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  1. Didn't the Powerjack have a +20% base to begin with? Also, as I understand it, all flares, not necessarily the Detonator's, get fullcrits. I hope the Quick Fix makes it past beta. I sure hope the Powerjack nerf doesn't.
  2. I'm fairly sure you can gift an item to anyone, regardless of online status.
  3. Played the demo. Both my laptop and I cried.
  4. Welcome to the world of F2P gachapons. It's nothing new.
  5. I absolutely hated Yukon's central point in the pit, it felt so disadvantageous. TF2's current game design makes it so you have an advantage if you're above your opposition. Yukon's middle point completely contradicts that.
  6. How the hell does that work...?
  7. I've been having problems like that for a while, on rare occassion. Nothing a complete total Steam restart didn't fix, though.
  8. Huzzah! Also, I found this and I think you guys might like it: http://kinsie.helloiaminter.net/frankenhud/
  9. About time YER got fixed. I'mma have a LOT of fun with that. Also, if you start feeling an unusual spike in heat around Badwater Basin, that might be me spychecking even harder than ever.
  10. *scratches head* I do most of that stuff and I still happen to just get caught. How the hell do you do it, Paranoid?
  11. I'd hate to be forced to use the bullet vulnerability without the hat.
  12. Eh, I think they were just used improperly. But fund this shit.
  13. To be fair, even though it requires a hat, at least it gives you the option to use the set bonus or not. What if you wanted to use, God forbid, the Degreaser and the Powerjack without the 10% bullet vulnerability? You got your option there.
  14. It's very much different. It's worth the shot. Like I said, it's completely different compared to TF2. I can't really consider it betrayal since they're nowhere near clones of each other. TF2 lacks uber sexy stealth types. And robot minions. Back on TF2, has anyone learned if the new Spy mask... hat thing can be found by drop yet? I'll be extremely saddened if it was Festive Crate only.
  15. They're both cartoony, they both have classes, and they both are more fun with teamwork. That's it. Having played both, MNC is completely different compared to TF2. MNC is more like DOTA crossed with a third person shooter. Hell, MNC's Assassin isn't as brutal as TF2's Spy. Assassin's equivalent to the backstab can't oneshot a Tank or a Gunner (Think TF2 defensive/offensive Heavy) consistently. She's unbelievably hot, though. Even if you can't see her face.
  16. I made my own. sort of. Speaking of that, Abadoss found this huge ass cave, I dunno if everyone's aware of it yet. It's east of his place, past that cave with the lava spout. Can't remember if I marked it with torches.
  17. I built a little underground home. First one to find it wins a cookie. It's near Abadoss's place. It's also rather wet.
  18. Psst. I need a Demo and Spy mask. I got Sniper and Engie, if you're up for the trade.
  19. ten char face of sadness and neglection
  20. I appear to not be on the whitelist.=< My Minecraft handle is Kiyobi, could I get a ticket in, please?
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