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  1. How have I not reviewed this song? I've listened to this track probably since I first started visiting OCR, and I must say, it's aged very well. Personally, I like its conservative arrangement (which I tend to like more than creative ones, in general). The piano adds enough to keep the track from being overly atmospheric, but still blends with the song to avoid becoming distracting. Great for setting the mood for working or just straight up relaxing with a drink and a book in hand.
  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dragonball or Dragonball Z considering their continued popularity both here and in Japan. It's also more appropriate for children, especially the cut/censored US releases. The main problem is that your target age range is more likely to be adventurous and find anime on their own, especially given how Crunchyroll gives easy access to the stuff. I teach middle school and many of my kids have definitely seen stuff that I would consider highly inappropriate for their age.
  3. Relevant Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Magfest/comments/45x0a2/we_need_to_be_on_our_best_behavior_this_year/
  4. Yeah I saw a post that showed water-soaked carpet coming from one of the hotel rooms.
  5. Got some free weights for Christmas and I've been putting them to good use, especially the last week or so. I already got comments from a couple women I know asking if I got buffer. Feels good man. Still got that beer belly though. >_>
  6. I'm down with GroupMe since I use it for work! It's pretty simple to use. Multiple chatrooms sounds good too.
  7. Sigh. I was booking a room and the site then says unavailable for date range selected. So now q-pa and I are homeless again.
  8. I'm probably gonna book a room at the nearby Marriott, where Kizyr got his room, and need two more. Lemme know. Room guests: kitty q-pa
  9. I still need a room if anyone needs a roommate Or I guess I request space in the OCR Suite if that's still an option
  10. OA might. He's listened to every remix I think.
  11. I also received my present. Thanks for the movies and journal whoever you are! Now I have less of an excuse to not watch Cowboy Bebop
  12. There are two more packages from Amazon on the way containing similar things.
  13. inb4 OA gets Deia or vice versa
  14. Gift ideas for moi: Handmade is fine. Stuffed animals are great. I have a 3ds and plan on getting a Wii U during the Black Friday sales. Otherwise I don't have any current gen consoles. I like Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, most Nintendo franchises, and animes (http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Meowi). I appreciate digital stuff, but I tend to like receiving physical things more. Please no food or gift cards this year. Chances are, if it's cute, I'll like it.
  15. Yes, yes it does. Thank you for the explanation. I selected the 3/4 time signature one because it seemed to make more sense (and also because it did look nicer.) Except now I just realized it was 3/4 and 6/4? So confused. I should actually read my theory textbook that I bought lol.
  16. I looked up sheet music the other day for "To Zanarkand" so I can start learning it on piano. The thing is that there are multiple versions out there (different arrangers) but things like 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures in those arrangements really confuse me. Since I don't know much about theory, it's hard for me to see which one is "right". A source of professionally done sheet music would go a long way to help me figure out how to play things correctly.
  17. After getting some unexpected extra income I can make it this year. If anyone has an extra space in their room (Gaylord preferred) I can sleep on the floor. I'm fine with sharing a bed with either sex as well.
  18. I got a job as a full-time teacher now and so I feel like I've finally made that leap to consider myself an adult since I have a career. And as a result my free time has just withered away.
  19. I wish I could go see you play Doug. I always enjoyed listening to you guys jam at MAG. Break a leg!
  20. So I basically suck with assassins but proficient in every other class. The squish life is hard. Also this is what it feels like getting ganked by Murky:
  21. Man that level 9->10 leveling curve is insane. I just want my Murky master skin =(
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