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  1. K, Pizza got the tune and sent it to me, I'm hosting it on my server right now (I hope this little bastard stays working...) along with all the other tunes that have come to us. My review: I like it! It's a fun little tune that I can easily bop my head to. But! Is it just me, or do I hear some sort of verrrry quiet clicking? Maybe it's just me... If there's anything about this mix to complain about, I guess it would be that it sounds kinda simple. Which to me isn't a bad thing, I like simple. I'm just trying my hardest to see something bad in it. But it's hard to find something I don't like about it (except that damned clicking). Yes from me.
  2. 12 minutes!?? Okay, I'm going to sit here and listen to the whole thing. Not loving the sample used right at the outset, but it's still cool. Hmm, this is actually really good, sounds nice and.. full? Not empty like a bunch of the ones we get here. Ah, very nice when the drum/beat kicks in. The flute(?) part is cool. I'm a big fan of that effect, when all the instruments cut out and just one thing plays. Anyways, I just caught the tune this is based on. I didn't really expect to hear it considering it's a FF6 mix (I think)*, and I barely played FF6. Well, here we are at the 2:50 mark. Sounds like the song might be changing. Mmmm, I love that plucked string sound. Wow, bam, it just like wow neat. Uh, ignore that line unless you understand gibberish. *just listens and enjoys for a while* (Before and around 5:00) Oooh, sweeping strings and piano. Could it get any better? Ah, looks like the drums say, "Yes, it can." Whoa! Sweet, it sped right up there (6:20). Dudeness, I'm really liking this part. *hums along with it* Aww it stopped (~7:00). Hmm, nice and mellow sound. Finding it hard to get into after that fast stuff, but still very nice and sweet sounding. (8:32) *tapping foot to beat* This is all cool sounding too. Wow, I only wish I knew music terminology better, saying, "this part sounds cool" is starting to get old. But it's all I can say! Ah! Perfect! Just as I was thinking, "Time to give it a change." it switched over to another theme (~10:00). What is this? The opera tune I think? Ahh, techno-ey goodness again, very nice, very nice. Hmm, almost over, and here I thought this would be a chore. Listening to this mix has been of an utmost pleasure (did I use utmost properly?), submission guidelines aside, this is a definite Yes in my book. And even not aside, I'm afraid I just can't say no. I love it. I can't wait to hear more from this person. Note: Maybe we should have a listen to his 112kbps version. If it's a meg smaller that's better than nothing. Note 2: Although cutting it into separate mixes like Orky said would be able to get it through the submission guidelines, I personally think it would be a shame to have to cut up a mix as good as this. * Edit: I'm an idiot, it's a FF7 mix I didn't even notice the topic.
  3. Suffix eh? My aren't we high and mighty. Just kidding, I agree with Joe, a) zip didn't work, zipping mp3 is pointless.
  4. Well this song is pretty cool, very pretty and nice. I don't know anything about minor chords or major chords, or.. chords in general, heh. But I know what I like, and this definitely fits into that category. Good stuff from Wingless, always. Can't wait for Pretzel to post his Aphrodite Oceanus *hint hint* it's quite amazing itself. Definite Yes from me.
  5. Well, I must say that when I seen DJ Jake branded on this piece I was expecting as good or better than the last DJ Jake piece. But so far (1:30) it has failed to really make me smile the same. It is pretty good, and this music box part it just hit is really cool, I like it a bunch. But now the bass thingy and the horn samples are back, those are pretty nasty (the horns, the bass is pre'good). Oh sweet griblopf, this part at the 3 minute mark is rather amazing, I'm gonna have to give a definite Yes for this mix now. 68030 was right about the wait being worth it.
  6. What happened to the 4 No votes? Locking anyways.
  7. I've been listening to it for the last while, and uh well, it doesn't really grab me like some of the stuff on the site. Not very exciting, kind of bland and boring to me. I'm gonna have to pick a No on this one.
  8. stupid me who can't set up a stupid ftp
  9. Downloading very slow. Would appreciate greatly if someone could upload...
  10. Dar! I loved this song on VGMix, in fact all of the stuff that Trptcox has done has made me happy, a big ol' yes from me.
  11. *Looks around* Where's Pizza when you need him to break a tie.
  12. Eep. I'm not caring too much for this one. The main melody sounds too.. regular to me. It sounds like, the original melody was taken and some abstract drum loops were overlayed. Maybe just my preference, I hate to let it get the best of me, but I'm gonna have to say No on this one. Note: The ending tipped the scale really. Cutoff ending != good.
  13. Oooh, I'm horrible with style names, but I know that I like this style/genre. *Dances, just a little.* Hmm, it really could have done without the samples I think. My personal opinion: Movie samples in music = suck. Overall though, this is a really cool mix. My only complaints are: 1) Length. I think it should/could be longer. Possibly. Or maybe I'm just being greedy because I liked the mix. 2) The part near the end with the repeated samples. 3) The movie samples overall made it slightly less than wonderful. End result: Great mix. I vote yes.
  14. Wow, it's been a long time since I seen this, but I got an actual 404 error page.
  15. Hmm, the piano is kinda of repetitive. Er, whoa that sounded cool.. the part where the second? piano kicks in overtop the drums with the possible wrong notes that Orky mentioned. That sounds cool, and as he said kinda creepy. Hmm, me likey, and at the same time me no likey. But me likey more than me no likey. Okay that's enough of that. The drumwork is cool, and the constant piano throughout the mix has grown on me now, heh. Yes from The Rob.
  16. Actually I've already listened to this tune, it was in that large thread in the General Discussion about remix requests. I liked it then, and I like it now. I'm gonna have to go with a yes on this one. It's fairly short, but still does a good job of keeping me interested. I could listen to this one several times without getting bored.
  17. Hmm, really not liking the way it sounds honestly. Mustn't let personal tastes cloud judgement! Drum work sounds kinda plain. Sounds like there could have been more put into it. The melody and string work sounds good, but to me doesn't fit with the drums. And regardless of whether it's intentional or not that steady popping/ticking sound in the background is annoying the piss out of me. Arg, just when I thought it was bad enough to think, "No," the strings and melody come back. Hmm, well I don't like the style itself. But I don't think there's too much wrong with it that it doesn't deserve to be posted.
  18. What? Hey that's cool. No need for me to unlock threads for my 2 cents now.
  19. Wow, 30 seconds in and I'm liking it already. I guess I'm just a sucker for this kinda stuff. Well it sounds all good to me, and I like it too, that's always a plus.
  20. I'm gonna go ahead and lock this thread as it's obviously going up.
  21. OMG this song is sooo crappy, I wouldn't feed this to my dog, can you believe this pile of excrement? Oh wait, that's one of my mixes. *switches to String Machine* Ahh, much better. FFMusicDJ comes through with the usual. Professional sounding technoey [Who needs specific genres.] goodness. This is, as Joe said, a no brainer.
  22. Ooh neat. Only seconds in and I'm liking it. Lots of different things going on in this mix. The guitar sound is really good. The main background guitar reminds me of the Mother Brain theme from Super Metroid. Nice use of samples and such. The effect that starts at 2:00 is always cool, I've heard it in lots of mixes and it sounds good here. Okay the effect at 2:22 scared me at first, I thought my comp was fux0red. But that's really quite cool. Overall, a definite Yes to this one.
  23. Haha, I gave him that Kirby sample! I heard an old version of this song. Well I'm liking this, nice and fast and fun sounding, eep the sample at 0:33 ain't too great, sounds too short I think. *hums along to song* Hmm, the ending is kinda empty, and the sample didn't need to be used again. Actually he used it a little too much, but I still like it overall. Some of the samples could probably use a bit of changing. But I like it myself. Yes.
  24. Oh dear. Well, I must say that I liked the beginning. But after about 0:24 it just wasn't as good to me. The panning was an interesting effect. I didn't care for the instruments. That warbling [for lack of a better word] effect on the samples in the later part of the mix really got on my nerves. I'd also have to say that it was kind of empty, sounded like it was missing something in a lot of parts. I'm gonna have to go with a No on this mix. Constructive critisism? Hmm, change up the warbly samples, add some more what I think the super music people call "Layers," and it would be much better.
  25. The sample that starts off is nice. Oooh, high pingy notes. I like those. Ew, I don't like that kick drum or whatever. Hmm, sounds better with the other drum elements. Ah nice, it's gone. Oh, it's back. And it brought a friend. The part at 1:57 is much nicer, I like that string (?) sample in the background. It's still got that icky drum though. So far the second half of this mix is better than the first half. But I must say I greatly enjoy any part of this mix that doesn't have that strange kick drum. Hmm, overall I didn't like it. I don't think that after downloading this song, I would listen to it again, so I'm gonna have to choose No on this one.
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