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  1. I said I was going to share this, for those of you who saw me jump in OCR Minecraft for the first time.
  2. Hey, just bought Minecraft. Like... 30 minutes ago. You'll find me there as... Kiyobi. Original, I know. =P I might drop in from time to time. Socializing while building in solitude sounds like fun.
  3. I thought it was just another parody... Then I realised that SNSD was backup...
  4. I love the CP in the first runner up's shot.
  5. Listened to first track. Am in love. Downloading now. Will hump later.
  6. If anyone happens to have white paint, I got a can of black paint I'm willing to trade for it if anyone's up for it. in before omgracist jokes
  7. GRU should've been KGB+Flaregun.
  8. The Degreaser is unbelievably amazing you have no idea
  9. You're actually suggesting that nobody bought Rumble Roses? There's. Fucking. Boobs.
  10. Gonna go out on a limb and say it's gonna set someone back $400.
  11. I believe I just heard the sound of a Boeing 747 fly overhead.
  12. I dunno, I think the Diddy Kong Racing one was pretty good too.
  13. Four Snipers and three Spies on offense Badwater. Team of champions.
  14. They're a very close second. I'm recalling the first time I watched it. I cringed to the beat at the end.
  15. People are just now discovering this? D8 Check out his channel for more awesome dances. Spy's my favorite.
  16. Hey uh, if another slot opens up, I'll be waiting.
  17. Sign me up for OCR Highlander Team 2. I'm a pretty decent Pyro, Medic, and Spy.
  18. I actually have to agree with atmuh. For once. Of all the times I've played Badwater*I've seem some brutal(ly annoying) defense Scouts. Jump in, pop a cap in someone's ass, jump out, get heals, repeat. *best map of all time
  19. Something that beats m0re's config? I must try this.
  20. You hearing this, guys? MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  21. W-Wait, is this gonna be a "kill The One" type of eyelander match like I suggested god-knows-how-many-pages ago?
  22. Because being forced to not team with your buddies is fun.
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