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  1. Looking at the voting, I see tons of videos that look somewhat dated. Don't know if elgible, trolling, or just really stupid.
  2. You know that one video that was posted on this thread a while back where the sniper foiled a demoman's sticky jump in Double Cross? That shit better win Most Inventive Kill.
  3. Kiyobi

    Portal 2

    is that... real...!?
  4. Kiyobi


    Looks more like Minecraftroidvania Fantasy if you ask me.
  5. Hachimaki is craftable. OHO
  6. I would if any of the servers I played on had replays. I'm kinda mad, too, I totally had an awesome candidate for Most Extreme Stunt. Server didn't have replays on. So, I'm on Badwater offense. I'm a Soldier, with a Medic backing me up. We're fighting for point 2. We're on the roof. I see a level 3 sentry around the corner, near the RED's spawn shortcut gate. We go downstairs, Medic pops Uber on me. I throw my currently two loaded rockets at the sentry, immediately switch to my shotgun, pop a couple shells into it... Then, I get BLASTED TO THE ROOF OF THE SKYBOX. I proceed to frantically spray shotgun pellets into the sentry. I manage to kill the sentry as I'm falling. THEN, the Medic manages to re-Uber me to save me from dying a would-be glorious falling death, and we manage to get out alive. GOD I WISH REPLAYS WERE ON
  7. You know one of those days where you just pop into a server and this guy sees your hat and relentlessly offers you to trade it? Yeah, one of those days...
  8. I still play it, I just run on mist energy, though, so I'm not on for long each day.
  9. Charges take forever though D8 Yeah, Garian is running it, from what I understand.
  10. I'm going down the Magic path. I got the Magic hood and Elemental set, if you guys are interested.
  11. I posted this hypothesis on Kotaku, I figure I'll repost it here, see what you guys say.
  12. With big thanks for Author for getting me the last material I needed. CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT OUT TOMORROW
  13. Yeah, if you wanna run SK for free, the daily energy you get will just take out an hour, maybe two per day. You'll slow down even more when you start crafting. If you stay free to play and not buy energy, this game will not suck up your day.
  14. Man, everyone wants blues, huh? I'm thinking one light and dark shard, actually. ----------- Giant guild meetings? I can see that happening, since the guild cap is 100 members.
  15. I got recipes for Owlite Shield and Jelly Shield if you're lookin' for a crafter.
  16. Maybe round robin is the more popular default option for parties in most MMOs? I dunno. I hear it a lot, anyway.
  17. It's not necessarily round robin. My first run, I didn't get any of the drops until second floor. It kinda sucked. Also, what I do when I got items to craft is buy a bit of crystal EN with crowns, and just dungeon run with mist EN.
  18. You know, I'm surprised you guys didn't go with "Overclocked Remix".
  19. Or worse. Right in front of the elevator to the next floor. Or an outpost.
  20. I could spare some Bronze Bolts, pretty sure...
  21. I do! now i dunno if the attendant set is worth it.
  22. They passed the unnecesary Powerjack nerf... I am displeased...
  23. This sounds ridiculous. How do you do it? I can only imagine like... 300CR profit per 100EN. Buy low at night and sell high at peak traffic.
  24. Yeah, you're going to need some crystal energy. Buy some energy now before prices go up!
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