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  1. I think he's supposed to be more south and his pin got moved.
  2. Hi Jarel, can you move my pin back onto Long Beach Airport?
  3. Moved the SoCal people back to SoCal and out of Nevada.
  4. Seems like the markers keep moving slightly. Like all of them.
  5. Damn I miss all y'all east coasters. =(
  6. I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.
  7. Pinned myself. Ironically, I know where most of the VA/DC folks are and have met more of them than the West Coasters.
  8. Lee Sin's versatility is what makes him fun to play. He goes from being a highly mobile assassin early game, to a sort of assassin/bruiser mid game, and to a bruiser/tank late game. His ability to play each of those roles at any given time changes as the game plays out. I think people who call him OP and say he "does everything" are sort of right but that doesn't mean that Riot should take away that versatility. That said, I do agree that he has too much snowball potential that condenses all those roles. Those early game base damage nerfs go a long way to separate his ability to do all those things at once.
  9. Looks like you guys got some good stuff. Also OCR has an art contest open right now! You might want to pass it on to your artists! http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46364
  10. The reasoning behind that is that Annie is pretty much going to get nerfed into a shit tier of her own and I don't particularly like any other mid much more than Jinx or Varus or Sivir. Also Syndra relies less on all-in initiation than Annie and is generally safer with a similar if not higher damage output. The same can be argued for Orianna.
  11. Good enough for me! I may take you up on your room offer, but I won't be able to get back to you for another week or so.
  12. What hotel did we end up choosing? TI?
  13. This can apply to anyone in the game so it doesn't really "count."
  14. The stun doesn't last long enough and you're assuming he'll have the mobility to even be in range to get his combo off instantly, which he doesn't. Like, I don't understand why people just assume a champion is in range to dump a full combo off. This is why I talked about mobility in my post. I can just say, yeah *insert champion name* is in range for *champion combo* 100% of the time s/he destroys Veigar. Hurp.
  15. Well I was half joking before but if you want an explanation I can provide one. It's not that he doesn't work, it's just that he's incredibly outgunned when it comes to being an assassin. Yes, he has some of the highest, if not THE highest damage output for an assassin AND he has a stun to boot. The trade off is his crappy mobility which makes him a pretty poor assassin. Keeping tabs on him roaming is a lot easier than a Kass or Leblanc. His cooldowns are also longer than say, Akali, who eats through a team faster. His slowness/lack of escape makes him vulnerable to ganks from assassins like Khazix or bruisers like Wukong who can lock him down hard or provide enough of a window for the enemy laner to get him low. Yes he can blow people up, but he lacks options to escape unlike many other assassins. Your statement that nobody buys MR is just wrong. Mids these days are very likely to be either tanky AP (Gragas) or assassins (Kass, Leblanc, Fizz). Plenty of mid players will buy Abyssal and/or Zhonyas. Tanks and bruisers very often pick up Spirit Visage still. Even if they do not, they usually get tenacity which reduces Veigar's ability to lock them down and easily chunk those high HP targets.
  16. Well that's shit. I get the first two weeks of January off every year. =(
  17. Sadly I haven't been keeping up with my exercise routine. Moving near Orange County again so I might go back to karate. My dojo will kick my ass back into shape.
  18. I don't like the idea of giving a champ free AoE CC that's not affected by tenacity but I also don't like an alternative of giving the champ a free dash since there are plenty of champs with escapes that would potentially buy Hurricane (e.g. Lucian, Cait). But you said sub-optimal for damage so it could work.
  19. I think I'll (actually) take a shot at this one. Been a while since I opened FL.
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