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  1. I got a surprise in the mail today! So cute! I love it
  2. Congrats! Looking forward to tackling something new.
  3. Tank Rengar is played pretty much the exact opposite of glass cannon Rengar. Patience, farming, split pushing, and bullying/forcing your opponent out of lane (as opposed to outright killing them) are all staples to it. Getting a 50-60 CS lead is pretty much the same as getting 3-4 kills. I imagine it's not as fun as blowing people up the second you see them, but it's still funny seeing your opponents trying to catch a Rengar with a level advantage, 300 armor, 150 MR, 3000HP, and can heal himself every 5 seconds or something dumb like that.
  4. This is such a fantastic song and easily one of my favorites on the site. I feel like it captured the essence of Metal Gear Solid's storylines and music. So much good wrapped up in this song. If you haven't downloaded this then do it right now!
  5. Man that was a great documentary. Just finished it. What they said at the end about the community, the feels man. That's what MAGFest is to me and now I'm really bummed, more so than before, that I'm not going.
  6. Congrats! Been hearing about XPRTNovice more and more these days.
  7. Wow this is really entertaining. Can't stop watching. Really well made stuff here, I'm glad you linked it. I remember I was one of those players who thought they were pretty baller. But I got my face kicked in at college lol and I realized I was utter trash haha.
  8. I know someone who gets sick/nauseous at most games, first person or otherwise. From what I've read, it's not too uncommon for people to get motion sick from video games.
  9. I'd move Zyra back into at least A if not S and move Annie into situational for support. For mid, you're missing Zed who beats most traditional AP casters mid and someone who can is incredibly hard to kill if he doesn't build 5 BTs. Even if he doesn't kill his opponent, he can farm well out in the open and under his turret. For ADC, I'd throw in Quinn because her blind makes her trades really strong and she's also pretty safe with her ult.
  10. Did anyone notice that Yasuo's team in the video had all knockup champs? J4, Blitz, Naut, and Malph. Edit: So this is pretty dumb but you can start with 56% crit chance on Yasuo if you have a mastery page full of crit runes (lol I do) and buy Brawler's Glove as your first item.
  11. Happy birthday!! Here's to many more plentiful years! You've given me so much~
  12. I'm glad you were able to take a risk and make progress toward conquering your fear! Very commendable. I'm sure one day you'll be playing all day in front of others! Keep it up!
  13. Preset is pretty close, but also an "easily fitting" sound fits as well. Basically I was thinking of the process of reproducing a sound from my head in the track and finding a sample that matches that sound as closely as possible without having to tweak things in a plugin.
  14. IIRC Dulles is farther away than BWI is. So I think you're on the right track!
  15. Well, I meant "good" as in the sound I had in my head is already mostly in the soundfont or synth without having to be adjusted. I know that's not a good way to use the word but I lack the knowledge for more accurate terminology But yeah, I'm looking forward to getting some (gentle) critical advice on my track.
  16. So I think I'm ready to submit my track. If I find something I want to change before the deadline will I be able to edit my submission?
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