this tune as soon as I heard it. Great bass, great, well, everything. I don't think I ever found anything about this mix that I didn't like. Maybe length. I would've loved to hear it a bit longer. Especially the ending part. This mix made it's way onto my 2nd or 3rd OCR CD. It's just that cool.
  16. Super Mario Bros. 3 'La Samba de Agua' I read somewhere that Mustin actually does all the instruments in this track, you've gotta admire the man just for that. While the mix is a really nice sounding tune and it's done well, it's not my cup of tea. Great mix, well performed, but I don't like it. Oh well, what can ya do.
  17. Metroid 'Mind of the Mother Brain' Gotta love whistling intros (Ever hear the intro to Wild Arms? Great stuff), AmIEviL gives us what we all love with his great guitar work. Seems to be a medly of several Metroid tunes.. not too sure on this part as I never played the first Metroid. If there's anything to complain about it's the length. Too short. Great tune besides.
  18. Final Fantasy IX 'Place of Return' I haven't heard a lot of FFmDj's music that I was overly fond of. Maybe it's the trancey style that he constantly uses. Anyways, this is a trancey/dancey tune that you will probably like if you're into that. I'm not really. So that's all.
  19. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Kakariko Rave Party' Happy! I guess this is what Rave is all about or something, but whatever, this is a fun, happy, fun remix of the Kakariko town theme from Zelda Link to the Past. It even makes a lazy slob like almost want to get up and dance. Almost. Get it. Listen to it at least once to see if "it's yer thang." I certainly enjoyed it.
  20. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity 'Laputan Colony GBA Dub' What is that? A vacuum? Oh.. it's an "engine." Hmm Dub style? I'm not even sure what it is, but every time I've heard it I haven't been very fond of it. And I can say the same thing for this mix, sorta quiet. Not much to say really. You'll have to hear it for yourself to be sure, but a sort of distant sounding mix, like there's lots of stuff going on, but there's very little going on at the same time. It's almost indescribable.
  21. Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy IX 'Knights Come Marching Home' Ants come marching home? What the heck? Oh! Jebus Cripes! It's Frog's theme done in electric guitary goodness! Tasty. I had to actually describe this mix for a friend of mine, because he didn't believe that there was any FF9 in it. As near as I can tell (I barely played FF9) the "storyline" of this mix goes as such: 0:00-0:49: marching ants 0:49-1:18: glenn's theme 1:18-1:46: ff9 battle 1:46-2:14: glenn's theme 2:14-2:32: marching ants Anyways, good mix. Highly recommended, get it. Now. Right now. Go get it! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!
  22. Final Fantasy VIII 'Eyes on Me (Obsession)' Can't honestly say I like this mix. I don't like industrial. And I'm not fond of music that has plain speaking (ie: not singing) throughout. Not my cup of tea, but if you're into industrial and/or distortion then it could be a suggestion.
  23. Super Mario RPG 'Geno's Woods' This is a cool tune. Great pipey/flutey (I'm horrible with instrument names) samples at the beginning and throughout, really like those. The overall mix is really great. I've like all of Orkybash's stuff that I can remember.
  24. Chrono Trigger 'Team Gato' One of the more fun mixes on OC. This mix has some really good music throughout, in varying styles, but the focus is on the dialog going on. It's quite humourous, I suggest it if you want a laugh and not a serious song. That would be my only qualm actually, while the mix is great for the humour aspect, I really liked the first variation of the theme and would have loved to hear a full mix of that style, sans vocals. Definitely suggested.
  25. Chrono Trigger 'Schala Ancients' Schala's theme is one of the cooler tunes on the CT soundtrack. And this remix does it justice as far as I'm concerned. Nice calm cool track here. Not fond of the drumwork that appears later in the song.
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