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  1. Does anyone do a sig competition on here? If not we should start one
  2. thanx and the quote comment wasnt needed btw
  3. not a bad choice, but i think it needs someone else ever more, and im not sure if anyone has said it yet but, Viewtiful Joe.
  4. and my vote for playable character.... CRONO!!! ftw?
  5. By FAR my favorite remix of the Mario's. so friggin awesome. i just loved this song when i played the game, and now its remixed and better than ever.
  6. its remixes like this that remind me why DJP is the owner of OCRemix.
  7. i know this is a HUGE request, but can someone please make me a sig that is an animated gif of Leon from RE4, where he throws the knife thru Salazar's(i think) hand. and at the end it would be like, "LEOWNED!" or some other clip from RE4 where Leon is massively owning someone. that would be awesome. my photoshop skills=teh suck. thanx.
  8. i used to play virtual on all the time at the arcade. so much fun
  9. oh man here's one, Onslaught. jesus in MvC: clash of the superheroes. i have never to this day beat him. ive beaten apocalypse and cyber-akuma, but never apocalypse. well actually i think i might have beat him once. but still
  10. im sure its been said, but here goes. Lavos from Chrono Trigger.
  11. This is my all-time favorite remix on the site. I even have it as my ringtone for my cell. Its just a great club song, right on the money.
  12. i agree, this remix has some amazing filters that give it an awesome, club techno type style.
  13. can we say, "awesome". A+ man, this remix has everything it needs and so much more.
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