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  1. I got a WiP for that.... And now i gotta go sign up for the forums!!! And I must hear it now plzkthxbai.
  2. I think Lungfish's attack sound is just a weird sound he makes...not necessarily any word. On a side note, I got a good laugh out of thr first time I battled Kamek and he said "Hocus Pocus" for every chain or combo he made Kamek just pissed me off whenever he said that. It's like "Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus" and I'd start getting owned. I'm really looking forward to the normal Forest Stage remix. Love that level's music. EDIT: I'm also looking forward to the credits remix, probably the best song in the game in my opinion.
  3. The arrangement is awesome and the lyrics are nice but the voice leaves something to desired.
  4. Hey could any of you point me to a cello soundfont that has a nice jazz style pizzacato patch? I looked over at Hammersound and couldn't find any (but I might have overlooked something.) If you could provide one I'd be much obliged. =D
  5. Hey I'm looking at the store right now and I noticed there isn't a OCRemix T-Shirt(Large) - Black shirt listed. I'm sure there were some there at one time or another so are they just out of stock? And if so when will the store be getting another shipment in?
  6. Interesting to say the least. It would have been nice if it was a little longer. Seemed to end abruptly to me. It's good, I just think being longer would have made it better.
  7. I really like the strings in the background...it backs up the piano really well. And as stated above, the song kind of just ends, which is my only beef with the song. Other than that, it's a great song and is going in the favorites playlist.
  8. The Kefka theme blended perfectly with A Nightmare Before Christmas and the results were marvelous. Superb job! Like hhallahh said, great job from 0:40 - 1:00.
  9. Wow, the melody was very hard for me to hear at first, which is actually a good thing for me. This is such a moving piece with the orchestrated theme. The transition to the electonic portion was nice but I think it was just a little lengthy for my tastes. The triumphant feeling near the end using the same boss theme is really astounding because Gray was able to manipulate the theme to create different emotional responses with only using one melody. Definetely one of my favorites.
  10. As with GrayLighting, I love the sax and the piano. I gotta say that my favorite areas are 0:55, 1:36, and 2:03.
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