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  1. Yeah, graveyards are retarded. Having an elemental type sword helps. Or one that has Undead bonus... But other than that... THEM RED BUGS
  2. 3600?! It was like 2500 last week! BTW, on a side note, I don't think I'll be playing for the next couple of days. I'm putting my mist EN up for free if you guys wanna craft something. I can craft: Calibur Blaster Shadowtech Alchemer Cobalt Armor Set (Helm and Armor) Magic Hood Jelly Shield Owlite Shield These are all 2 star weapons, so if you wanna get into Tier 2, you might need some of these. Let me know if you guys are interested. Just spot me the materials and crowns, and I'll provide the energy.
  3. NeoForte managed to friend me while I was offline. o.o
  4. It is. Soloing this game is boring very fast. Also a bit difficult and it feels unrewarding.
  5. I LOVE SPIRAL KNIGHTS I can't play it as much as I'd like though. Stupid Energy restrictions and the ever inflating cost. Feel free to add meh: Kiyobi
  6. It's staring into your soul. YOUR SOUL.
  7. Genius. Those beginner achievements look like a good way to guide someone through his first few days.
  8. The bear is freaking adorable.
  9. They hover around a reclaimed each. People might ask for rec+scrap, maybe rec+2scrap for Nametags, though.
  10. Depends if I've become freaking obsessed with that game or not. I've only become obsessed (at that level) with TWEWY. So in that aspect, yes, I do 100% my games.
  11. I know that was Friday, but that song hasn't been drilled into my head yet. Should I consider myself fortunate?
  12. If I could, I would buy that Hachimaki charity hat. I could finally help out the cause AND the bandana looks great!
  13. I was just trying it out. Extensively.
  14. Concheror needs a buff, seriously. It's way too difficult to deploy and with such little reward.
  15. Most junk hats can be bought for 1 refined, easily. What you could do is buy two junk hats and craft a new random with those. A random hat for two refined instead of three!
  16. Excluding Beards, I've gotten... about four hats in almost 1000 hours.
  17. Huh, I didn't know this topic was all about Kotaku bashing. I'm rather skeptical about the game. Didn't they get the memo about Power Gig flopping? Also, doesn't RB3 already have this?
  18. I feel... CHALLENGED! WHERE'S MY N64!?
  19. "You should've preordered Rift..."
  20. Only if they give Pyro the ability to reflect Natascha bullets. And make reflected bullets cause headshots.
  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachimaki That would be a pretty weird ass weapon. I'd totally wanna trade for one, though. It looks awfully fitting on Solly.
  22. Assuming three people would be willing to switch to Heavy just for this occassion.
  23. That would give the Targe a brand new, much more useful purpose in TF2. =O
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