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  1. @Powerlord Nice.jpg So, who here feels the Tomislav should get nerfed? ...and infinite Targing? would explain the... unthinkable dominance of demoknights lately.
  2. The Detonator has disappointed this Pyro very, very much.
  3. Messed around with the new knife on a server of newbies today. Cloak and Dagger now has a proper offensive application. I'm in love.
  4. Only the Detonator for the Pyro? This Pyro is sad. quickfixquickfixquickfixquickfixquickfixquickfixquickfix
  5. Re: TF2 going F2P I'll believe it when I see it Re: SHOULD'VE SAVED THEM ITEMS Meh, you're probably gonna need metal anyway... Re: Uber update DAT KNIFE Re: New revolver and Dead Ringer Fuck.
  6. MNC's starting price point was $15.
  7. I read that and immediately thought, "TF2 was put on sale multiple times, that must mean nobody plays it."
  8. Aha. ..I really gotta get on this beta sometime. Detonator still sounds generally like an upgrade from the Flaregun though.
  9. So... the Detonator and the Quick Fix was too powerful? I'm glad they're still wanting to get these passed. I really wanna see the Quick Fix get in the game.
  10. As someone who likes both TF2 and Spiral Knights, I just got myself a new favorite hat. <3 Also, ABOUT F***ING TIME THEY MADE THE ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES PAINTABLE! GO GO GADGET TEAM SPIRIT PAINT!
  11. So Spiral Knights is on Steam now. Discuss.
  12. That quicksentry script is amazing for Gunslinger Engies. Bind that thing to a very accessible key and you can drop sentries on a dime, it's sick. I'm trying to comprehend how your spy knife script thing works...
  13. How much metal are offering?
  14. If you got a non-geniune Hero's Hachimaki, I'm instantly sold. Otherwise... maybe a brainslug or some refined?
  15. Would you believe you're the only one to date that recognized the reference?
  16. I might consider taking that off your hands. What's your price?
  17. Oh man, I got a few to share. Degreaser - Kiyobi's Infiltrator Deterrent Also doubles as a flamethrower Shotgun - Kiyobi's Hostile Neutralizer Look, it was either this or a slow burning death... Flaregun - Gadouken Dying by a Gadouken has got to be more humiliating than dying by a fish. Powerjack - Kiyobi's Murder Weapon Don't be so negative, you'll respawn soon. Positive! Axtinguisher - Blazing Flower (It's an inside joke) The Attendant - Mark of the Professional Spychecker No desc yet Stockbroker's Scarf - Professional Spychecking Professionalism Protecting your valuables and YOU with hysterical paranoia since 2009! Fancy Fedora (White) - Suave Thriller No desc yet Your Eternal Reward - Smooth Criminal No desc yet either L'etranger - Annie She's okay. What about you? Familiar Fez - The Moroccan Mole Whoopsie, I made a boo-boo. (I will love you forever if you get the reference.) Standard Knife - Baliyo Planned desc: Excuse me, may I use your back to write something on? Also, anybody interested in a Grenadier's Softcap? I'm kind of on the fence about keeping it or not. I was hoping to craft a Hero's Hachimaki and got this instead...
  18. I really don't feel that way. Then again, I never tried out the Ascended path for comparison. XD Which'll be hard to do, since, well, those freaking EN prices. And my CIC also has Slime+ High. Heeeellll yeah.
  19. Aw man. This crappy ass laptop can't even run the demo anyway, so I probably didn't even consider jumping on that at the time...
  20. The Magicka hat is connected to Magicka's newest DLC: Nippon. You can get a good look at it on the store page. I... kinda want it. I... also would need to have Magicka first.
  21. Cold Iron user here!
  22. JUNE 1ST? That's two whole freaking days! Man, that sucks, Powerlord. D8
  23. but but badwater is the only map
  24. I can craft you an Alchemer gun if you can supply energy. Materials on me.
  25. Prismatech is an absolutely horrible Alchemer gun. Go with one of the guns that actually inflict a status effect. Also they're subpar until you craft one into a Mk II.
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