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  1. One of my new all-time favorite OC remixes . . . This one is just awsome!!!!
  2. I love this mix. Its is a truely beautiful piece, and it really captures the music's original feel. The things Quinn Fox added to the piece as far as instrumentation and effects are compatible with the song's original mood and really enhance it. This is really important because I think a lot of remixers are good technically, but in the end they are simply taking melodies and dropping them on top of their own beats, which can have good results, but often ignores the song's true feel that lies beneath the notes. I think to truly remix is to capture what the original composer was trying to express, or at least to understand it. And I think he's achieved this! PSIII music definitely had a unique feel to it, very dreamy in parts, which lent to the fantasy-aspect of the game. Really some of the best game music ever. Overall, this is one of my favorite remixes ever. Great work!!
  3. Eh, I really don't like this one... I don't think it fits Phantasy Star at all, really. I know DJ Pretzel is a fan of the cheeze, and he lays it on pretty thick here. I think he could have definately done without the strings!
  4. This is an awsome happy hardcore-ish remix of a familiar Zelda theme that just kicks ass! I think it could use a little more treble in parts, but I really love this song.... and by the way, that "Come On" sample is actually from Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, if you didn't figure it out!
  5. Sorry dude, but I'm going to have to totally disagree with you there... This track is *WONDERFUL*! In fact, its my favorite remix on this whole site! The production is perfect; it sounds great on a good car stereo! The upbeat nature of this song is very listenable... in fact, I've listened to it a million times and I've yet to tire of it! I really love the unique chord changes in this one, and the variation at 2'04" is all that is good about the 80's. AYREZ uses effects very well in this song, and I couldn't see any improvements to be made at all! And the true test: I made my friend who isn't really even into electronic music, let alone game remixes, and he loved it, made HIS friend download it! A masterpiece that all should download and burn!!
  6. I really think this is one of the best mixes on this site! I know that isn't very helpful, but please download it!
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