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  1. I love both. This is a great song, I used it in one of my movies, and I love it so much i can't believe I had not written a review for it already. I thought I had. I want more stuff like this.
  2. I thought I should edit my old response to this song because it just didn't do Gux justice, but then I thought that this remix was so good that it needed to have some more attention brought to it. I love this mix, I think DJP should have given even MORE kudos to Gux in the description. It is smooth, harmonic, and as a piece, wonderful to listen to. I could leave it on repeat for hours. Download it.
  3. This is one of the very few rap pieces I will listen to and like. The scratching is perfect, not over used so, you're wrong. If you are suggesting this piece is bad because you don't like the scratching then you shouldn't have even commented. Personally this wouldn't normally be in my normal list of songs i would listen to, but it is excellent, innovative, and creative all at the same time. Three qualities that I vaule immensely, in my work and others. So there. Download it, even if you don't like hip hop, video game music, rap, french people, final fantasy, or the terra theme. edit*** The scr
  4. My intent was not to hurt you, and if it truly didn't hurt you, you wouldn't have had the urge to prove me otherwise.
  5. Ok, well I had written a longer and probably more detailed review last night, but I accidentally clicked a link somone gave me and it deleted what I had written. Here it goes again: I can't understand what nitpick DJP has with the choir in this song, for me, it makes the song. But perhaps he was just correct in saying that I would get so caught up in it that I could care less. The choir patch, along with just about every other sond in here, seems to be explosively vomitting realism. Well, maybe not THAT much, but for the most part this sounds like a real orchestra. It makes my hair stand on
  6. Dude, this is killer. The bells add a wicked effect to the overall piece, and the vocals at the beginning are icing on the cake. One of my first remixes that I got from this site, and now I am revisiting the material and it sounds great (again). Download.
  7. Yeah, kudos on the intro. Ditto to Orky. And oh yeah, crash man rocks the hizz-ouse.
  8. I'm not too found of this one just because of its semi-lacking of atmosphere, but then again I never liked the metal man theme that much anyways. But those who do, should download this now.
  9. The acoustic guitar MAKES this mix. Download. It tastes like cinnamon rolls. With lots of icing.
  10. Yee-uh. This mix is tizz-ight. Deep bassline like DJP said, and I just love the humpty allusion. Ummmm, Download? Now.
  11. Well made...But I have never heard the original so I don't know how much of an improvement or rearrangement was made. Excellent job, but not my favorite song.
  12. = Talent. This song is GREAT. The piano is unbelievably believable! The other instruments, not so much...But MAN this track is just totally solid! And I LOVE the title!
  13. Indeed. This track has some good quality sounds. But as Stefan told me himself, it should have varied more. Though I think it does just fine. This is great lounge music, and its 12 o' clock right now, and listening to it, and I am about to fall asleep. Its great guys, get it. (and girls)
  14. Nice is the perfect word to describe it. It is not incredible or just 0M6 7HI5 R0X0RZ MY 455! Its -nice-. The sounds aren't the best quality. But it tastes pretty good! Reccomended. If that means ANYTHING at all.
  15. This is a very well done track, and from what blind said on VGMix it sounded like it was his first mix ever...alls I can say to that is DAMN.
  16. Ditto. This mix has crushed my brain...Inside. Lemme think of some new words for this mix. Friglicious. Digtacious. Phizzatabulous. Peeplerigtation. Ninjasr0x0rmyb0x0rsracious. Download this now, you fag.
  17. To be considered a fan you must have this on your hard drive.
  18. Dude, you write too much. I love this song and I'd just like to say this: I ::HEART:: THE BRASS!
  19. I agree with Mustin almost 100% on this one...But it is sorta repetitive but I didn't notice that until you guys brought it up...But other than that virtually invisible detail this song is phat-tacious.
  20. This song eats and controls my brain. It is one of my favorite pump songs, and I listen to it a ton before big competitions. But as Jivemaster said it isn't all that great as far as the quality scale. But who really cares? I love it.
  21. Word wigtacious. I love this theme, I leave it on the playlist for when I am in the mood for it, and when I am, I love it very much. Download.
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