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  1. Man, this is what I've been waiting for! Two of my favorite OCReMixers, and one of my all-time favorite VG tracks. This is exactly the kind of treatment this song needed. The vibe of this mix fits the accomplished feeling you get at the end of the game. If only all credits had this feel to them. =) I love it.
  2. Heh, not for sale. Those are two of my prized possessions. =)
  3. So I have had issues with the Zune software storing remixes properly. The big issue being that some songs tend to 'overwrite' other songs. For example I try to add both FFVII Aeris Lives (Kevin Lau) and FFVI Seized with Fury (housethegrate), but only one is added. The software says its found 2 new media items, but only one is added to my OCR album (Areis Lives), and I cannot ever find the other (Seized with Fury), even by browsing every song, album, and artist. When I try to re-add Seized with Fury it can be found in the OCR album, but now Aeris Lives is nowhere to be found. If I reattempt to
  4. Vinyl is definitely the way to go. I still buy CDs now and again for stuff that's never been pressed for vinyl, but that's about it. My primary source of music has been vinyl, after my old CD collection (huge) got stolen. Now I have a diverse range I've collected in the past 13 months. Some of my favorites, which there are a lot of, include: Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold as Love (reprint) My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Sigur Rós: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust Minus the Bear: Menos el Oso Gorillaz: Demon Days No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom Vivaldi: Four Seasons Chopin: lots of s
  5. I like this mix quite a bit, but I do have a couple of complaints. First the complaints. I think the EQing really is an issue. There is a bit of 'hiss' going on, so I can't really listen to it at loud volumes or it becomes very noticeable. Also, the length bothers me a bit. For being such a jazzy, and intimate piece, it ends far too soon. Something a little longer, maybe touching the four-minute mark would help it resolve a little more for me, but it just feels like it ends when it's just getting really groovy. But I love the feel of the track. This would not feel out of place while listening
  6. I bought a shirt for the first time. Been coming here since, what, '01 or '02. Either way, it's been a while, and sadly this is my first contribution to the site. The idea to make a month to support OCR to get people's asses into gear is genius. Some of us need that push sometimes. And, if the shirt is as awesome as I'm hoping it'll be, I'll buy a white one too soon after, just because I love this place that much. LONG LIVE OCR!!! EDIT: After reading the whole thread, start to finish, I've understood the gravity of the situation on a long term scale. My first reaction was to donate $1,000,000,
  7. Wow... First VotL, and now Disco Dan returns! Life has truly been breathed back into OCR. And this is an amazing testament to the glory of OCR's old days. DD has made a mix on par or higher than his last mix (which if I remember was Triforce Majeure). The SFX in the beginning are brilliant, and absolutely believable. They set the mood for the seven minute suite to come. The nearly-ceaseless arpeggios in the background kept the whole piece moving, even when the rest of the track seemed to slow down and mellow out. The electronica beat and the occasional timpani were very nice details, as well.
  8. First off, I just have to say, thank you all for your contributions to this project and OCR, proving even after six years of remixes, you can still be epic and bring something new and different to the table. This project has revived my faith in OCR's life, which I thought had once passed its golden years, and now I am (pleasantly) surprised to find that it is only NOW entering in its prime. You guys deserve some serious applause, more than I could give you if that's all I did every day for an entire year. Secondly, this remix is amazing. As many others have said, too short for its awesomeness,
  9. Yes! It's finally up on OCR!!! I remember when I first heard Taucer's "Town Life Acoustic" at VG Mix. It instanly topped my playlists because of it's simple charm, and at the time I was on one of my acoustic kicks. Hehe, I even remember when he tried to post it over here at OCR and the judges were no-ing it because of it's brevity and simplicity, claiming any guitarist could chuck out twenty acoustic remixes a day, so it was nothing special. Boy were they wrong. Maybe it is a simple arrangement, but I knew from the moment I heard this mix at VGM that it was meant to be recognized. djp's contri
  10. All I can say...is...is wow... As djp said, I would have NEVER imagined the adrenaline-pumping F-Zero theme to make a piano arrangement. When I started to listen, I was skeptical that the arrangement would be too simple, and basically be the same song just played on piano. But it's not. The left hand is active all the time, making those scales fill in what would otherwise be dull space, and making the entire piece flow from start to finish. And fluidity is a great tool on the piano. My only gripes are the slips on the keys now and again. You can tell he mistakenly hit certain notes at certain
  11. I haven't heard the American Album, though it seems promising. Perhaps this will be my foot in the door. But regardless, this song is freaking awesome. Slow and spacey, the first time I heard it, it actually reminded me of The Mars Volta touching on video games (which is fitting because you come directly after them on my music library). It's rather slow paced, and a little repetative in the intro, but it's so cool sounding that it doesn't matter. The voices later in the song add to the eerie feel and make it a little more whole. Although they can be a bit distracting, they seem to fit very we
  12. Ahhh, finally some Grandia II. With GIII coming out, I've actually been on a nostalgic run with GII, so this is almost exactly what I wanted. Instruments are nice, arrangement is pretty good, too. Although, my only gripe is that it sounds like it's just a bunch of solos followed occasionally by the theme. The chord changes at about 2:50 are nice, though. Very different, and spices up the song a lot. Good job Darkesword. 8/10.
  13. Hehe, I had this song back when it was still a WIP, and back then I was impressed. I've only noticed two modifications since then; the two SFX at the beginning and end. The first effect caught my ear in a good way. That little giggle made the piece even better. The whole piece feels light-hearted and dreamy, yet nostalgic and sad at the same time, and that little giggle fit perfectly with that theme. The whole song is really nice. A lot of the awkwardness, - i.e. the off-beat strumming, muted notes, etc. - seemed to be done intentionally, or at least they weren't removed intentionally because
  14. Oh yeah! Hearing all the reviews about rap and ridiculous lyrics, I was scared of this mix at first. I thought it would be one of OLR's lower-quality spoofs, but man was I wrong. The song actually has some nice music, groovy beats, awesome synths, and rhymes that can't help but make you smile. This mix has everything. By far one of OCR's most original songs yet. I love that it sticks to the original melodies enough to recognize, but with the beats and raps, it's a complete 180 from the original track. Great job to everyone on this track. = 10/10! EDIT: Alright, after hearing most of Bound Toge
  15. This mix is pretty unique. The melody is strange, but surely enchanting, and grabs your attention throughout the whole mix. The orchestration is awesome, as well. When the drums come around everything just...clicks...and makes this extremelly listenable mix. Very different and unique, yet beautiful. Two e-props for Shnabubula!
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