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  1. What can I say about this piece that hasn't been said already? Well done, Reuben! Nobuo started out with a simple, yet powerful, melody in synth, and at last, it has been done justice. The choral bit is fantastic- subtle enough that it doesn't boom over the melody, but comes in after just the right amount of pure melody that it still emotionally overwhelms without hurting your ears (damn, I hate it when they think loud=emotion!). The mental imagery created really does capture the grand ascencion of Nanaki from the ending of the game. Gorgeous piece, well worth the download!
  2. ... how about the next time you decide to write a song in a different language, you make sure you speak it first? that's always a good idea, don't you think? on some of these parts, the translation isn't even close! stick to your native language, sweetie, until you become fluent in others.
  3. *sighs* ok, Chrono, sweetie, i'm dying to know: of all the kick ass things you could have done with such a sweet mix, why FRENCH RAP??? i mean, to begin with, that's just a contradiction in terms. the french CAN'T RAP, simply by definition. i mean, not that there's anything wrong with rap- it's just the french part that bothers me. otherwise, this is a really great mix.
  4. Whoa... that is very strange. Hilarious, but strange. I'm sure you pervy bunnies had fun looking for the sound bytes for this song, no? Heheh... fun stuff. Worth the download. And congrats to Lyrai for his little escapade on the college PA. I did that at my school on the morning announcements and got the morons who do them everyday in a LOT of trouble, as well as myself, but it was worth it, man!
  5. this was probably my favorite piece in the ost, so it's nice to find a version of it that isn't a midi. no critisism to the dj here, but are we ever going to get an orchestral version of this song?
  6. ...I think i'm a little turned on by djpreztel. (fear not, pretz- I are female!) Sure, it's not professional quality singing, but it's pretty damn good, nonetheless, and really adds to the mix. Keep it up, man!
  7. I've always loved the teleportation songs, so this was a real treat to hear for me. Excellent mix, man. Keep it up! BTW, way to go tk1337 for picking up the bit of Ravel's 'Bolero' slipped in there- I thought i was the only one who listened to classical & techno out there. And if bonerxsxex means the song from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," then yes, i guess it does kind of sound like it. Weird, no?
  8. this is such an amazing piece! i cry whenever i listen to it- it's just so unbelievably sad, so hopeless. it sounds like a nightmare. it may very well be my favorite mix on the entire site. i've been working on finding out all those little whispery bits, and this is what i've gotten thus far: There's nothing left Leave me Trust me and live Don't leave me There is no hope No hope There is only today Don't leave me here Save me Please I don't want to be saved I want to be sacrificed Shut up if anybody picks up more, please do post it!
  9. this is an excellent mix of a great piece. i'd been listening to the original for so long, i was getting tired of it, but i still loved it and wanted to keep listening to it, so finding this was wonderful. i even used it as music for my fashion show presentation- perfect beat, recognizable melody, and it fit my theme of games perfectly. people were coming up to me afterwards saying "where did you find that incredible music? can you burn me a copy?" and stuff like that, so i just wrote down the link for them. keep up the good work, trenthian- you've got a lot of new eager fans!
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