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    Your "feels" VGM

    Thanks guys! I'm in the process of listening to ALL of the suggestions, even ones I'm familiar with. And thank you for the write-ups. This really REALLY does help me out with my exploration! Once I'm done with listening through these, I'll be posting responses to each suggestion individually.
  2. Hello all. I'm doing a bit of musical and personal exploration and I need your help! Throughout my life, I have bounced back and forth on determining what moves me. What has been constant, however, is music. The very reason why I like VGM and VGM remixes so much is because there is always a story or a feeling attached to each song. I want to see how songs can convey the emotions of those stories or even tell a story all on their own. That leads to the purpose of this thread: I want to know which VGM songs really resonate with you. The songs don't have to make you cry, but rather make you feel a certain emotion and/or give you a very vivid image in your mind. When you suggest a song, please let me know briefly what it makes you feel or see. I'll be listening to each song that you suggest here with the exception of angry-ish/aggressive songs. For now I want to focus on happy, sad, nostalgic, and the like. If someone's already posted your suggestion, please second (or third!) it.
  3. Gonna get my exercise on today since I have no gal to serenade. :3
  4. I 100% the whole game without a guide. MM is easily top 3 games for me all time.
  5. Bikes are definitely nice. I want to get an exercise bike so I can pedal while at my desk. Though my top preference for cardio is racquetball, ultimate frisbee, or tennis.
  6. I have quite the flat foot. The softer impact of the wet sand is probably what makes running on the beach better for me.
  7. I don't run correctly or something (which I've gotten some advice about from people in this thread a yearish ago). The impact wreaks havoc on my spine.
  8. Forced myself to work out today after putting it off for a while. Feels good man. Also finally got myself to the beach after 6 months. Played some frisbee and went jogging. I hate running but the beach made it bearable.
  9. I have the whole week off for President's Day next year. plz MAG be in feb
  10. I had one where I actually composed a song but when I woke up I didn't remember any of it because I have next to zero foundation in composing.
  11. As promised, I've delivered the codes to the first two posters for the specific codes they guessed on. The answers! I like the drow the most in D&D because their society is fleshed out very well in the various books, unlike most other races in the game. And for Chrono Cross, my favorite character is actually Poshul.
  12. I'm pretty sure my favorite CC character doesn't have an avatar on the forums here. Otherwise I'd probably be using it!
  13. Harle is pretty awesome, but it's not her. Oh and to clarify, these are codes for Club Nintendo. They aren't download codes or anything. You get the codes in the case when you buy the game and you redeem em for cool stuff.
  14. Anyone need a couple Nintendo Club codes? I have 2 I am not going to use ever, especially with Nintendo shutting down the program. They're from A Link Between Worlds and Paper Mario Sticker Star if that matters. In order to give people who log in at a later time a chance for the codes, I'm going to have you play a simple guessing game. You have one guess per code. In the likely event that no one wants to play this game with me, that Nintendo Club codes aren't that coveted, or if no one makes a correct guess then I'll give away the codes to the first two posters in the thread by 23:59 PST Friday night. Zelda code: What is my favorite Dungeons & Dragons race? Paper Mario code: Who is my favorite Chrono Cross character?
  15. I do get SAD pretty much every winter.
  16. Hey man, no compensation is needed! If the package returns to the sender (whom I know personally) then I can repay for shipping. If it doesn't, then I can work something else out for you. Don't worry about it. =)
  17. I forgot to add that I'd like to keep working on singing. I've had two recitals this year so far. :3
  18. Tables it said your gift arrived but I have no flipping clue which address was correct. Basically I was given two, I used the second one because Wes said the first wasn't valid yet and I didn't read this thread until after I sent your gift.
  19. I did well with moderating my emotions and writing in my journal. I am exercising and eating healthy on a roughly consistent basis, though I ended the year not exercising and eating as healthy as I want to. That may be because my standards have gotten higher. I am slowly learning guitar, but I am learning. Coding is taking a back burner; I'm just procrastinating on my D&D NPC generator project. And I have made little progress on music theory and FL Studio and no progress on cosplay. What I'm happiest about this year is that I made a lot of new friends at the places I work, though most are way older than I am. MAGFest 8.5 was pretty cool too since I met some awesome new folks there in the Tabletop Room. I've also made some modest advancements in my career, but I'm unsure if I want to stay in my field. I'll be repeating the same goals this year!
  20. My "loot" consists of: Simba plush Gund bear with mustache plush Snorlax plush Nichijou pillow Graphic Sharka t-shirt from Hawaii A couple nice light sweaters A fleece jacket Travel sleeping kit (eye-mask + ear plugs) An art print M&Ms Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS But honestly I'm just happy that I made a lot of new friends this year and enjoyed my time with the ones I already have. Really couldn't ask for more than that.
  21. Thanks, Santa! Will be playing this tonight :3
  22. Nice Identity Sequence wallpaper. I use that one too.
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