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  1. I meant it as I walk slowly BECAUSE of my routine (burpees, body-weight squats, jumping lunges, hand-release push ups).
  2. Dude my legs are STILL sore and I've been walking slowly everywhere I go. I feel really old haha.
  3. Decided to get off my ass and do my old routine. I'm probably gonna throw out the jumping lunges and replace it with something less taxing on my knees. I discovered that while I can do my pushups very easily now, I've reverted to being pretty out of shape.
  4. I'm selling a download code for Far Cry 4 I got with my SSD. Uplay only. $45 OBO. PM me.
  5. I've been waiting for this moment.
  6. The track is nice overall, though it doesn't live up to what I expect from a typical dubstep mix, which is good and bad. The track is definitely well crafted, which makes it stand out. The production quality is pretty good as far as I can tell. As far as the parts I didn't like go, I think the sound effects from the game work against the track more than it helps. To me, they're distracting, somewhat cheesy, and make it difficult to focus on the actual music. While clearly "dubstep," I also felt the mix was too conservative in its wubs. The "drop" felt like a small dip in a road and was rather lackluster for me. Overall, the track sounds good to me and I enjoyed listening to it the three listens I gave it. But what's preventing me from putting it on my playlist is that it's in an awkward space in between what I want out of dubstep tracks and other electronic genres such as house or trance.
  7. My entire paycheck is going to pay rent for November and December. I'm just doing handmade stuff.
  8. I will, again, most def not be coming to MAGFest. Instead I'll be going to Japan in April and saving up the dolla dolla bills for that. Sorry to miss you guys
  9. kitty


  10. Next week I'm free every evening at 4pm PT. Can't do this Saturday and my other campaign might be this Sunday. Next weekend I'm open.
  11. I'm down to 161 lbs from an all time high of 195 lbs. My pants don't fit no'mo. I can only imagine what would happen if I started doing more strength exercises.
  12. I have to say that force feeding a goblin king forbidden water was one of the most fun things I've done so far in D&D. EDIT: Oh...we also have this garbage: 25 gp 2 half-eaten lizards 2 Shortswords Small ruby Vial of orange liquid (consistency of soda)
  13. This is the link to the Pathfinder SRD (system resource document) which is essentially an online version of the Player's Handbook and other books. It's amazing and better in almost every way than the 3.5 SRD. Almost anything you need is on that website. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/home
  14. Okay. Just warning you that making new characters with everyone will take about 2 hours. EDIT: I can also do Monday evening.
  15. I should be able to. Are we making characters beforehand? What level? And how do you want us to roll ability scores?
  16. Mark me down for this. I'm busy every other Tuesday from 5-8ish PT. Every other night I'm good unless one of my other 4 campaigns is going on. I also run a 3.5 campaign online via Roll20. It's super casual drop-in and drop-out gameplay. No commitment. It's episodic content (think Star Trek or Law & Order). This is not OCR specific but I take anyone who wants to play. Just shoot me a PM or find me on IRC. (IRC is better). I also create content based off your character. Basically you write up a background on your character and I create a personal story for you in the campaign.
  17. Was fun hanging with you guys on Thursday!
  18. post mag depression too real I'm very glad I got to meet new OCR peeps. Special shoutouts to Nonamer, SirChadlyOC, q-pa, and Larry! Thank you all for hanging with me this weekend! DrumUltima I enjoyed your lobby performance very much. Mad skills yo! And you too DetectiveTuesday! Dat sax. Also Chad, your Mii ended up defeating the Ultimate Ghost in Find Mii!
  19. So I got bored of my routine and I need to change things up a bit. I think the summer heat also was owning me since I exercise at home with no AC >_>
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