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  1. I am disappointed because all this thread should have been was an embed of the Pokemon theme song.
  2. Diablo already lost most of its dark grit in the second game, so there's no need to complain about that.
  3. I am so happy this game is announced. It'll probably never hit us for awhile but I'm just glad to have the confirmation of its soon-to-be existence. Frankly, I liked the 1.10 patch, and its the way the game should have been from the start. However, its still got a lot of issues in that it is pretty constricting of builds, and calls for almost cookie-cutter (because most fully-realized synergies are cookie cutter, like say, Meteor and Blizzard sorcs, and Hammerdins). However, for those who like to play through the game, it helped balance by allowing you to pump lower-level skills. This made leveling easier, since you'd have access to skills on the way (instead of hoarding points to say up for, say, Frozen Orb). Still, it really killed off the customizability of the characters a bit, because you pretty much HAVE to invest in synergies or realize that you just can't get through the game. I can definitely understand how it wrecked PvP, though. Synergies killed off a lot of builds, and constricted them. I'd say 1.10 patch was for those who enjoyed soloing or playing through the game in its entirety (not a whole ton of people). I hope Diablo III presents a fresh new take on skills and stuff. The change between Diablo I's spellbook system to Diablo II's level-up system was quite nice, and I hope they have another jump like that.
  4. sorry i don't own a 360 or two thumbs boating accident
  5. When I first joined these forums, my name was Epsilon Eyez (...I was young), but there was someone named Epsilon already. So I needed a new name. I had a rare item in Diablo 2 called "Brimstone Gutter" and I used the clipped screenshot of the weapon's stats as my sig for a short time. My full name was "The Brimstone Gutter" but I shortened it. I now use Brim as my main handle for games and stuff. If its taken, I'll probably use Brimstone or Brimmy.
  6. This is a good album cover I like it is amazing (pun not intended) I will download it later I like your stuff
  7. Its a familiar tune and I can't get it out of my head. I must find the name of this track.
  8. When I had an MP3 player, it carried about 200 songs. But now its dead and I just fill the void by untz untz untz untz
  9. I'm waiting until a new computer comes along. And I'm gonna wait for updates as well
  10. Dammit, I hope Diablo III doesn't become an MMO. It needs to retain that quick-paced, arcadey feel.
  11. Dammit you fuckers made me want ice cream cake
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