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  1. If he wanted to die, they would have found him next to an EMPTY bottle of pills. People can have really bad reactions to very small doses of drugs, and if he was taking several different, interacting drugs that only makes the situation more dangerous. Remember that Bruce Lee, probably the healthiest human being ever, died from taking a single headache pill. Not saying that I know anything more than anyone else.... it totally coulda been suicide. We'll have to wait and see what they say.
  2. Definitely Scruff McGruff
  3. Anybody who creates anything worth listening to has to have a completely awful life. Happy people have nothing to write about.
  4. Well, I work at The Source by CC so we do lots of returns, but my manager actually has the worst customer service skills I've ever seen. Whenever somebody comes in complaining all crazylike he just tells them what the have coming to them and gives them the regional manager's number so they can file their complaint. He's awesome. And actually, I've found that people are generally really nice anyway. There were a couple of times when I royally screwed stuff up when I was starting out and I was certain that I was going to get my face ripped of by the customer and they were always at least polite.
  5. It's what you'd expect, but it's still 1000x better than working in a restaurant. If a customer's being a dick you can just say you don't have whatever they want.
  6. The US sends thousands of people around the world to kill people they've never met, and when one of them dies, they glorify their deaths with a big ceremony and recognition on the news. This seems like it would be more likely to send the wrong message to teens than video games. But that's just my take on it.
  7. DrEw.

    Nintendo DS

    A racing game with bad plot?
  8. That's insane. I'd go crazy sitting for that long. I can't stand living more than 10 mins from my university and work.
  9. But if both people are into RPG's, it's great fun.
  10. Tales of Symphonia is one of the best games I've ever played. And I played the whole thing on co-op.
  11. I got a 4gig nano for xmas and It really works great. Itunes, on the other hand, is a big pain in the ass. I would never use it in a million years unless I had to. I had a 128 meg MP3 player made by Intel for about 7 years. It still works great. I don't even know if they still make them, but thier products are usually well made.
  12. DrEw.

    Nintendo Wii

    Mario Kart 64 is completely awful if you go back and play it. I thought it was amazing when i tried it in like 97 or whenever. But then, years later I played the crap out of Double Dash then my friend pulled out MK64 and I gave it ago again... ughhhh. It's just doesn't control right. It almost feels like a mode 7 game where you just slide around on the flat picture.
  13. If people keep saying shit like that maybe they'll give us unmod back.
  14. Boxing day is the day when we all go see the new Rocky movie.
  15. DrEw.

    Nintendo Wii

    So I played a wii for the first time tonight. I played Wii Sports and Red Steel. Impressions... In Wii Sports i tried tennis, boxing and bowling. Tennis was super fun and we got into some extremely heated rallies, which is good considering i've never played tennis before. It was probably the best game. Boxing was also very fun, but the nature of the game is that its harder to pick up and play it. I was getting pwned hardcore. The best thing was when i gave it to my mom and dad. My dad beat her to the ground, but my mom came from behind for victory. Totally hilarious to watch. Bowling was ok... but it was kinda slow just cuz it was bowling. But it all worked fine. And Red Steel. SOOOO frustrating... but fun in a strange way. I was yelling at the screen the whole time. Like when the enemies say "He's gone!!" every time you duck behind the corner. Or when I was just having a hard time to make my guy do what I wanted. The story was pure cheese in a good way. Its not the amazing game I hoped it would be, but I still got a kick out of it just because it was something new. So overall I'm very happy. I wish I actualy owned one of these suckers. None of the games I played was fantastic. Wii Sports is definitely a novelty party game, but it was the first time in a while ive had some friends playin and yellin and havin fun like that. Even my parents had a go at it.
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