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  1. Just by pure nature of the song and this arrangement style, I don't see how you could still not have an opinion after listening to it once. The first 5 seconds were enough to tell me that it was high flyin fast action laser eye goodness.
  2. Why, again, is there only one review of this mix? Even if the review feature was installed later, this one deserves heaping amounts of praise. What with the multi-layered instruments and such, and the fact that such a simple theme could be transformed into 4 minutes and 21 seconds of delicious bubble man action. Not reccomended, required.
  3. The remix it self is excellent as far as sonic quality is concerned, but has little variation and is lacking layers. BUT WAIT! In this case it is a good thing! It is exactly what is called for and is by no means a condescending comment. Its great and perfect the way it is.
  5. All of these reviews seem to have forgotten the adjective desolate. This mix gives a feeling of desolation and astrangement (hope thats spelled right ) and in my opinion the title is indeed, fitting.
  6. I disagree. I think judging the voice sample's reverb quality is being WAY too analytical. This song is phigady phigady phat...And for the record...The voice samples ROCK.
  7. The intro is UGLY. If you can survive past that then you will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Smooth, for sure, funky, no doubt, enjoyable, of course. In more ways than one I like this track a lot more than a lot of DJP's tracks, (which, in more ways than one, are way different than this.) It is best described in the review as type-song. Me: I love it.Even if you don't like it, there is no reason why you shouldn't appreciate it.
  9. I realize you said "IMO" but thats just wrong to even think that. Not all of his songs are great, but about 95% of them are. He owns and controls your brain, just by the way.
  10. Yeah, the trumpet isn't real, but is indeed bitchin to some degree. I do agree with the lack of human touch, but hey, its not easy! Props-Gux.
  11. Not his best, but good none the less...I especially enjoy the church bells. Tasty.
  12. Ditto...I'd like to hear the same song with effects and such, but if my instinct serves me right I think I'd still like this version better. Delicious, no doubt.
  13. I have never played the game, but it is indeed my cup of tea...I love the 'oink' sound, as it gets you up and moving even before the real song kicks in. Delicious X 12.4
  14. I should have reviewed this when I downloaded it because it is one of my favorite remixes on this site. The instruments are indeed clean and pretty...and I must concur that the steel drum section is more than delicious. The list goes on, but I love it, and even if you don't like the tune, you should appreciate it for what it is.
  15. I have a playlist with all of the Overclocked remixes on my hard drive and I leave it on Shuffle. Whenever it skips to this song and I hear those retarded...Whatever they are...I just change the song. I don't think I have heard past those retarded things more than once, so I can't say whether I like the rest of the song...But for any of you who like it, I am sure you are ... PHREAKING THE HELL OUT TO IT ... I'm sure.
  16. I dunno about 70's disco, but game disco ROCKS THE MOTHER FUCKING HOUSE! I LOVE THIS MIX! WAHHHHHHHRRRGGG...I"M GOING CRIGADY CRIGADY CRAZY...This song is GREAT to whistle along to.
  17. Though technically, not one of the best mixes on this site BY FAR...It still makes MY playlist and I have loved it for a long time...I heard this before I knew about OCR, and was my favorite for a long time and running...
  18. They have another one that I actually like better, except its TOO SHORT! I downloaded it off their site and uploaded it to my FTP for YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE!!! I wish they would make it longer and submit it!
  19. I love Jared Hudson, his pieces are always epic and film-quality, and then some. This, in particular because of its impetuous use of choral patches and gothic bells. I can't get enough. I might have to send a little e-mail to Mr.Hudson, asking for his permission to use some of his stuff (including this) in one of my movies one day. Fantabular work.
  20. Not quite, probably just for you...But hey, love the mixage, probably not my favorite of DJP's mixage, but def. worth a listen and will be on my playlist, for sure. Sounds to me like DJP put a few 'moog' sounds in there and a lot of wah, and sounds great.
  21. I have listened to this song over 50 times since it was released on OCR...And it really is delicious, no pun intended... I love the accordian or whatever it is. It tastes good too!